Morning Star: Daily Astrology for April 16, 2015

The heartbeat of the world slowed a bit under the long Void Pisces Moon that still lingers in our morning. There was a moment that felt like the collective took a deep breath, exhaled and then fell backward into the abyss. As I felt this, I was driving from my suburban type neighborhood and into the rural countryside. It's been a hard week, for my family and I. I felt off center and scattered. In times like those, I head for the woods and hills. There is something about the silence and gentle strength of a forest that replenishes me and reminds me of what is important. On my way out of town, I was shaky. I had not cried, yet. I had been too busy dealing with the aftershocks of circumstance. My emotional body was turbulent and swampy. I could feel my insides churn as my eyes threatened to well up. I was waiting, though, to get to the safe shelter of the trees before allowing the tears to stream down my face.
Very often, the Universe talks to me through music. As I crossed out of the town limits, I looked out through the windshield at the darkening sky and whispered a short prayer, “Tell me what I need to know.” My car radio fell silent for a few seconds shortly after and then...

Receiving that message was like a quenching cool drink of water. The seas inside my soul calmed a bit. The tears came gently instead of flooding. A gentle rain pittered on my vehicle echoing the tempo of the salty tears falling down my cheeks. For the first time within this internal storm, my chest loosened enough so that I could breathe. And breathe, I did, deeply, deliberately, pulling in fresh air and pushing out stale air as my lips moved silently to the lyrics, “Love is all around you. Love is knocking outside your door.”
This morning the veil of the Void Moon in Pisces lingers begging us to release, let go, surrender, forgive and accept. The days of the dark moon leave us without outward illumination save the twinkling stars. It is within those darkest of nights that our inner illumination shines the most a candle burning in our souls that we are to follow instead of relying on guidance from the light reflected by the Moon.

At 5:01 PM the Moon enters Aries and releases her Void status. Something in side us begins to tingle and stir. The water begins to dry up and ground emerges under our feet as the Moon meets Saturn by trine (11:31 PM). Stand firmly on this feeling of groundedness as you strive to recenter and prepare to engage in beginning again.
Meanwhile, Pluto grinds to a halt and begins retracing his steps at 9:19 PM at 15 degrees 33 minutes of Capricorn. With both Pluto and Saturn Rx, it's time to examine the inner structure, the foundation of our lives. What have we built? What needs to be reinforced? Where do we need to smooth edges and miter corners? With Jupiter direct, we are called to do this in the best interest of our future selves while employing the lessons we have learned from Jupiter in Leo thus far. These lessons have been introduced, reviewed and tested. Now, it is the time for employment of those lessons while bearing in mind the picture of the person you wish to grow into.

The sabian for 15 Capricorn (where Pluto is now headed via retrograde), “In a hospital, a children's ward filled with playthings. The goodness of life in the tragic trials of first attempts at self-regeneration.” There are times when life is so poignantly bittersweet.
We may begin to review ecliptic events in our rearview assessing the damage this erratic energy left behind in its aftermath. The Moon will pass over both of our recent ecliptic points before she reaches the Sun again. Echoes. Emotional incorporation followed by a joining of our luminaries that heralds the break of dawn that brings a chance to stand back up with a fresh perspective and new eyes in an effort to begin again.

Today is quiet and introspective. I encourage you to listen very closely to your heartbeat; breathe deliberately and deeply; allow toxic emotions to be released through tears and subsequently replace those purged waters with clear, clean water. Reach for ground, solidness, truth with the willingness of acceptance. One final sweep. Inhale. Exhale. Release and stop fighting the waves. Let them carry you while trusting that everything is unfolding as it should. Fall backward into the embrace of the Universe while knowing, love will find a way. Nurture your inner flame and fear not the darkness that lingers in the moonless night. Light your own path with your flickering embers. Acknowledge where you shine and where you have been blessed. Acknowledge the shine you find in others. Prepare to begin again.