Morning Star: Daily Astrology for Wednesday, May 20, 2015

This morning we wake up to a Void Moon until about 10 AM when the Moon moves into Cancer. Many are still getting over Monday and some are still getting over the weekend. And, most are fairly moody and perhaps emotional in regard to the same. Today is a good day to nurture yourself through whatever you are feeling and, if you have the energy, assist others in doing so as well. I'm of the opinion that, right now, feminine energy is dominating our sky. That doesn't mean that women are dominating our sky or our world. It means that those that are familiar with and able to exude the positive expression of our feminine energies are coming out ahead in these days. Wrangling this stuff to its highest expression is seriously harder than it sounds. In that, I'm including the abilities to feel, nurture, intuit, be compassionate, supportive, gentle, forgiving and empathic. Penis bearing creatures have this capacity, too. Those that were able to tap into Venus/Neptune effectively and linger there while continually pushing love out of their hearts while remaining open to receive it back were able to navigate the craziness at the first of this week more effectively. Those who came rushing in like out of control steam engines got derailed. It wasn't Venus driving that train.

At the same time, there were also some negative expressions of feminine energy that also whacked up a lot of situations. Codependency, emotional manipulation, passiveness/avoidance, etc. There were hazy, smoke and mirror displays...stuff that was meant to be veiled but ended up being radically transparent and sometimes even catalyzing the actions behind that out of control train.

Did you know there were folks out there that will sit back and patiently push your buttons until they find the right one just so you will go off like a rocket in response? Why? Because, assholes DO exist! And, because once they push the right button, they assume control of YOUR steerage. But, ya know what? If you are in true control of your Mars, have strong boundaries and the ability to peel back the veil and see these efforts they become much less effective. But, the typical response to stuff like this is to start slinging your big pee pee around..or at least try to. I've gotta tell you, if you are loosing your head (Mercury) and grabbing your pee pee (Mars) you are skipping over the part of you that holds the true answers. The answers await you in the middle of your chest and right under your belly button...which is EXACTLY where we should have placed the decapitated head of the Gorgon (Algol) for protection. Otherwise, those more tender parts of us ran the risk of being manipulated, infected, hurt, attacked.Can't go back and change anything now. But, you can certainly move forward with this knowledge as it is still HIGHLY applicable. 

At any rate, that's the basic recap as I witnessed it. Today all the emotions from the previous week threaten to leak out. Things get quiet and we are left with only our emotions. The ability to deal with those on a personal level is very important because those emotions reach an acute ferocity under tomorrow's sky. Today, I encourage you to withdraw and recoup in preparation for that. Dissolve. Do what you need to do to effectively ease your heavier emotions. Eat. Pray. Love. LOL...but seriously. Ask for forgiveness if you need to. Hand it out if you have some to spare. Check for damage on the home front and patch up any holes in the gate. Circle the wagons. Find your safe place. Release, purge and discharge your more murky emotional waters and allow more fresh, clean water to enter.
Tonight, the Moon waxes into trine with Neptune at 3:33 AM. Shortly after, the Sun enters Gemini at 4:45 AM. Then, Jupiter perfects tightly inconjunct to Pluto (7:03 AM). The Yod created with Mercury and these two power houses is at it's tightest. Then, just as we get comfortable in our little nests...a wolf knocks at the door. DING DING! Round Two! But, this time, Venus will be pretty fed up. She's accommodated; she's tried to negotiate; she's tried to bring peace and compromise; she's soothed and consoled warring parties. Now, she's done. Wolf beware. There's a pissed off Momma Bear on the other side of that door and she's, frankly, had enough. I'm not thinking she is going to be inclined to invite you in for tea and crumpets.

Uh huh. It's a lot like that. Get well rested, well fed, well protected and prepared for it today. This “Venus under pressure and fed up energy” has hang time. It stays with us all the way up to the First Quarter Moon on the 25th. Protect, shore up and determine what it is that is important to you. There is a good chance that's exactly what the wolf is after.