Morning Star: Daily Astrology for Thursday, May 21, 2015

This morning we wake up to the Sun newly in Gemini (4:45 AM) and Jupiter perfecting into inconjunct with Pluto. The latter strengthens a Yod created between Mercury Rx, Jupiter and Pluto Rx. Pluto Rx rides the apex. This Yod was in force at our New Moon in Taurus. To me, it indicates that a personal review of our life philosophies and future course trajectory could lead to deep transformational changes within the foundation of our psyche. Of course there is a myriad of possibilities here. But, this is the one that stands out for me. Either way, our belief system, our personal philosophies/dreams/ambitions are due for conscious revision, review and reconsideration.

Right after midday, the Moon and Venus unite in Cancer (1:08 PM). Oh, this sounds like such a gentle and easy aspect. And, normally, it is. However, today, Venus and the Moon meet under stressful condition. At 1:51 PM the Moon opposes Pluto Rx. At 8:37 PM the Moon moves on to square Uranus (while still within orb of Venus) bridging the energy of all 4 of these bodies (Pluto, Venus, and Uranus) in a Cardinal T-square. Then, Venus officially opposes Pluto at 9:53 PM. This is the set up that can bring the wolf to our door. Turmoil could hit home. What we value and feel prone to protect and nurture could come under attack or be stripped away either literally or metaphorically. This is our chance to effectively defend what it is we officially declared as “valuable” under the New Moon in Taurus.

We may mentally revisit past relationships or even encounter lovers, partners and/or friends from our past unexpectedly under this sky. This gives us a chance to review how we engaged in relationship in the past and potentially revise our plans for engaging in relationship in the future. Issues of trust, proper use of power, debt, intimacy, obsession, control and codependency could be brought to the fore. All of that (and even more!) is brought to the surface in a potentially emotional way. Don't forget that Cancer is our soft underbelly...the part the crab tries to protect for its own safety...the babies the Momma Bear is tasked with shielding. This can also involve our resources (money/food/water) and there is a high probability that it could involve what we know as “family.” With Mars scattered in Gemini, this could be a multifaceted attack with veiled intent. Who the enemy truly is could be hard to discern. Make sure it isn't you.

Venus will hold this linking bridge within this Cardinal T-square with Pluto Rx and Uranus all the way through the weekend and into the first of next week. Then, the orb becomes wider and the energy starts to subside. In the US, this weekend is Memorial Day. A day in which we revisit and honor those who have passed before us. In all actuality, the energy from this Cardinal T-square fits that bill. Problem is, revisiting the past is revisiting the past. There could be unaddressed grief or remorse that is brought up along with all the potential heart screws associated with dealing with family, loss and remorse. There will be plenty of community gatherings and such that leave the door wide open to the potential of running into folks we've not seen for awhile and revisiting all the emotions connected with that.

Unfortunately, large gatherings of people who are distracted in emotionality or simply connecting also leaves the door wide open to thieves and/or those with other types of subservient intent. So, if you are going to a parade, make sure you lock your car up tight and make sure you didn't forget to lock your front door. If you are carrying cash, make sure you keep it secure and don't forget to keep an eye on the kiddos as you are reconnecting with Aunty Jane whom you've not seen in years. At any rate, there is a lot going on here and the energy of it lasts more than just a day.
Also, know there is an opposing Yod involving Chiron/Pluto and Jupiter. This one is passing by largely unnoticed, but, I promise you it is just as powerful as the first and it deals with how we address and react to our deepest pains and the effect that has upon our future. The Moon will pass over the apex of this Yod while in Leo on the night of May 23rd (Saturday). It's deep. It's personal. And, frankly, it hurts.
Tonight, after this storm (and this can be an emotional storm or a literal one—as within so without, as above so below) begins to roll and bloom, the Moon finds Chiron by trine (don't forget that 2nd yod!) and subsequently reaches Void status. Our soft underbelly meets with some of our deepest pains giving us opportunity to smooth healing balm over our wounds or simply wallow in remembrance of them. Venus, too, will perfect in this aspect after she pulls away from her square with Uranus on the 25th.

Today's Cardinal T-square and Yod operate in tandem joined by Pluto Rx in an effort to bring some deeply power stuff to the surface of the collective psyche for review. However, the events that surround this reassessment are highly personal and will need to be addressed on that level. This could be the budding of grassroots type of change for the better. But, it could also become a prime opportunity to repeat mistakes of our own past or even those of our ancestry. In that, there is also opportunity to birth a new type of reaction to old problems. Personal circumstance that unearths our deepest, most tender emotional bodies and our subsequent individual reaction to it helps to expose where we need to choose better in regard to how we love and care for one another. We remember. How could we even forget? But, yet, things from the past could look vastly different in our older and more wisely adept eyes than when the original event occurred. Take time to reassess that while gently nurturing yourself through it. Protect and shelter what you hold dear while realizing you have no true control over what you hold at value. You can love it but you don't get to lock it in your basement and keep it from interacting with rest of the world. You know? What we love is meant to be honored and appreciated through gratitude not manipulated and controlled out of our own fear of losing it. We can't lose it. It's not truly “ours” to begin with. Nothing, besides ourselves, is truly under our ownership or control. That being said, protect your valuables (be they material or otherwise) and the home front while realizing protecting and controlling are two totally different things. Shield your soft underbelly and allow room for reassessment of perspective. Know today could be quite emotional and be prepared to shield yourself a bit in that regard too. Boundaries up. Don't forget what is important. Then, circle the wagons and click the dead bolt...the wolf is at the door.