Morning Star: Daily Astrology for Monday, April 20, 2015

This morning we wake up to the Sun entering Taurus (5:42 AM). It is now time to officially re-connect with the Earth. Get outside and enjoy the bounty of Spring. Touch the dirt. Smell the fresh air. Allow the Sun to touch your skin. Realize we are of the Earth. Even if we may not like the way some folks act here and even if we feel disconnected from some of the global mentalities, we are all of this Earth... even the outliers who question whether they were dropped off by aliens (ahem, I'm looking at you Uranian). We came from the elements of this Earth (fire, water, earth, air) and one day our physical bodies will return to it. So, if you are truly feeling disconnected, try getting out and touching something real and alive. I'll give you a hint, you won't find it through your keyboard or technical device. This may require unplugging and disconnecting with cyber space for a bit.

Of course, there is some airy energy in our sky today as the Moon enters Gemini at 7:29 AM joining Venus in the sign. Oh, alright, you can take your mobile devices with you and take pictures of the nature scenes to share on Facebook. But, still...get out there, ok? Or, better yet, take a friend or two with you on a nature walk. Take some selfies in front of a gurgling stream or something. LOL, sorry, I have Saturn in Gemini and sometimes have a tendency to rain on the signs' parade.

Today is really not forceful. That is out of character for a Monday; I'm a little skeptical. Sure, folks could be stubborn as we have a stellium in Taurus. But, our hearts and emotional bodies are flexible for the moment. Some may be feeling the waning square from Venus to Neptune today which could feel like our hearts are still a bit confused and uncertain. Plus, the Moon is now waxing into square with Neptune (11:11 AM tomorrow) and opposition with Saturn (2:01 AM tonight) bringing some potential harshness and fog to our emotional bodies. Guess what helps with that? Grounding. Pulling ourselves out of the water and fog and onto dry fertile land. Get outside. If it's raining (which is a possibility) or the weather is not conducive to outdoor activities, open up the windows in your home and let some of the scents of Spring waft in...that helps too. Plus, there is certainly nothing wrong with dancing in the rain.