Morning Star: Daily Astrology for Sunday, April 19, 2015

Today certainly looks like a day of Neptune to me. This morning we wake up to both Mercury and Venus making contact with the God of the Seas. Mercury in Taurus met Neptune by sextile overnight (3:13 AM). Venus met with him by square at 6:30 AM. The Moon follows Mercury's lead and meets Neptune by sextile at 8:23 AM just prior to making a conjunction with Mercury at 9:13 AM. Yep. Definitely looks like a day of Neptune to me. What that means is this morning is not likely to be very ambitious. I'm thinking it's possible that a lot of folks may have been fairly busy yesterday and today waxes in with an opportunity to unwind a bit before we put our heads down and enter another work week. At least that is the feeling I'm getting from our early morning hours. This dynamic could change a bit by this afternoon.

At 2:33 PM the Moon meets Jupiter by square. This is fairly buoyant after our bogged down morning. And, from here, the atmosphere becomes a bit more energized. The Moon meets Mars by conjunction at 4:40 PM and Pluto by trine at 7:08 PM. After the trine with Pluto, the Moon is Void until entering Gemini tomorrow at 7:29 AM. The negative end of this evening's lunar movements could have us over-reacting to an emotional situation (Jupiter) and subsequently engaging in a battle to the death over it (Moon/Mars/Pluto). The positive end lifts us up out of numbness with laughter (Jupiter) and provides us with the endurance to push through whatever is in front of us (Moon/Mars/Pluto).

Mars' waxing trine to Pluto is increasing in intensity. This aspect perfects on Tuesday imbibing us with tremendous physical energy that is best put to good use. Much can be accomplished with this energy and, it has a tendency to readily replenish itself. So if you have a big job to do, now is the time to plow through it. Follow through and personal control of your inner beast is key here. You want to take conscious direction of this energy instead of allowing it to build up and run amok. Exercise becomes important. On top of that, there could be some really horny bulls out there ready to begin breeding season. Mars to Pluto reminds me of “the rut” that comes in the animal kingdom after they've been twitterpated by spring. That says to me that it is also good time to spread fertilizer on whatever it is you are planning to grow. This can be literally applicable in terms of gardening. Or, it can be metaphorical in that you enrich the ground upon which you planted your New Moon intentions. Regardless, fertility is a thing as well as potency.

In the morning, the Sun enters Taurus and the energy of Aries Season comes to a close. I would suggest you bear in mind the importance of dessert. I'm already prepared having made two cherry cheesecakes last night. In fact, this is the time of year when we should be beefing up a bit. I would aim toward beefing up with lean protein while leaving room to indulge in a treat or two and refrain from just filling up on empty calories.
These are the days of a building Moon. In that, we want to put solid blocks of energy into our body. Protein. Fresh vegetables. Personally, I'll be sacrificing a cow (Mars/Pluto) during these days. My family and I have decided that it is ludicrous to buy beef at a major chain store when there is beef wandering around in local fields that have not been exposed to the garbage that commercial beef is exposed to. Over the winter, my father shared some of the beef he harvested in the fall and I was literally in shock at the difference in taste and quality. The protein from farm raised beef was more sustaining. We ate less. There was also very little fat. And, for some reason, it seemed our bodies digested the meat much more easily. Not only that, but the farm grown beef is much more inexpensive than store brands. I've met and talked to the gentleman that will actually slaughter the cow and prepare it for us to eat. I've toured his facility and am more than satisfied with what I learned. Next, I will go to the fields where the cow is living out his last days and meet him. I guess because I'm weird like that. But, to me, it's important to thank the animal. You don't get that opportunity when you purchase meat from the store. At any rate, actions such as these also fit under Mars/Pluto. You are DEFINITELY what you eat. I would rather not grow into a chemical factory. I'm telling you, there is an obvious difference. I don't even LIKE eating meat. You know? But, unfortunately, my body is prone to anemia so its something I've had to get over. Keeping the process more natural has helped me to deal with it.
At any rate, we kiss Aries season goodbye today. And, that kiss could turn into a lingering one that leads to some bow chica mow-wow. Lazing around in the lingering fog this morning indulging in a bit of rest followed by a hearty meal tonight that fills and replenishes our bodies and, then, subsequently indulging in some physical pleasure fits nicely. Oh, and don't forget to leave room for dessert.