Morning Star: Daily Astrology for Tuesday, April 14, 2015

This morning we wake up to our Aquarian Moon sextile the Sun (6:33 AM) and Mercury in Aries (3:45 PM). This brings a light atmosphere in our morning hours. Minds are busy and sharp. Emotionality is low. By the end of the day, though, a lot of this light energy will have shifted. After the sextile to Mercury, the Moon is Void for a mere half an hour before diving into Pisces (4:12 PM).

After the Moon crosses into a new sign, so does Mercury. He moves into Taurus at 6:52 PM. Our mental body becomes fixed. Whatever we have been thinking about becomes solid, stable and real. I'm hoping this also means the weather will be solid and stable for awhile. I have not dealt much with folks who have Mercury in Taurus. But, those I have dealt with are quite charming. They can be pretty stubborn, though, when it comes to changing their mind. They think what they think and they are good with not changing that. Sometimes, also, they are prone to avoid looking beneath the surface of situation preferring to only acknowledge solid tangible facts. They also speak that way. Practical. Their speech is not hurried but very refined and alluring. And, oh yeah, this placement can birth some marvelous singers known for their steady, smooth appealing vocals. Either way, people are usually attracted to what these folks have to say. Examples include, John F. Kennedy, Kelly Clarkson, Cher, Janet Jackson, Barbara Streisand, Lenny Kravitz, Malcolm X, Stevie Wonder, Ella Fitzgerald, Miles Kennedy and Maynard James Keenan. Voice certainly has a solid attractive presence with Mercury in Taurus and some of these natives could charm the pants right off of you like Johnny Depp, Jack Nicholson, Salvador Dali, George Clooney, Gary Cooper or entertain you for hours like George Lucas and Orson Welles. Smooooth for better or worse depending on their agenda. Jim Jones also had this placement, for example.

As our Moon swims in the early degrees of Pisces, she squares off with Venus in Gemini. there are two Mercury/Venus contacts in the sky. One from Mercury newly in Venus ruled Taurus and the other from Venus in Mercury ruled Gemini. That's called mutual reception, folks. These two placements work together nicely. But, at the present moment, the Moon and Venus are at odds. I can tell you right now one way that can play out. The square occurs at 10:52 PM and maybe you are trying to go to sleep (Moon in Pisces) but someone is chatting on their phone, watching TV and listening to the radio all at the same time (Venus in Gemini). It could also be that you are overstimulated and nervous due to all the media interaction or chatter of the day. That happens fairly easily under a Pisces Moon. Black Tourmaline or shard can certainly help with that, by the way.

At about the same time that the Moon squares off with Venus, she also squares off with Saturn. Some of that chatter may have contained less than good news. Or, we could be wanting to connect with others but, at the moment, feel lonely and/or depressed. The end of the day is much heavier than how it started. It could feel like someone let the air out of our balloon. Satisfaction and comfort could be elusive. The missing leg in this mutable t-square is found in Virgo. Aim for practicality while you realistically triage the situation. Take care of your health and try to get some rest. This storm shall pass.

Overnight, Venus also opposes Saturn (00:26 AM) and the intensity of emptiness has the potential to grow stronger. We may feel like we want many things and they are all outside of our reach. Resources could be temporarily squashed, withheld or delayed. Gratification is certainly not instant. Instead of yearning for what you do not have, rest your head upon what you do have. Though, know that under a Pisces Moon with Venus also opposing Saturn and that same Pisces Moon waxing into a conjunction with Neptune, there could be some depressing emotionality to contend with tonight. For some, this night could truly be a dark night of the soul. There is certainly an empty ache present in our emotional bodies.

Tomorrow morning holds the potential for an emotional hangover and a bit of confusion possibly fostered by tonight's potential for lack of sleep or leftover feelings of depression. There could even be a Nyquil or alcohol induced chemical hangover coming through the Pisces Moon's conjunction with Neptune at 6:53 AM. Many would rather stay in bed for various reasons tomorrow morning. Alarm clocks could become our mortal enemy.
Overall, Tuesday comes in on a warm spring breeze and leaves us under the heaviness of a very dark and lonely sky. Tonight marks a very low point in our week. It's as if we have been pulled under water or abandoned. But, have faith, things do lighten up in the coming days. Meditate. Pray. Unplug early. Take meticulous care of yourself (foot massages are wondrous under this sky and massages in general tickle the Taurus energy in our sky) and aim for self-nurturing as nurturing from the outside world could be elusive. Be patient, forgiving and reach for gentleness as we weather this storm. Strive to accept the truth and walk through the stages of grief if necessary. Even if the truth is something we are not comfortable with, it's not likely to change any time soon.