Morning Star: Daily Astrology for May 25, 2105

This morning we wake up to the Moon in Virgo bridging a Mutable Grand Cross between the Sun, Mercury Rx and Mars in Gemini along with Neptune in Pisces and Saturn Rx in Sagittarius. Saturn and Neptune are 8 degrees apart in orb and this aspect is waning as Saturn continues moving toward Scorpio. But, today's Moon links all this up in a shifty and unpredictable fashion. The pixies, imps and fairies of early summer are up to some new tricks. Look carefully for them.

I don't know about anyone else, but I've felt as if I've fallen in a veritable time warp over the last few days. I ran into old acquaintances (both for better or for worse) and even visited some old haunts. Memorial Day, indeed. There have been plenty of memories to re-visit. I've also listened to a lot of stories of the past as told by my 100 year old grandmother. We went to visit her over the weekend and she joyfully told my husband about how my cousin and I always reminded her of squirrels when we would come to visit. She said, “You could always find them scurried up a tree somewhere.” She was right. My cousin and I were tree climbing fools in our youth. But, that memory had largely left me until it was restored over the weekend. She also pointed out that myself and my two female cousins had all spent time working in hospital emergency rooms. She was right, again. I worked in an ER for about 10 years and am now a self-dubbed “Shock Therapist” often dealing with folks in emergent emotional circumstances. One cousin is a flight RN on a trauma helicopter. The other is an RN in a hospital ER. That was an interesting observation since we all share Mars/Uranus contacts which is a signature you can also find in my grandmother's chart. We are definitely all first responders in our own right (and adrenaline junkies). So, anyway, reminiscing has definitely been fun. But, at times, it was also a bit confusing and disorienting because the revisiting was so vivid.

As the Moon is the pivot point connecting all these planets that are currently in mutable, it is our emotions that will lead the way in the shiftiness of this ongoing mutable t-square. The first shift comes this morning as the Moon officially squares off with Saturn at 7:48 AM. This aspect is a bit heavy, but also holds grounding potential. We can get out of bed, firmly plant our feet on the ground and determine what it is we would like to do with this day. It can also feel pretty heavy so some may have some dreaded tasks ahead of them on this Monday.
At around 1 PM today, the heaviness from Saturn breaks up as Venus perfects in square to Uranus just as the Sun and Moon square off creating our First Quarter Moon. Venus is still within orb of an opposition to Pluto, but that is waning now. She is also waxing into trine with Chiron. That doesn't perfect for a few days. Today, though she is being catalyzed by the Lightning God. This can produce discomfort but can also be used to foster new friendships and social connections. On another level, if Venus feels trapped or if matters of Venus feel as if they are controlling us, we could be prompted to break free from them. In that, I mean overwhelming debt or oppressive relationships become very uncomfortable today. We are ready to wriggle loose of any chains or conditions that may be placed upon our hearts and the love we receive.

The First Quarter Moon pits a Gemini Sun against a Virgo Moon. The ruler of both Gemini and Virgo is running backward in the sky and within orb of this square between the two. It's time to rearrange the facts and rethink what it is we believe we know. Many minds will flip-flop under this shifty sky. That could assist with the revolution brought to our value system. We could begin to shift our own values as a result of this shift in perspective. Either way, this First Quarter heralds a week of planetary PMS (or a building moon) during which time emotions will grow to a full bloom which is released at our Full Moon in Sagittarius next week.
To muddle things a little more, as all this mutable energy is squaring in the sky, Mars is also waxing into square with Neptune. This perfects at 7:39 PM tonight. Ambition is confused or washed away. Drive is elusive. Motivation evaporates. In our environment, this aspect can catalyze a lot of yucky stuff, gas fires, explosions, boating accidents, incidents of drunk driving...even accidents that involve fireworks could be a result of this with Venus also in orb of Uranus. So, if you are fiddling with any of this kind of potentially explosive stuff (gas grills, fireworks, driving) make sure you are sober and on top of your game. Make sure you have the fire extinguisher on hand and that you are dotting your i's and crossing your t's in regard to safety.

The Moon officially passes through this Mars/Neptune square at around midnight tonight. This mutable t-square has an outlet in Sagittarius. So, keep your future in mind and aim toward directing your actions with means toward a conscious end. Give this aspect an “easy out” and wash your vehicle..that's a good exertion of Mars in Gemini square Neptune in Pisces that also pleases our Virgo Moon. Or, dance furiously or turn on some Barry White to backdrop lovemaking. All of these are great expressions of this energy without running the risk of getting swamped by angry waves.

I'm almost certain that there will be plenty of folks who encounter “WTF” moments today. The sky is SHIFTY! There is duality to contend with along with the feeling of being in a time warp. It's best to just hold yourself on center and not make your mind up about what you are seeing just yet. Let things play out as you sit back and watch the show unfold. There's plenty to learn here. But, we just aren't sure what the point is or what it is we should do about it just yet. That's alright. We may be emotionally prone to try to “fix” things but, right now, the best fix is to let the pot simmer a bit.