Morning Star: Daily Astrology for April 25, 2015

This morning, we wake up to the Moon lingering in Cancer and hanging on to her Void status until she enters Leo at 9:14 AM. I feel as if there is potential for the collective mood to lift a little and stabilize a little with this shift into Leo. The stabilizing comes from a trine to Saturn at 4:10 AM.

However, there is some tension wrapped up in the fact that today we will also experience our First Quarter Moon. This marks the halfway point for the Moon between the New and Full phases. Emotions build as we near the Full Moon. First Quarters often mark the building of said emotions with a crisis point of sorts. This one occurs between the fixed signs of Leo (Moon) and Taurus (Sun) at 7:56 PM bringing us halfway to our Full Moon in Scorpio on May 3rd (13 Scorpio 23). Our First Quarter falls at 5 degrees fixed.

The key to wrangling the challenge or crisis brought by the First Quarter is to stand strong in who you are and continually work on whatever it is you are trying to build while also leaving others room to stand strong in who they are and build whatever it is they are building. In this, you have to engage your intelligence, humility, self-awareness and self-acceptance while realizing we are ALL building here. Or rebuilding as could certainly could be the case with both Saturn and Pluto retrograde. Most folks have individually specific “projects” they are working on at this point. All the building is of equal importance even if what I'm working on may differ from what my neighbor is working on. Sharing resources could be of benefit here. Swapping tips and supporting others as they conversely support you (even if your projects differ) is another way to deal with this crisis point. The key here is to realize we need to pool resources and help one another instead of gobbling up all the cookies for ourselves or feeling threatened/intimidated because someone else's project is more elaborate than ours. It's about sharing joy over the progress that everyone is making instead of whining because what you are building isn't getting the acclaim you think it should. You should be ok with your progress without anyone stroking your lion mane to tell you what a great job you are doing. You know?

I don't like talking about the shadow of the sign of Leo. I really like Leo energy. But, just like everything else, the sign does have a dark side. Had I not been dealing with the shadow of Leo for the last few days, I'd be less likely to even bring it up. But, the hits have been so prevalent, I feel inclined to mention them as I feel it may be something that comes up under this quarter. Though, bear in mind that the trine from the Moon to Saturn can help grow this energy up.
The shadow of Leo can be an attention whore. If Leo feels like she is being denied the appropriate amount of attention from her audience, she will begin to over-act in an effort to get their attention. And in this instance, it doesn't matter if that attention is good or bad. The shadow also has a tendency to only bear witness to one point of view...her own and her main objective can quickly become “Look at me! And, how fabulous I am!”

Let me see if I can give you an example. I was working on something the other day and there was a person who “needed” my attention (or someone's attention, anyway---I just happened to be present, I think). As I'm trying to focus on my work, this person keeps making noises. Knocking on the chair they were sitting in. Squeaking with their mouth or making funny vocal noises. Snapping their fingers...simply anything they could think of to create a minor annoyance that might draw my attention to them. Now. Let me tell ya something. When I'm engrossed in something, I get a little irate when someone tries to distract me. So, I begin getting agitated as I'm continually trying to ignore the person's efforts to get my attention. I thought, “Maybe if I ignore her, she'll just stop because it isn't working.” Um...not so much. When the shadow of Leo is in play, ignoring her will only make her try something else. Something more unavoidable and undeniable until the spotlight is fixed dead center on her. In this, I thought the best idea would just be to get up and move to a place where I could be alone with my work. I picked up my stuff and moved to another room...and shut the door. Well. It wasn't long until the person displaying the shadow side of Leo was at said door knocking, scraping her fingers across the wood and randomly whistling. In-fucking-furiating is what that is. This chic was about to get much more attention than she bargained for if she didn't stop.

The shadow of Leo operates this way basically because she is not secure in her own worth. She needs outside validation that she is important because she doesn't have that validation within herself. “Petting” or “stroking” of her ego gives her temporary relief and re-assurance that, “Yes, you are seen and you are a valid presence.” Of course, you cannot make someone validate their own presence. You can tell them all day long that they are “seen” and “appreciated” but until they foster that belief within themselves, the fix will only be temporary and they will only be back for more “ego petting.”
Now, let's bring this to a level you can deal with on your own. Today we are being tasked to stand gently in self-assurance while also fostering an ability to appreciate someone else who may be completely different from ourselves. The more certain you are of your own worth and the more appreciative you are of your own individuality, the more accepting you are able to be of someone else's worth and individuality. But, the longer you struggle to obtain validation for all of this from the outside world, the more of a pain in the ass you become. Sorry, the world doesn't revolve around you (or your agenda). Or me. But, that fact doesn't debase our right to be here and be who we are.

Are you able to find satisfaction within yourself to a degree that you can also find appreciation for someone who also stands firmly in who they are? Or do you need to throw negativity on the other person's efforts of self-expression in an effort to make yourself look/feel better? When someone else's light seems to be shining brilliantly, do you see that as a threat to your luminosity? Or can you comfortably stand by just beaming your inner glow in tandem? Do you need validation from the outside world to tell you are on the right track and of importance in this world? Or can you foster that all by your big grown up self? It's likely we may get a gut check in that area somewhere during the course of this day. Rise above this potential spotlight tug-of-war by fostering a bit of maturity and reaching for a solid sense of self-worth. Realize you are one piece of the collective with no less importance than the person standing next to you (Aquarius) while employing depth of true character with consciousness about your own “shadow” (Scorpio) in an effort to balance out this fixed and potentially stubborn tension. If you happen to run across an attention whore or drama queen, have sympathy for this person because they know not how beautifully they shine. They've not a clue. I'd not spend much time petting the lions though. This is something the attention starved person will have to fix on their own. Model what standing in your own self-worth worth looks like, instead, while refraining from punching them straight in the face for their spotlight grabbing (and often annoying) displays...or try, at least?