Morning Star: Daily Astrology for June 5, 2015

This morning we wake up to our Capricorn Moon waning out of square with Uranus in Aries. Early morning circumstance may be erratic and hurried. By 10:13 AM the Moon is sextile Chiron and Void until 1:03 AM tomorrow.

Meanwhile, Venus pops out of the water and next to Leo's den fire; the Sun perfects his inconjunct to Pluto (7:28 PM) and Mars sextiles Jupiter (7:39 PM). Even though the Moon has passed from the Yod created with Sun/Mars, Jupiter and Pluto, it remains in force. Today, it will affect our physical body moreso than our emotions since the Moon is Void.

As, Venus shifts gears into Leo what we value shifts a little as well. Venus does not leave the sign of Leo until October. She will retrograde here blessing and bringing value to what it is we have learned while Jupiter has been in the sign. We will review our personal values, our childhood desires and, perhaps, even become a bit more inclined to embrace the person that we have become. While both benefics are in the sign of Leo, great benefit can come from creativity, play, children and childlike wonderment. Venus is active here. Mobile and gently assertive. She values individuality and bravery. In a natal chart, this placement, just FYI, has a tendency to fall into Peter Pan syndrome in regard to the love department. What I mean is the placement, particularly with folks attracted to men, has a tendency to be attracted to mates who have traits likened to Peter Pan—they don't want to grow up and their impishness is both infuriating and alluring to Venus in Leo. It happens.

As an example, reflect upon Madonna with her Venus in Leo and her earliest public relationship with Sean Penn. Then, there is Whitney Houston and her “bad boy never gonna grow up relationship” with Bobby Brown. Selena Gomez also holds Venus in Leo and her past relationship with Justin Beiber keeps the bad boy Peter Pan attraction factor going as the list goes on. Of course there is plenty more to this Venus placement; but, that is a pattern that sticks out to me. Venus in Leo is certainly more dynamic than just reflecting a tendency to have great hair and Peter Pan impish boyfriends. But, we've got plenty of time to discuss all of that in the days to come with Venus spending such a large amount of time here this year.

From today until mid-October, everybody on the planet will have Venus in Leo in their solar return. So, if you fall in this category, pay attention to what you notice with Venus in the early degrees in an effort to prepare yourself for what is to come.

Overall, today we find ourselves in the same subdued position that we found ourselves in under the Void Sagittarius Moon on Tuesday. Emotions are not heavy and distracting. We are inclined to get down to business and work mechanically through our day. We will have the opportunity to experience the Yod in purity without emotions clouding our perspective and we may feel a certain shift in our value system that beckons us more to play than to work. Yesterday I called the waning Yod “therapeutic” and that word still fits today even with the Moon's absence. However, this Yod also makes doing the right thing and walking a path of truth and honesty particularly important on an individual level. Mars in sextile to Jupiter says to keep your ambitions directed toward the higher good. On the other polarity, it prompts us to be self-righteous and ambiguous in our direction. We may overreach, over do, act selfishly or aggrandized on the negative pole. But, the positive pole has us walking our truth and reaching out with generosity and benevolence. Either pole of is affected by Pluto bringing a certain sense of empowerment with him that bubbles straight up from our core. Of course you can mentally picture the outcome of either course of action. But, here's something interesting I've noticed as of late that has been given great punctuation with Mercury Rx trining the NN in the early degrees of Libra. Folks are most certainly being shown the flip-side in many scenarios. While moving forward, Mercury trined the NN bringing a situation forward. While retrograde and in trine to the NN the circumstances flip-flop and our perspective comes from standing in the other person's shoes either literally or metaphorically for a time. Then, when Mercury turns direct and retraces his steps we will have a chance to fully develop our point of view and perhaps learn a thing or two from having experienced the situation from different angles.

I pin this dynamic not only on the Mercury Retrograde in Gemini that consistently reminds us of the duality in both life and nature; but, most definitely, on the COMBINATION of Mercury in Gemini and the North Node in the early degrees of Libra. This is partially due the fact that the first Decan of Libra is where we actually learn about the flip-side and the fact that “the other” may see things differently than we do. At any rate, if you experience something like this know that the point is for you to learn from it and to allow you to look at various situations from differing points of view. Also know that it can feel rather de ja vous-ish (especially given Neptune's involvement) initially causing us to stop for a moment and ask, “Haven't we had this conversation before?” It's alright, just slip on the other's shoes for awhile and walk around taking in the scenery picking up lessons and information as they come. Expect certain things you say to eventually be reflected back to you and be mindful of that as you are speaking for the same reason.
There is certainly a lot to think about right now and today gifts us with the opportunity to disconnect from heavier emotions and pontificate as we toil under this Void Moon.