Morning Star: Daily Astrology for Wednesday, April 8, 2015

This morning we wake up to the Moon in Sagittarius working her way toward a conjunction with Saturn Rx (9:30 AM) as Mercury is riding lightning bolts while conjunct Uranus (8:20 AM). I know that Moon conjunct Saturn is not everyone's idea of a good time. However, I think it's a good thing that the Moon is sitting on solid ground. It may just help settle some of the impulsiveness and erratic nature of Mercury/Uranus. After all, using electricity effectively includes a grounding wire or rod, right? Moon conjunct Saturn can actually settle us down enough so that we can manifest some of these wild notions from Mercury/Uranus. But, yeah, it's not the typical light and fun energy we would expect from a Sagittarius Moon, though, we should be used to this type of energy coming from early mutable moons by now. Reality and truth are in our faces and undeniable at this point for better or worse.

Jupiter also turns direct today which will come as a relief for some. He stations forward at 12:22 PM. We are likely to feel this shift as the Moon is still active on top of being Jupiter ruled.
By 5:38 PM, the Moon is in square to Neptune and all those crystal clear brilliant ideas from this morning may become a little fogged and confused. It's a good idea to write any early morning flashes of insight down because there is a chance for these ideas to be fleeting and as the Moon squares Neptune. There is also a chance for brief forgetfulness. Moon/Neptune can also bring wonderful emotively charged creative energy. Tears are possible. A flare of illness is possible. Medication or chemically induced brain fog is also a contender. We are under a waning Moon in which one of the major themes is release. This Moon/Neptune aspect could be used for forgiveness, acceptance, surrender and more emotional purging. Music is very healing under this sky.

By midnight, we may begin to feel a little better (if we've not already passed out for the night) as the Moon makes a nice trine with her ruler, Jupiter, newly direct. This is uplifting and buoyant and feeds directly into the lighter energy of our tomorrow that begins with lunar trines to Uranus, Mercury and the Sun.
Today may be tough. We wake up with heaviness on our hearts as our minds are racing and riddled with tons of things we want, need or have to do. By late evening, we are tuckered out from bearing the emotional weight and trying to keep up with ourselves. However, during the meat of the day there is potential for perspective to shift a little as Jupiter turns direct giving us a brand new view of the entire situation. Tomorrow runs much more smoothly with fire trines lighting up the sky for the majority of the day. After a good night's rest tonight, we'll be ready to take advantage of that opportunity to be re-energized.