Morning Star: Daily Astrology for Sunday, April 5, 2015

This morning we wake up to a Void Moon in Libra. She remains Void until she enters Scorpio at 3:05 PM. Some are going through the motions of meeting social obligation without truly being engaged. Meanwhile, the Sun in Aries perfects in square to Pluto in Capricorn at 11:04 AM. This casts a dark veil over the day that gives inklings of deep inner stirrings. As the Moon enters Scorpio, those stirrings will permeate the emotional body prompting us to search inwardly for clues to the “how's” and “why's” of the personal situations we find ourselves in. Is there more of us that needs to be refined, honed and sculpted? Chances are the answer to that is “yes” since none of us are perfect. Know that this is a deep personal process that may prompt some to reach out with controlling efforts toward others. The well developed Scorpio type knows that this is not an effective tact to take. You may be able to peer through someone's front and pontificate the deeper reasons as to why another person may do what they do. However, the bigger call is to shine that spotlight inward and assess your own motivations behind the choices you make and refine the way you interact with someone instead of expecting them to change in an effort to accommodate you.

The sense of finality waxes in under this sky following yesterday's eclipse. What is done is done. What was chosen was chosen. At this point, all other options are dead. There may be a call to mourn losses here. Don't cut yourself short of that opportunity if you need it.

At 10:59 PM the Moon opposes Mars in Taurus. This is not a particularly comfortable aspect, but it does have purpose. Let me see if I can explain. Sun square Pluto, at it's highest, works as a poultice drawing deeply embedded thorns in our psyche to the surface to be withdrawn and purged. Scorpio Moon operates much the same way in the emotional body. So at the very least, toxins rise to the surface today. Some will become septic from these poisons as they try to hold on to them. But the best bet is to work to release these thorns and subsequently heal. The opposition to Mars gives us opportunity to examine our motivations from the penetrating perspective of Scorpio. Under this assessment we are likely to find long standing habits that are ultimately not the best things to have and that we need to work toward changing. Doing so will be much like chipping away at a stone.

A very simple example of this is discovering that your diet is “killing you.” So, as the Moon opposes Mars in Taurus and you reach to satiate your emotional body with another Little Debbie Cake. You start thinking about why you forgo your sense of health when you are in a heightened emotional state. Are those Little Debbies REALLY making you feel better? Or is that habit a temporary fix..a band-aid on a bigger problem that needs to be addressed outright. Do you habitually reach for temporary satisfaction in an effort to avoid a larger problem? Is there a better way for you to deal with it? Have you thought about exploring those options and contemplated attempting to break some of these knee jerk reactions that are based in long standing detrimental habits? Oh yeah. I know it's easier to just fall back on the habitual and eat the damn cake. But, if you want to truly feel better in the long term, if you truly want to stop putting yourself in that hole, the better idea is to examine that thorn that just emerged and decide to change while using the promise of REALLY feeling better as your carrot of enticement.

Discovering emotional eating habits is a simple example. This can run as deeply as trying to discover why it is you keep choosing the same mate over and over. It can even run as deeply as discovering that you habitually set yourself up for failure because somewhere deep within your psyche you are afraid of success. No matter what emerges here is it is VERY personal and the waters run very deep.

The point of this sky is detoxing and purging. That is the action of a waning moon. That is the highest exertion of power of Scorpio and Pluto. And, that is the best way to direct this energy whether you take the energy to literal use with a full detox and cleanse of the physical body or whether you put it to use in the emotional body. My advice is go for it on both ends...emotionally and physically while assessing those deeply ingrained habits that keep getting you all gunked up to begin with.

There is nothing “pretty” about this process. Ok? It's deep. It can be painful and it may be hard to sit comfortably through much of it. Some of the toxins that are pulled to the surface carry the foul stench of death and are wrapped in sticky infection. Have you ever witnessed someone going through drug detox? Sometimes at it's most extreme, this process can look (and feel) like an exorcism. So give yourself some space and be extremely gentle with yourself through this personal excoriation.

At the same time, realize that this excoriating and poultice like drawing to the surface is blanketing the globe right now. It will draw folks' ugly to the surface. Some will proudly display their festering wounds in exertions of manipulative power toward others (this is what I mean by becoming septic). In reality, the water in their basin is draining out the bottom and these folks are swirling in the emptiness grasping and clawing at the sides trying to hang on. Yes. You may see some really ugly things from others who are at a point of desperation, so, be wary of that while disallowing yourself from falling into that downward spiral.

Be willing to address your personal mourning and potential “illnesses.” Withdraw a bit from outside interactions and use this time for deep personal exploration. Give others room to spin out and realize that is their process that you don't have to participate in. Worry less about the demons you are surrounded by and more about the demon who resides within you. That one is YOUR responsibility. It also happens to be the only one you have any control over...don't fool yourself into thinking that you don't. This calls for bravery and an honest desire to change for the better. There's no room for “I can't control myself” because that's a big ass lie. There's no room for “He or she makes me do the things I do.” There is very little room for figuring out “why they treat you the way they do” and much more room around figuring out why you are allowing it to continually happen. There's plenty of room for addressing your own life with conviction under the vow of “I am the master of my fate; the captain of my soul.” So, get ya some of that.