Morning Star: Daily Astrology for Friday, April 3, 2015

This morning we wake up to a robust Moon in Libra in sextile Saturn Rx in Sagittarius (12:25 PM). We start the day on solid footing. Emotional waters are lukewarm. Not too cold. Not too hot. Just right.

At 5:58 PM the Moon creates an opposition with Mercury in Aries. Conversations are lively for better or worse. We may receive information and subsequently be unsure about how we should digest it. We could be barraged with rudeness from an outspoken and motor mouth which can be extremely irritating under a Libra Moon. Perhaps we are just chatting with a friend and letting them vent their side of the story. Either way, conversations had and information exchanged during these hours affect us emotionally for better or worse and subsequently our emotions affect the way we communicate.

The day is not particularly harsh overall that I can see. But, there is likely a whole lotta thinking going on and probably a lot of chatter about all that thinking through socialization. More pieces of the ecliptic puzzle fall into place.

Speaking of the ecliptic, we wake up to it in the morning at 8:07 AM following a sextile from the Moon to Jupiter. The day begins under the lunacy of a Full Moon. I learned today that this Moon is called the Full Egg Moon according to some and it arrives just in time for Easter weekend. Not only is this Full Moon an eclipse, but even without it's proximity to the nodes it would be tight. The polarity between the Sun and Moon pulls in Uranus and Pluto by harsh aspect and close orb occurring at the mid-degrees of Cardinal. That's pretty intense. But, the build up to this Full Moon has been fairly intense so we may be used to the pressure by now and find relief in the final blossom of the Moon. Maximum capacity is reached and climactic events happen under the Full Moon. Emotions are drawn to the surface at a potentially heightened level.

That intensity can be felt tonight as we celebrate the end of our work week. If you are out and about keep that in mind. Also some folks have trouble sleeping in the nights of a Full Moon. So don't be surprised if insomnia finds you. It may help to consciously step down from your day and work to burn off some mental energy before trying to retire. But, yeah, from what I understand, this is a thing. I'm not typically affected. With a Pisces Moon square Neptune, I can sleep through a hurricane if I want.

The Full Moon brings a focus upon the conflict between independence and control by polarizing self against relationship. In that, we are forced to draw upon who it is we know we are and resort to acting according to our own set of values while remembering the most effective use of control is directed toward ourselves not outstretched in an attempt to manipulate the actions or decisions of others.

Venus trumps rulership of this sky. Right now, Venus is in home territory (Taurus) and rules both motivation (Mars) and emotion (Moon). That's a fine “how do you do” in the middle of Aries season. But, what it says is that physical force and war give way to negotiation and compromise. Be a lover not a fighter. Seek to foster pleasure instead of conflict while knowing many may be smiling through clenched teeth and heightened personal circumstance. Tread carefully.