Morning Star: Daily Astrology for Wednesday, May 27, 2015

This morning we wake up to a Void Moon in Virgo. Very early this morning (6:37 AM) Mercury Rx bumped into Mars by conjunction in Gemini while both bodies square Neptune. This occurs at 10 degrees mutable bringing a swift rewind to any body in your chart that may be affected. It is quite a dispassionate review though, at least early in the day as the Moon is Void.
Later this evening, though, just prior to the Moon reactivating, Venus in Cancer finds Chiron in Pisces via trine at 3:45 PM. This is opportunity to spread balm upon old or new wounds and to bring ease to some of our sore spots. Then, at 5:43 PM, the Moon enters Libra bringing more importance to the position of her ruler, Venus.

By 8:17 PM the Moon is in a stabilizing and centering sextile with Saturn Rx. We are tasked with assessing which relationships bring us strength and solid support as we assess and nurture the wounds of Venus's past through her trine with Chiron. We may cry on strong trusted shoulders or simply rest our heads on them.

The atmosphere may be chatty today. But, most of what is said will fall on deaf ears or feel as if it is spoken underwater. Most folks will be wrapped up in their own pontifications even if tongues are wagging externally. Venus to Chiron may have us licking our wounds and then the Moon's movements prompts us to assess where strength in our current relationships is found or lacking.