Morning Star: Daily Astrology for Sunday, May 3, 2015

This morning we wake up to Astrological depth, richness, fullness and an umbrella of potentially heavy mental energy (Mercury is opposite Saturn). The World is hungry. Tonight, we will experience the Full Flower Moon at 11:42 EDT.
I'm not thinking you want to bend over and smell THIS flower...

The Full Moon is in a waning trine with Neptune, square to Jupiter and waxing sextile with Pluto Rx in Capricorn. The fixed t-square between the Sun, Moon and Jupiter has an outlet in Aquarius. We have to think about what is best for the “whole” moreso than what is most desirable for ourselves. However, with the Moon in potentially blood-thirsty Scorpio, some folks may be selfishly gathering up resources for their sole use or pushing the agenda toward self-serving means. There could also be a lot of effort put forth to try to “tame”, control or even suppress other parties involved. (Watch out for bullying). None of these expressions are of the higher energy found in this Full Moon. In order to reach that height, we must overcome ourselves (our egos, our personal philosophies, our desire to be right and always get our way) in an effort to help the entire group involved. No one's opinion should be squashed or oppressed. All voices need to be heard. But, before that can occur, the foundation must first be laid. The connection must be built. Before we can even consciously engage in building that connection, we are going to have to hack our way through some rather dense, rough and raw terrain first. Then, we are going to have to work on building the floor upon a foundation of trust which means...yeah, we are going to have to be truthful both with ourselves and others. Sometimes the truth is ugly but it is the truth none-the-less. Sugar coating it, attempting to manipulate it or blaming it on someone else is pretty fruitless. It is what it is. Our job is to deal with it and move forward from here while realizing we can ONLY move forward. We cannot change what has already occurred no matter how much we may want to. We can change our perspective but the truth will remain solid regardless of how we look at it. We can change how we look at it (and are strongly encouraged to practice doing so) but truth is ain't movin.

But, there is even MORE going on under the surface of this energy. Eh, that's kind of par for the course when discussing Scorpio, is it not? You see, Jupiter is highly involved in this Moon. Of course this has the potential to bring emotionality to an over the top extreme. But, also, Jupiter is in a crucial spot right now. He is inconjunct to Pluto Rx who is also a player (as ruler of the Moon and in sextile to the same) at this Full Moon. At the very same time, though, Jupiter is also inconjunct to Vesta in Pisces. This creates a Yod with Jupiter in Leo right at the tippy top. Shooting right over that Yod is the opposition from the Sun to the Moon (aka: the Full Moon in Scorpio). This opposition lays across the Yod making what kinda looks like an anarchy symbol. In that, I feel that many folks want to truly make a difference or foster a change (Pluto Rx) in an effort to feel more fulfilled (Vesta). In doing so they will try to express themselves through various means by drawing upon their personal philosophies and theorems. And, a lot of this happens publicly. Voices are heard and exerted. Things are said. People express themselves outright and with abandon. There is a public outcry and that outcry has varied perspectives. Yet, underneath that is a common “pull.” The draw toward self-expression is catalyzed the same way. But, because we are speaking of Jupiter in Leo at the apex of the Yod, the expression of self is going to vary since we are NOT all the same, you know? These are personal truths being expressed here and all voices are expressing a varying personal views and perspectives.

On top of that (yes, there is more), BML in Virgo is inconjunct Uranus in Aries. Talk about freaking wild. This is about as wild as it gets. Untamed. Unbridled. Rebellious and potentially destructive especially if the shadow energy of BML and Uranus are channeled. The highest expression of this configuration comes when we have the ability to act independently in a way that doesn't care what the status quo says is the “right thing to do.” Instead, we rely on our own sense of justice in an effort to serve the needs of others. Yes, there is potential for vigilante actions in response to this energy. But, the higher expression is less concerned with our egos and more concerned with what is best for the collective as a whole. Is the action we plan on taking actually going to help the situation? Or is it simply a reflection of the destructive energy we are currently seeing. Two wrongs don't make a right, folks. Just because you are experiencing violence and oppression from the outside world, that doesn't give you an excuse to be violent and oppressive in return. It's the same energy and it sucks no matter how you look at it. No, the call here is to go about things differently while disallowing yourself to be catalyzed otherwise. Boundaries need to be tight and we all need to adhere to our ability to hold ourselves on center and keep gently walking our truth while aiming to truly help. Truly helping involves giving everyone space to time to have their voices heard while staying on point and not getting distracted. Folks may need to be re-oriented to the true issue instead of going off track on topics that have nothing to do with the problem at hand. That's going to be tough because this Moon in Scorpio draws a lot of ugly to the surface that may have roots that run more deeply than current circumstance. This sky reaches so deep that it pulls the ugly right out our heads from the very bottom of our feet. If you get quiet enough, you may even be able to feel this pulling.

