Morning Star: Daily Astrology for Wednesday, April 22, 2015

This morning we wake up to a Void Moon in Gemini leaving a sextile with Uranus in Aries (1:39 AM). However, while the Moon is Void, the mental body is freaking busy. Mercury meets Pluto by trine this morning at 9:25 AM. Did you sleep at all last night? Or did your brain keep you awake exploring the answers to all the world's problems, including your own?

Personally, I like Mercury/Pluto. But, it's just like anything else. It has it's downsides. First, Mercury in Taurus is fixed. Mercury in Taurus in trine to Pluto in Capricorn is solid stone statue with roots 10 feet in the ground or more. Whatever the mentality is under this trine, it's not likely to change. The brain latches on to thoughts like a starving leech refusing to let go. Obsessive thoughts and paranoia can be thing. The mental loop loops and loops and loops on a continual magnetic track. That's the downside, folks. We could get so stuck on something that we end up missing the big picture. And, you talk about stubborn...yeah, don't be thinking you can change someone's opinion on anything because it's not likely to happen today. Minds are a solid steel vault...sealed 40 feet under ground.

The upswing of this energy is a deeply penetrating ability to focus and dig out answers to long awaiting questions. Mental excavation meets physical ambition...literally, as Mercury meets Mars by conjunction at 7:04 PM. This is pure power when wrangled appropriately. I have a feeling this is going to be easier since we are not really emotionally engaged under this sky. There is also another aspect that helps to brighten up some of this deep primordial stuff too.
At 2:41, Venus in Gemini meets Jupiter in Leo by sextile. Our hearts open up and flirting becomes cute and maybe even a little childlike. I see teasing occurring here. Now, I've nothing against a little light chiding and kidding around. But, don't let this go overboard because on the other side of the sky there is quite a bit of darkness. Tickle the wrong button and you could end up with a cow horn shoved up your patootie or earn yourself a nice new stalker. But, you were just joking, right? Riiiiiiiiiiiight! Lol!

Our Moon remains Void the entire day. She doesn't enter Cancer until after midnight tonight. This allows us to detach from emotional situations and really get down to business. Minds are busy while thoughts and words are penetrating. Folks will be seriously wrapped up in their own junk but ready to wriggle free of that a little once Venus meets Jupiter. The key here is to work hard so that you can play harder. Don't allow yourself to get trapped in a paranoid obsessive thought loop. Instead, use the penetrating force coming from Mercury/Pluto to dig deep for answers while refraining from forcing those answers on anyone else because a lot of minds will not be budging. There is a chance for arguments (and headaches and, potentially, accidents especially if you are distracted or trying to move too quickly) under Mercury conjunct Mars. With both of those bodies within orb of Pluto, some participants in that argument could go for the jugular and MEAN IT. So, don't go around stirring up hornets nests even if Venus in sextile to Jupiter wants to have fun. Treating a thousand bee stings is not fun and I would hope most of us have better things to do.