Morning Star: Daily Astrology for April 13, 2015

This morning we want to move but we aren't really sure in which direction we would like to go. The Moon in Aquarius is squaring Mars in Taurus at 5:44 AM. With Mars in Taurus, it could be that we don't want to move at all but the Aquarian Moon keeps poking us with its cattle prod to get up and out of bed. Damn alarm clock. You know they make alarm clocks that make it nearly impossible to hit the snooze button and go back to sleep? Some roll around on the floor or fly apart when they go off so you have to figure out how to put it back together before you can make it shut up and...why the hell would you do that to yourself? LOL, my Pisces Moon is horrified! What kind of sadomasochistic freak came up with that? Anyway, even your typical alarm clock may seem like one of those annoying machines today.
TOCKY Rolling Alarm Clock..this thing would never survive at my house

As the Moon holds within orb of a square with Mars, she also opposes Jupiter in Leo (11:15 AM). Man, when we do move, we are ready to move big. Soon, Mars will square Jupiter in Leo (April 17th). That energy is building and waxing in now. The caution with that is to be realistic about how much you can actually do. Don't over-promise yourself and don't over-estimate your abilities. Instead, know your abilities and work capacity taking on only what you can realistically handle. Our Aquarius Moon has a plan for the future, for sure. She's got all the specs laid out in a spread sheet and she is calling upon our motivation engine (Mars in Taurus) to get started. Mars in Taurus looks at her and says, “Bit ambitious don't you think? All that looks good on paper, but when you actually try to do all that it ends up being a much larger physical task than you originally expected. I can plow through anything but, it's not going to happen exactly like your little spreadsheet says it will. However, if you get over here and get your neatly manicured fingers a little dirty and help me...” Have you ever paid attention to how Aquarian and Taurean energy interact? It's pretty entertaining. Aquarius energy is smart, logical and knows all about high technology. But, the sign doesn't have a lick of common sense for the most part. Plus, Aquarius is clean, neat, tidy nearly OCD in their antisepticness. Taurus is down and dirty and gritty. The sign may not know how to balance chemical equations but it's got common sense all wrapped up. So watching the laboring practical energy of Taurus go up against the clean and orderly logic of Aquarius is kind of funny. Taurus looks at Aquarius and says, “Get real.” Aquarius looks at Taurus and says, “Look, it can work, I've crunched all the numbers! Try something new.” Taurus shakes it big cow head and says, “MOOOOOOOOOOOO.” So, know that even if your plans look great on paper, they may need a little real life common sense to make them truly come to life. Also, remember, that things may go a lot more quickly if you are willing to get your hands a little dirty; quit planning; quit running the logistics and start actually DOING.

By 6:24 PM, the Moon is in sextile to her modern ruler, Uranus in Aries. “AHA!” Says our Aquarian Moon, “THAT is the missing link! I know exactly how to get started now!” A wind storm of brilliant ideas waft in and she is back to her spreadsheet to lay it all out. Yes, this is a light and airy aspect that also packs a fiery punch. The emotional body is catalyzed, opened up and racked with new inspiration. Tingly. That's what this feels like. Maybe some of our sinuses will dry up. That would be nice, right? I love Spring but it also brings an influx of pollen and being able to breathe properly is on many a personal wish list right now. So, this aspect has the potential to help with that.

Today there is pressure to perform wrapped up in optimistic and and unconventional plans. Address this pressure by chunking out what you want to do step by step while bearing in mind a realistic view of your true abilities. Plans on paper may take more time to actually manifest in the world of reality, so keep your patience and practicality at the forefront as you strap on the plow. Also, bear in mind that timing is important. We are under a waning Moon but the promise of the Aries New Moon is coming. As a matter of fact, now is actually the time to clear out and prepare the “soil” of your life for the next planting instead of jumping in and sewing seeds. It's not that plans initiated now are doomed to fail. Seeds planted now could take root but the ground will be MUCH more fertile and results will be much more solid if you plant the seeds at the New Moon. My plants that bear fruit above ground aren't going in the ground until April 23rd, as a matter of fact. Stellium in Taurus? Moon in Cancer? Yep, that's the magic day for me. That being said, make sure you pay attention to finishing what you have already started while doing prep work for the next stage before you just up and run off in a completely new direction.