Morning Star: Daily Astrology for Saturday, April 11, 2015

This morning we wake up to the Moon in Capricorn. Saturday is fairly industrious whether we are working at home or gathering extra hours at our day job. By 11:28 AM Venus has shifted into Gemini from Taurus. Values and desire shift from their stable, sturdy home place to airy and sometimes fickle Gemini.

While Venus in Gemini is a hard Venus placement for me, for most folks it is like entertaining butterflies in your heart. We learn appreciation for many things and are able to show appreciation for those things by flitting from beautiful flower to beautiful flower drinking the sweet nectar of each while appreciating each one in different ways and for different reasons. However, as Venus traverses the early degrees of Gemini, she will meet in heavy aspect to both Neptune in Pisces (April 19th) and Saturn Rx in Sagittarius (April 15th ). Venus will also square off with Chiron in Pisces on April 29th. In better news, she will also sextile Jupiter (April 22nd) and Uranus (April 26th) during this trip too. Her dance card certainly looks full to me. But, some partners are going to be more difficult to salsa with than others. It's important to note, I think, that while Venus opposes Saturn on April 15th, the Moon is in early Pisces squaring both Venus and Saturn. The opposition from Venus to Saturn can certainly be a drag. With the Moon involved, we have a mutable t-square to deal with (the outlet is in Virgo meaning the answer is practicality and discovering how you can serve). Then, during the aspects to Jupiter and Uranus the skies clear and we fly freely about the warming atmosphere carefree and uplifted. Our Venetian Goddess soars high on these days. That's something to definitely look forward to. As an added bonus, as Venus squares off with Neptune, the Moon and Sun are in stable Taurus which will help with some of the confusion and nebulousness found in our hearts during that time.

The movements of Venus will be important as the Sun enters Venus ruled Taurus on April 18th. This occurs shortly after the New Moon in Aries. The Moon follows the Sun into the sign the very same day.

As for today, after Venus enters Gemini, the Moon finds Pluto by conjunction at 12:33 PM. Our hearts may be in flitting around, but our emotional body is running very deep. Shortly after (2:41 PM) the Moon also squares off with Uranus. And, then, we end the our Saturday under the Last Quarter Moon at 11:45 PM.

Moon conjunct Pluto and square Uranus while our value systems are shifty makes me a little nervous. But, then again, shifting value systems in some arenas is exactly what we need. Let's say, for example, that Moon/Pluto/Uranus gives someone deep self insight into the fact that they are a misogynist. With Venus in Gemini, they can take that realization and consciously shift what it is they think is valuable to something more beneficial in an effort to change for the better. We may actually want to change with Venus in Gemini. It's not so easy as saying, “ooops, I'm a misogynist, I think I'll change that.” But, it does give an opportunity to begin to change things around. Then again that same set of aspects could find our misogynistic “boss” locked in his darkened office deeply engrossed in Internet porn while subsequently flitting from dating site to dating site where he has a different fake profile for each. He's got like 30 tabs open on his browser and none of them are a good idea. LOL..see the difference? The key to the difference in extremes lies in a person's heart. You are OK with being a misogynistic jerk? Well, alrighty then, surf away. Hope your spyware is up to date. However, if you do discover something less than savory out about yourself under Moon/Pluto, you can certainly change if you want.

Here's the thing though. Under Venus in Gemini, we want things to be light and airy. We want to have fun and chat it up with our friends. But, under a Capricorn Moon in harsh aspect to some heavy hitters in the sky, we need to go deep and stop just grazing the surface. We've got heavy emotional lifting to do while our hearts are more inclined to do otherwise. We don't want to stare deeply into the subsurface abyss. But, that's exactly what we need to do.

Our Last Quarter Moon (11:45 PM) pits a stern Capricorn Moon (inner parent) against a fiery Aries Sun (inner child). There is a need to accomplish something but the solar drive wants to get out and enjoy this Saturday. Here, again, we are called to appease both masters. Work hard then play harder! Put your head down and plow through what needs to be done and then give yourself a break...a reward for sticking out the harshness found in the meat of the day. Besides, Sunday is geared much more toward relaxation and socialization as the Moon shifts from Capricorn to Aquarius and Mars is cushioned by a sextile to Neptune. Push through today with your excavations. Know that the energy will likely be tight but you'll feel better if you accomplish something and work to take care of your responsibilities. Then, tomorrow, with all the boxes on your to-do list checked off, you can appease your desire to flit around more effectively.