Morning Star: Daily Astrology for Sunday, May 31, 2015

This morning we wake up to the Moon in Scorpio waxing away from a trine with Neptune (00:31 AM) as the Sun waxes toward Neptune via square. I see melting here and a need to flush out the watery parts of ourselves. What I mean by that can occur in a couple of different ways. First, drink lots of clean clear water to flush out your system literally. Or, purge emotionally in an effort to expel more dank emotions and subsequently making room for fresh emotions to enter. Flush. Purge. Detox. Exorcise and cast out demons.

I've an inkling that the call I'm feeling toward this comes both from the Sun's square to Neptune and our current lunar position in which the Moon in Scorpio is also sextiling her current ruler Pluto. Sun in square to Neptune calls for us to dissolve and relax the drives of our ego momentarily while Pluto in any form acts as a drawing poultice. So, what we have here is a dissolving accompanied with ugly floating to the surface on both a bodily and emotional level all of which needs to be expelled. Plus, all this is occurring under a building Moon. As the Moon and emotions build, these toxins gain in ferocity if we choose to hang on to them instead of release. In an effort to be well prepared for our exuberant Moon in Sagittarius, we will want our waters (emotions) to be as pure and clean as possible. Today is the day to use to address that.

Furthermore, we are operating under a Yod with the Moon in Scorpio, Pluto in Capricorn and Mars in Gemini for most of the morning. The more effectively we flush out our emotional body (Moon/Pluto), the more effectively we operate (Mars). The more we purge the easier it is to decide where are ambitions need to be directed. The cleaner our machine, the more efficient its operation becomes. Make sense?
The last leg of this Moon phase (leading to our Full Moon in Sagittarius) reminds me A LOT of the times I've witnessed folks being baptized. First, a group gathers together (Libra Moon). Then, a preacher leads a person into the water and begins praying over him as he/she is shoved underwater (Scorpio Moon). While the person is under the water, it is said that something is transformed. They surrender their attachment to “wordly things” and open themselves up to acceptance of a higher power (Sun/Neptune). When the person re-emerges from the water, their energy is often exploding with hallelujahs and exaltation (Full Moon in Sagittarius). There is a symbolic death, surrender and subsequent release that occurs here. Today, we are shoved under the water and tasked with letting go, purging, restoring, sifting out the silt and preparing to re-emerge renewed and exuberant.

Of course, the energy of today's sky reminds me of other things too. Like an athlete preparing for the day of the big game. Today would be the day when the athlete withdraws from social interaction and spends the day resting and hydrating while visualizing himself already in the game. He anticipates his movements. He listens to inspiring and motivational music. Perhaps he meditates. Either way, this is the day for quiet preparation that is wildly introspective and it involves water...deliberately preparing our emotional bodies for a time of high adrenaline and activity.
By midday today, the Moon is in square to Jupiter in Leo (1:32 PM). If we've restored ourselves in the morning, by evening we may begin to feel renewed. However, if we linger in muck all day without releasing or purging it, we could begin to feel overwhelmed with the expansive power of Jupiter.
Then, we end our day with a trine from Moon to Chiron (10:27 PM) which calls us to rest and heal. This call toward rest is amplified by a waxing trine from the Moon to Venus that occurs early on Monday morning just prior to the Moon becoming void in Scorpio (7:02 AM).

Today, we rest, children. We hydrate. We float. We dream. We visualize. We prepare for the energy packed Fire Trine that creates a kite with Mars in Gemini who is definitely under the spotlight of this incoming Full Moon. We may kneel in prayer asking the Gods for guidance through this tunnel as we fall back into faith that all will be as it should while vowing to do our very best in playing our part when the time comes. And..the time is coming soon. We are pulled out of the water or thrust into that stadium under the Full Moon in Sagittarius. When you emerge from the waters will you be shouting hallelujahs or channeling demons? That's largely dependent on what you find under the water and what you choose to let go of or hang on to. The stage for our performance is essentially quietly set today.