Morning Star: Daily Astrology for Friday, April 10, 2015

Today we shift from fun loving and adventurous Sagittarius/fire energy to goal oriented and grounded Capricorn energy. The Moon enters Capricorn at 8:47 AM and spends most of the day waxing into industrious trine with Mars in Taurus (10:36 PM). Talk about plowing up Earth. Today gifts us with the power to do that. And, it's a good time for it too! Planting season comes in shortly after the New Moon in Aries. So, it's a good day to get the ground ready for that. Doing so would be putting this energy to literal use.

In terms of how we can overlay that onto the rest of our life, work to dig up and roll the dirt over in your psyche in preparation for the intention planting opportunity that will come forth from this incoming New Moon. Clear out any left over debris (aka: doubt, remorse, regret) and fortify the human soil with self-reliance, clear leadership and a sense of responsibility. Get to freaking work. You goofed off all day yesterday...LOL. But, seriously, many will be work inclined today. Getting in a “groove” to accomplish something is possible...and so is falling in a personal rut. Be wary of the stubbornness potential brought by Mars in Taurus. This energy is steadfast but it isn't able to switch direction very easily. Folks aren't going to be very flexible today. Some will refuse to budge at all. That's cool. Let them stew while you toil.

Later tonight, the ambition of the Moon wanes a bit through a sextile with Neptune (00:38 AM). It's time to lay the work down for the night. Tomorrow brings shifts and pressure and we will all want to be well rested for that. Some may be tempted to burn the midnight oil. But, I suggest you don't. Walking into tomorrow tired and frazzled from lack of sleep is NOT a good idea. If you are determined to pull an all nighter, save it for tomorrow night. A sense of accomplishment at the end of the day does go a long way in kindling a personal sense of satisfaction. So, do yourself a favor and work to finish some stuff up without overdoing it. You'll feel better and rest easier in the long run.