Morning Star: Daily Astrology for Friday, May 8, 2015

This morning we wake up to the Capricorn Moon creating a softening sextile with Neptune in Pisces. This energy feels responsible but also compassionate and, even, a little relaxed. Yes, you can be goal oriented and imaginative at the same time. As a matter of fact, those two things actually help one another. The energy brought by sextile from Capricorn and Taurus to Neptune in Pisces is good stuff, in my opinion. This is just the right mixture of Earth and Water to bring form (and common sense) to intuition while also softening our leadership/work initiatives with empathy and flexibility. However...

As the day moves forward the Moon and our emotional bodies grow more intense due to a waxing conjunction from the Moon to Pluto Rx in Capricorn at 5:48 PM. This is stern resolve but it can also be indicative of power struggles and greedy grappling. The feeling wrapped up in these aspects is like looking up at the sky and seeing dark thunder clouds moving in from the horizon. It's a bit foreboding in the sense that it can feel like “something wicked this way comes.” Yet, there is power to be had in this if you are brave and centered enough to wrangle this energy toward it's highest expression. Sure, batten down the hatches in the event there is a storm...but also realize you can be energized by the power generated here. You can be scared and hide under the covers...or you can be brave and grab some of this crackling energy for your own use.

Meanwhile, the Moon is also waxing into trine with our Sun in Taurus (10:40 PM). This is very solid energy that we can tap into to complete or make headway in our excavations. It's very grounded, real and practical. Which is good because as this aspect is closing in, so is the square from the Moon to Uranus in Aries (10:47 PM). We are well centered when that cattle prod sparks potentially causing us to become restless in our barn stalls. We watched the clouds roll in earlier. Now, lightning is striking the oak trees in the field and making all the farm animals a little jittery.
There is not much room in this day for “funny business.” However, it is a day in which we can imbibe our work with creativity while putting our heads down and making a tremendous amount of progress along the way. The sextile from the Moon to Neptune could bring a bit of emotionality, but, mostly this day is fairly solid and business oriented without losing sight of what is truly important and while remaining compassionate and sensitive. There is the underlying sense, though, that something is brewing under the surface of this day. That “sense” is validated as the “storm” moves in later tonight. Shelter yourself in the midst of any darkness and storms—in other words, boundaries and protective measures UP! While realizing, as above, so within, so without...meaning, thunderstorms can occur externally AND internally.

Mind your own business and don't try to boss folks around just in an effort to prove that you one is going to be inclined to pay much mind to someone barking orders at them especially in our later evening hours as we all could be a bit jumpy under Moon/Uranus. Plus, that aspect is more inclined to cause rogue, erratic and rebellious behavior more than compliance. LOL, as a matter of fact, talk about compliance to someone with this aspect in their natal chart and they may just start twitching. I felt like bucking just typing the word. Defiance is probably more likely the response we get in response to someone trying to throw their weight around under this sky. Reach out for the grounding energy brought by the Earth trine between the Sun and the Moon and keep yourself planted firmly in place if harsher energies find you. Be the stern wall of resolve but don't plant yourself in the middle of an open field during a lightning storm, you know? There is no need to be stupid stubborn. Do what you've got to do but be flexible enough to leave room for the unexpected and aim for the intelligent response instead of allowing the potential influx of adrenaline to cause you to run about mindlessly. Ground the electricity out, instead.