Morning Star: Daily Astrology for Thursday, May 14, 2015

This morning we wake up to the Moon in Aries creating a sextile with Mars in Gemini (3:51 AM) and a trine with Saturn Rx in Sagittarius (5:02 AM). That looks a lot like resolve and determination to me. But, it can also feel like running into a brick wall as soon as you step out of bed. Ok, that may be me being grumpy. I'm not a fan of the Moon in Aries or Mars opposite Saturn. So, mixing them all together is like a huge gift of astrological crap as far as I'm concerned. But, in my best effort..aside from my grumpiness, I'm inclined to tell you that this aspect is usable. It brings out your grit, your tenacity, your self-directed drive AND it solidifies the formerly muddy ground into something upon which we can make traction. Those tracks left behind you are made from pure trudging tenacity though. You've got to WANT it. Otherwise, it's just going to feel like heavy trudging. Well, it's likely to be heavy trudging either way. But, if the ends justify the means then you just don't mind as much.

Speaking of “wanting it” the Moon in Aries also squares off with Venus in Cancer at 1:34 PM. See? We WANT to be cocooned but here we are...trudging. It would be a good day to pack your lunch and bring along a little flavor (and reminder) of home for our late week workday.
By later tonight, we do have a chance to unwind a bit as the Moon meets Mercury in Gemini by sextile at 10:01 PM while also waxing into trine with Jupiter (1:47 AM). However, the waxing energy of Mars opposite Saturn is ever increasing until it perfects at 2:04 AM just as the Moon also finds Pluto by square (2:45 AM). What is it we are trying to accomplish anyway? Better yet, why? What's driving this bus anyway? Not that it matters, we are pretty steeped in obsession over it right now. This type of set up coming in at the hour it does, reminds me of those dreams where you immobilized or unable to scream or escape. It feels dark, dank, shadowy and HEAVY. It's also not too far from being an illustration of BDSM. As a matter of fact, this set up sounds quite a bit like that. Here is the thing, do you feel like a willing participant in any of this? The answer to that question is what you need to be pondering. Is this something you want to do? No? Then, get the Hell out! If it IS something you are want to do then head down and trudge on...or mask on and chains up, heck I don't know. Just know you have a choice in the matter and if it doesn't feel right you have 100% right to back off and dismiss yourself from it. Our sense of responsibility is sky high right now. But, know that it is not 100% your responsibility to do all the things all by yourself even if you feel like it is.

In the morning, the Moon runs into Uranus first thing off the bat. Perhaps, just perhaps, we are being prodded to put some of that weight down...particularly the load that doesn't belong to us or the part that we shouldn't be carrying alone. These are the days of a waning moon. Meaning, we should be releasing stuff anyway. So, if the load you are carrying is too big and not entirely your responsibility, then, think about laying it down before you risk being crushed under it's weight. Streamline. Delegate. And be mindful of taking on more than you can realistically handle while tackling one diligent task at a time. Continue chipping away at the stone until it is whittled down to a very sharp edge.

Steps forward today will be solid but well-earned. Tomorrow, we may just be ready to cast off a bunch of shackles under a broken “give a damn” and a very looooooooong VOC Moon (from 8:05 AM on the 15th until 3:05 AM on the 16th).
One thing to remember, if you continually feel like you are taking a run straight into a brick wall, then this may be the Universe's way of trying to tell you something. Stop for a minute and reassess. Maybe it's not such a good idea. What are you trying to do? Why? Is tackling it head on the best tact? Because, that bruised brick imprint on your forehead is telling me, maybe not. Maybe it's time to fall back and punt or consider a different course trajectory. At the very least, do a gut check in regard to what is driving you because the answer to that introspective question could hold the keys to the freedom that you crave more so than the mountain you are trying to move.