Morning Star: Daily Astrology for Friday, May 22, 2015

This morning the Moon is still void in Cancer. She retains this status the majority of the day until entering Leo at 5:43 PM.

The rest of the evening brings grounding and, perhaps a bit of drag. The Sun in Gemini and Moon in Leo meet through a nice sextile at 8:48 PM. Then, the Moon trines Saturn at 8:52 PM as the Sun opposes Saturn at 9:36 PM. Saturn's energy here can be wonderfully stabilizing, restoring boundaries and the ground under our feet. However, the opposition from Sun to Saturn could be a bit heavy for some tastes. It is riddled with responsibility and duty just prior to entering a long weekend. I don't think this aspect will be overly taxing. But, it does pull us toward acting maturely.

Overall, the day is likely to be quite sedate with energy picking up toward later this evening.

The Cardinal t-square between Venus, Uranus and Pluto is still holding. The Yods of yesterday are still in force. The Moon will re-activate these briefly tomorrow and Sunday. But, today looks like a solid break within that. Finish up your work week and get ready for what looks like a rather active (social and chatty) Saturday.