Morning Star: Daily Astrology for Saturday, April 18, 2015

Today the Aries Moon passes by the Aries Sun creating our New Moon (2:58 PM) along her way. After she meets with the Sun, the Moon is Void until entering Taurus at 5:32 PM. Our New Moon is basically aspect free save an out of sign trine with Pallas newly in Capricorn. The Moon will perfect in this trine to Pallas as she passes into Taurus.

Soon, Aries Season will come to a close. Spring has sprung in most of the Northern Hemisphere and folks are ready to leave the dreary days of winter behind them. Collectively, we are ready to begin anew, too, almost as if following Mother Nature's lead. The whole set up reminds me of a Beltane ritual.
During Beltane, which is actually celebrated around May 1, folks build large bonfires. Then, they run cattle between the bonfires as they officially enter the fields for the year. The smoke is said to bless the animals, protecting them from disease and harm, subsequently providing healthy sustenance to the villagers at harvest. It's as if the Moon repeats this ritual passing from the smoldering embers of Aries and into the fields of Taurus shortly after the New Moon.

The Sun doesn't cross over into Taurus until the morning of the 20th. But, he is well on his way.
Today is a day for making a final decision about where it is you would like to go. The waxing trine from the New Moon to Pallas can help you put all the logistics together and come up with a workable strategy. Mercury in waxing sextile to Neptune in Pisces can help us to stretch our imaginations around where it is we are dreaming of going. However, Venus is also waxing into square with Neptune, so some of the inklings about what we want could be shifty or overly idealized. Or, we could want so many things that we don't know where to start. And, that's ok. You don't have to lay out your personal stairway to heaven all in one day. All we have to do is decide and subsequently discern the first step. Just. The. First. Step.

The energy coming from Aries this morning could have us beginning our morning actively and ambitiously. However, a call to slow down and set a workable pace comes shortly after as the Moon joins Mercury and Mars already in Taurus. We are looking at an entirely new Lunar year. Twelve months of Moons. There is no need to rush. Taurean energy will surely remind us of this.
For example, I'm very anxious to start planting in my garden. Oh I've already planted my early stuff...peas and onions. But, I'm ready to put it ALL in the ground. However, I know that planting under a plethora of fire energy probably isn't a good idea even if it is New Moon. So, instead, I will be burning a bit of leftover winter debris on top of my planting space in an effort to imbibe the soil with extra nutrients before I plant on April 23rd when the Moon is in fertile Cancer and the Sun is in Earthy Taurus. This will be followed by plenty of watering to leech the carbon into the soil and then, one final plow under before the seeds go into the ground. These are my official “first steps” and it would behoove me not to skip them and opt to rush in, instead. I would also encourage you not to skip over the first precious steps of any intent you may have because you feel all heated up by the final rush of Aries season. First steps are the foundation upon which you will build the rest of the staircase. The more sturdy your foundation, the higher you will be able to climb. Direct your attention to where you the beginning, while dreaming about the possibilities and potential ahead of you. Pace yourself. Take your time. Begin slow and diligent leaving a solid footprint behind you as you take your first step. Then, once you are standing on it, look around. Enjoy the scenery. Get comfortable as you discern step number 2. Relax into the process. Hurry up and slow down. Mars is waxing into trine with Pluto (April 21), so we have endurance and can move some serious ground to prepare to build that foundation. But, he is closer to a square with Jupiter (April 19) right now which could prompt us to skip some of these foundational efforts. Don't. Skip. A. Single. Step. Today is just the beginning. Pace yourself for the entire journey but focus only on that very first, very critical first step today.