Morning Star: Daily Astrology for Thursday, April 9, 2015

Under the Scorpio Moon and during the time the Sun and Mercury were both in square to Pluto, I spent a lot of time laughing at folks. There was such a push to control everything and people were taking all their agendas so seriously. They were also taking themselves ridiculously seriously. Plus, Scorpio resides in my 9th house...admittedly sometimes I laugh at the Devil and he was up to some seriously dirty tricks during these days. Then again, I have Sun in the 8th conjunct Uranus; plus, I have Mercury in Scorpio. So, I'm kinda used to the energy that was coming forth from this sky. It was glaringly obvious that not everyone else was, though. I laughed because I'd been warning folks, “Don't try to tell folks what to do under Sun/Uranus.” And what did people do? Try to boss others around. That was the funny part...I lost count of the times I heard a person reply dispassionately with, “Um, f*ck you” in response to being ordered around. My little rebellious self squealed with delight.

I'm telling you this because today we have an opportunity to lighten up and MAYBE even laugh at ourselves a little in the process. This morning we wake up to the Moon in Sagittarius ruled by Jupiter newly direct. Overnight, the Moon met up with Jupiter by trine (00:49 AM). Today, she spends most of the day in rich motivating fire trines beginning with a trine to Uranus at (8:18 AM). Some folks will wake up ready to kick this day in the teeth.

The fire trines continue as the Moon meets Mercury by trine at 12:41 PM and the Sun by trine at 1:42 PM. We are moving. Things feel lighter and more free. Words are exchanged freely and brilliant ideas are exchanged at a rapid pace. Folks are firing on all cylinders for the most part. The day is chatty, busy and dynamic. Hopefully you were able to rest up for that last night. If not, it may feel like you are running to keep up all day because the atmosphere is definitely mobile and energized.
Don't be afraid to ditch taking stuff so seriously today. Enjoy the break gifted to us through the increasing lightness of the day. And, don't be surprised if things are a little loud and rambunctious. Energy has a tendency to rebound that way.

After the trine with the Sun, the Moon is Void until entering Capricorn at 8:47 AM tomorrow. During that VOC session, Mercury meets the Sun by conjunction at midnight tonight. All kinds of information is incorporated into our ego systems at that time. Everything has a chance to congeal and make sense. Unfortunately, headaches are also possible. So take care if you suffer from migraines during these days. Something like that could prompt a person to close the drapes on the sun shining outside and close off all the chatter of the day. But, outside of that, open up the windows and let some fresh air in. Engage with others and move around to shake some of the dust and mold off. There's plenty of time to recapture our seriousness under the Capricorn Moon tomorrow. For today, let some of that seriousness go, if you can, and enjoy yourself.