Morning Star: Daily Astrology for Thursday, April 2, 2015

This morning we wake up to the Moon in Virgo in trine to Venus in Taurus (5:02 AM). This is a smooth and satisfied feeling (potentially a little less than ambitious) that we wake up to. It might be a good morning for waffles or sweet breakfast pastries. It is also a prime opportunity to do a self-check of our personal value system and assess what it is we feel is really important. From here, though, the Moon is Void and the emotional body rests until the Moon enters Libra at 3:09 AM overnight.

The rest of the day is riddled with fire trines. This is not a bad thing by any means. At 8:21 AM Mercury in Aries meets with traction through a trine with Saturn in Sagittarius. Our mental bodies are active and operating at high efficiency. Brains are sharp and practical. Aim to speak the truth in a forthright manner. Say what you mean and mean what you say. The Universe greatly supports you in this today. What you don't want to do is allow your brain to steer you into negativity. Aim for grounded reality instead while disallowing your thoughts to weigh you down. What's real? What's important? What's true and fact? Know that your words will carry weight as well. So, if you have a point to make, you can really drive it home today.

words have the potential to fall like the hammer of Thor today

Over the course of the last week, since the First Quarter Moon, I've really seen ecliptic events take center stage. Some of this stuff has been wildly unexpected and many have suffered for it. Today, though, we have an opportunity to feel better. First the emotional body is disengaged allowing us some breathing room around any otherwise emotional event that occurs. Next, the Sun meets buoyant Jupiter by trine at midday (1:21 PM) providing us with optimism and benevolence.

As the emotional body settles, our minds find center and we begin to feel better, we may be able to meet the changes catalyzed by these ecliptic events more effectively. The only caution here is not to turn into a self-righteous egomaniac. Jupiter can over-expand the ego and there is potential to allow that to overflow into over-confidence which is not only off-putting but can also be dangerous. Enjoy the warmth generated here. Let your light shine. But, don't let your fiery head and hammer throwing mouth cause too much damage. Then again if ecliptic events have you feeling oppressed, this may be just enough self assurance and confidence to help you foster a plan to break free.

Oppression is the enemy of this Full Moon Eclipse which falls a mere two degrees away from the Liberator and Lightning God, Uranus. This means that the Sun is waxing toward a conjunction with Uranus as I type this. Sun/Uranus folks DO NOT like to be told what to do. They are not prone to do what everyone else is doing just because that is the status quo. They are independent and sometimes, quite unpredictable. At the Full Moon, Sun and Uranus oppose “how everyone else feels about the situation” (ie: Moon in Libra) very near the nodal axis (that's why it is an eclipse to begin with, btw). Folks are prone right now and will continue to be prone to make dramatic direction changes and seemingly erratic decisions. Some those decisions to take back the steerage of a person's life occur under today's sky though we may not see action taken yet. As a matter of fact, I recommend you delay action if you can. Remember, the Moon is still Void. Make your plans. Be optimistic about the outcome and appreciate the fact that you've survived thus far. Eclipses really can foster a feeling of things coming apart at the seams or you may feel like you are being pulled in several directions at once. Sally needs you to do this. Susie needs your help with this. Johnny thinks you should X, Y and Z but Lucy thinks you should do W, U and V. But, today, we are more focused on the “I” in that equation. We've heard all the advice. We've listened to all the directives from others. We've stretched ourselves thin trying to meet the demands of others. Finally, today, we come to the conclusion of “Wait a minute. This is MY life! I think I'm going to take control of that back!”

Well, those pontifications are brewing anyway. We may not feel the emotional elation of it until the lights on the Moon come back on. But, we can certainly see the reckoning. The energy of wanting to control others and control the circumstances of our lives is a “thing” under this Full Moon too. Sure, to falls within a 2 degree orb of Uranus. But, the orb of the square with Pluto is only at ONE degree. There may be folks that try to rip the reins of control away from you. There is a VERY high chance of power struggles and all this continues past the eclipse. The Sun squares off with Pluto on the 5th and officially meets Uranus by conjunction on the 6th. Plus, Mercury is due to retrace these steps too.

I can hear some of the arguments now. One side of the equation is saying, “You CANNOT do that!” While the other side has a steely cold calm glare and with resolve says, “Watch me.”

The key in all of this is to remember, yes, it is your life. Yes, you deserve a say in how it goes. But, the only person you have the right to control is you. Folks are going to go their own way under this sky and your best bet is to let them go instead of trying to manipulate or force them to stay. If you are the leaving party, then know that your decision is likely final. Make sure that is truly what you want and you aren't just reacting “in the moment.” The biggest acrobatic feat in all of this is figuring out how you can still have “My Life!” while keeping your relationships in tact and learning to get along with others. It was a Virgo that brought that last point to ground for me during an observed ecliptic event. He said, “If you are going to live together, you have to learn to get along.” For real, right? That statement extends out of the common household and daily living arrangements and blankets the entire world. Man, we HAVE to live on the same planet. Right now, there's not much choice in that. So, we need to learn to get along not only with each other but also learn to live amicably with the Earth herself. Well, it should be that simple anyway. But, there is a huge swath of folks who are less interested in coexisting and much more interested in pushing their own agenda. Hmmm...yeah, that sounds a lot like an eclipse on the Me/We continuum to me. Cardinal battle royale.

If, however, it is necessary to blow up your life and forever sever ties in some areas, well, the Universe is handing you the keys to do just that. Just be sure. Don't burn bridges unless that is what is truly warranted. Sometimes, it is. But, not all the time. Only you can make that decision. It is, afterall, your life.

Today is not the day for engaging in a new plan for yourself. Today is the day when we get our facts straight and become re-energized by the optimism that the future holds. Today may see where a door has closed and anxiously scour our environment looking for the window that opens. However, the dust has not settled yet. There is still some stuff lingering out there waiting to occur. I'd advise you to tuck those plans in your back pocket until most of this stuff has had time to shake out. Are you going to want to wait? LOL..probably not. And, in some instances, it may not be safe too. But the opportunity to truly re-engage in “MY LIFE” comes in with the New Moon in Aries. We throw off chains and dump off trash for the next two weeks in preparation for that. That doesn't mean you have to wait to move until then. If you are going, go. But, it does mean that there is some stuff we will have to take care of before we can really birth things anew. We are almost through this Astrological Spring mess. But, right now, we are at a crucial pressure point in anticipation of a VERY powerful Full Moon Eclipse. Leave room for the unexpected. Also, try to remember that there are times when we don't get to call all the shots. “My life” endlessly intertwines with somebody else's “My life.” Sometimes a collective agreement must be reached and negotiated in an effort to meet a collective goal or responsibility. I'm thinking family networks, work groups, partnerships and friendships here. In that, it's not YOUR way that holds weight but what is best for whatever goal your group is trying to achieve. Yeah. Definitely keep that in mind. Some will need to put their egos on the back burner to come to terms in those situations. Many, however, aren't gonna see that as something they want to do. SOMEONE has to take the lead in that, steering folks back toward the group's agenda and away from personal agendas. Might as well be you.