In the meantime, we are hungry. Appetites are voracious and it may feel like we simply cannot get enough sustenance. Heed that call and fill your body with solid energy producing food instead of opting for stuffing your face with empty calories that will leave you falling flat later. High emotional times call for energetic support of our load bearing bodies which are growing more easily wearied as Mars moves out of his sextile with Pluto Rx.
We are also given the opportunity to feel compassion and empathy for our enemies through the trine of this Moon to Neptune. Forgiveness is a gift to yourself in this instance, otherwise you are going to waste a tremendous amount of time and energy seething and going for the jugular. Just because you kill your supposed enemy (literally or metaphorically), that doesn't resolve the problem. It may seem like a simple answer at the time. But, I promise you, if this is something you are meant to deal with effectively in this lifetime, then the energy will come back through someone else in a different set of circumstances even if the original transgressor is no longer capable of affecting you. Deal with the underlying problem more than aiming to simply take out the perpetrator. Taking yourself out of the equation or trying to avoid whatever situation you are in is not going to work either. There is strong pull toward engagement at this Moon and much of what is occurring is acutely personal. In that, it is the strong desire of the ego that must be tamed because, in reality, this isn't all about you. It's about what is best for the world. Know that any negative expression of energy impacts the entire Universe so be aware of the ripples you are putting into the ocean of the collective because they WILL come back to you more violently than they were originally sent out. Actions have consequence so make sure you can live with what you are putting out there.

Aim to do things differently while realizing that violence and oppression are not new. Compassion is truly the more radical and progressive energy of our times. Surprise someone with that and you can end up inspiring them to do the same..or not, that's really not your problem to worry about. I just know that I'd rather deal with building rebound compassionate energy rather than building rebound “I'm going to kill you and all your ancestors” energy. You know? If you want to impact a situation, aim to impact it with love instead of hate. It's going to be hard in some situations because there are pockets of folks who could certainly justify a violent response to what they are experiencing. But, we need to realize that in doing so, we are becoming our enemies...mirroring their oppressive and violent behavior rather than truly combating it. In that, there will be times when we will need to assess when it is a good idea to stand our ground and when it is a good idea to just let go of the struggle because nothing positive could possibly come from it. This assessment will be very personal and will require a good bit of introversion and soul searching.

In the meantime, the day works like this: We start out under a primal (and hungry) Scorpio Moon. Personal demons threaten to rise to the surface. As they rise our business is to expel or exorcise those demons once and for all rather than allowing them to take over. Don't you love the smell of fire and brimstone in the morning? Meanwhile, some folks will become greedy and fall mercy to these subsurface demons while others will shrink completely...disappearing into the depths as the Moon finds Neptune by trine at 4:03 PM. Emotions continue to build and at times it may feel like something is about to pop wide open. As the evening progresses, this may literally happen in our personal spheres or potentially, even, in the public arena. The Full Moon perfects at 11:42 PM. The Moon officially squares off with Jupiter just past midnight and finds Pluto Rx by sextile at about 3 AM. Meanwhile, the Sun officially squares off with Jupiter at 5 AM on Monday morning. The energy from this Full Moon has hang time. In that, we are being called to channel the positive energy of Jupiter which has nothing to do with being selfish, self-important or greedy. The positive call of Jupiter is future-minded, highly educated, generous and benevolent. It aims for the truth in a situation and that extends beyond personal truth. However, personally is exactly how we experience it. It's hard to act fortuitously on personal truth when that personal truth is being directed by personal demons who are busy grabbing up all the resources for themselves. Ask yourself, is that truly the kind of world I want to live in? Do you really want to live in a world where everyone is desperately and violently grasping out for gratification? Or would you rather live in a world that shares resources evenly regardless of a person's status within the social construct. Your answer to that should direct your actions in whatever personal situation you find yourself in. Want to end violence? Then don't allow yourself to be violent. The solution to our collective problem truly lies in individual and personal decisions. Decide to be part of the solution instead of being part of the problem. That's the best work you can do under this Moon.

One thing to bear in mind is that all energy has extremes on either end. Often, Scorpio forgets this often opting for one extreme end or the other. The solution to what you are experiencing most likely falls in the middle of those extremes. It doesn't have to be kill or be killed. There IS a middle ground and our North Node in Libra expects us to know how to balance that out by now. While all this occurring, the North Node whispers the message from her current Sabian Symbol: Three “old masters” hang alone in an art gallery. Efficient cohesion of the three “souls” of man; of mind, feeling and instinct. INTEGRATED WISDOM. Act wisely, rely on your acquired knowledge of what is effective and what isn't...release your personal demons, engage consciously in forgiveness and move forward with the needs of the collective (not just your own) in mind. The whole world needs to be fed, not just you. Making that happen is a collective grassroots movement of which we all play an integral part. Sign up for your supportive role in that whether it is through recycling efforts, food drives, resource sharing or working to come together to find a solid mutually supportive ground.