Morning Star: Daily Astrology for Saturday, May 9, 2015

This morning we wake up to a waning Moon in Capricorn. While this placement may incline the emotional body toward work and creativity, our minds are not likely geared for it. Mercury officially squares Neptune at 12:09 PM. This can affect our ability to concentrate and remember finer details of what we are doing. Let's say you get up on Saturday and decide to clean your house. You walk into the living room with your cleaning supplies. But, oh, you forgot to grab the broom. So, you go back into the utility closet to get it. You open the utility closet door and stare into it blankly...”What did I need from in here again?” Yeah. It's a lot like that. Now, if you have menial tasks to accomplish today that you can do nearly automatically without much brain power, you could truly get lost in the work. But, if you need to directly engage the mental body in focus and concentration in an effort to accomplish something...well...that may be a little difficult because the mental body is definitely distracted, forgetful and wandering.

Of course, this can play out in a myriad of ways. You could have planned outdoor activities or yard work, but it's raining (Mercury/Neptune). Some may be suffering from allergies...stuffy noses, headaches, watery eyes (Mercury/Neptune) and not feel much like engaging in anything. Or, maybe you take allergy medication and it makes you woozy (Mercury/Neptune). Tree pollens (Moon in Capricorn) are ridiculously high right now in my neck of the woods so, yes, this could likely be a problem for some. The energy from Mercury and Neptune can be used for creative projects and it's great for incorporating some music into your day. But, I would advise that you delay any projects that require a good deal of logic or focused brain power because those abilities are going to be elusive this weekend. Personally, I plan on going to a creek (Neptune) with some friends (Mercury) to gather rocks (Moon in Capricorn) to use to make a patio in my backyard (Venus in Cancer). Maybe you go to the grocery store (Venus in Cancer) in an effort to check off some of your household tasks (Moon in Capricorn) and forget your list or what it was you really needed or decide to stop at a thrift shop and forget all about what it was you originally set out to do (Mercury/Neptune). See, I can throw as many metaphors as I want out in regard to how this can play out. But, much of the time, the energy manifests rather literally.

By 4:36 PM, the emotional body and physical body are dancing in harmony through a trine from the Moon to Mars. From here, the Moon is Void for a few hours until entering Aquarius at 7:23 PM. From here she finds Saturn by supportive sextile at 11:35 PM.
There is potential for washout in this day with the square from Mercury to Neptune. The end of the day is more grounded than the beginning. Yet, there is still very little room and support for linear thinking. Overall, I do not see it as overly harsh as long as you go with the flow instead of trying to swim upstream. Logic is slowly loosing it's grip not only from Mercury/Neptune, but also due to the fact that Mercury is in his shadow and preparing to turn retrograde. Your best bet is going to be unplug and plop yourself right in the tangible physical world instead of trying to engage in anything mentally taxing. Turn on some music to help set your pace or simply relax and don't allow ambition to harsh your mellow. Know that information can be befuddled and details easily confused. Some may deliberately cast veils around the information they are sharing or try to fluff the truth under this sky too. So, know that what you see and hear may not be exactly as you first perceive them. The day is earmarked for turning off your brain and engaging creatively or making relaxation your highest ranked task on your to do list. Grounding and being outside or around water alleviates some of the washout potential from Mercury/Neptune. Or, you can make menial activity an alchemical process that frees the mind to wander where it will. But, if you have to be mindful of details, facts, figures and need to incorporate technology into your plans for today...well...fugettaboutit. Eh, I don't have to tell you that. It's likely that forgetting about it will happen all on its own.