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Jolinda “Josi” Case is a Spiritual Counselor who uses Tarot and Astrology (among other tools) as forms of divination. She is an avid and vigorous student of the esoteric. Josi has a great deal of experience in assisting people through major life changes such as death/dying/grief through counseling.

Josi’s main motivation is to empower others by assisting them to connect with and express their most true and authentic self. She also strives to give people the authority to feel comfortable in the pursuit of their personal Spirituality.

Josi’s formal education includes collegiate level degrees in Communications, Business and Psychology. She is also an ordained minister. In her free time (HA!), she writes a weekly column for her local paper (The Greenup Beacon), blogs on her site Shock Therapy and relaxes with her husband (“Ox”), three grown boys, two grandsons and pets (Prince, Mercury and Perseus).
Most recently, Josi has bonded forces with Dixie Vogel of A Fool's Journey to produce a monthly show they call Woo Woo Wonderful. The purpose of the live broadcast is to empower others with knowledge of Spirit and Mysticism.

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Morning Star: Daily Astrology for Friday, May 1, 2015

This morning we wake up and turn a page on our calendars. It's the first day of a brand new month. Let's do a brief check in on what this month holds for our planetary bodies. First, Ceres remains in Aquarius all month making food and nurturing an issue that the collective wants to pull together in effort to resolve. These topics become social issues that need to be collaborated over and addressed. Sappho and Eros move from the sturdy sign of Taurus into the lighter more fickle and cerebral sign of Gemini. By mid-month, both transitions are complete. Psyche moves from Fiery Aries to Earthy Taurus just as the first week of May comes to a close. Vesta, Pallas and Chiron all remain in the same sign we find them in at the first of the month, Pisces, Sagittarius and Pisces respectively.

Mercury has already shifted into Gemini. He finds Saturn by opposition on May 3rd just prior to our Full Moon in Scorpio on the same day. He bumps heads with Neptune by square on May 9th. From here, his speedy pace begins to slow as he prepares to turn retrograde on May 18th at 13 degrees Gemini. He is about to engage in a dance with the Sun that begins with a conjunction on May 30 (8 degrees Gemini) and finishes with a second conjunction well after he turns direct on June 11th at 4 Gemini. That means that Mercury enters his shadow just as he meets Saturn by opposition on May 3rd. The mental body will need to remain open and flexible for the duration of this Mercury cycle because there will be plenty of information that will need to be revisited and reviewed. Plus, there will be quite a few points of view that run the risk of being set upon their heads during these days. Again, don't be afraid to look at things differently and change your perspective if you need to.

Meanwhile, Venus shifts gears this month as she leaves the sign of the twins on May 7th and dives into the sign of Cancer. From here, she will trine Neptune on May 16th, oppose Pluto on May 21st and square Uranus on May 25th.
Mars also trudges out of the sign of Taurus this month. We go from chipping away diligently at the stone to trying to do everything at once as Mars jumps over into Gemini on May 11th. Of course, this also means that Mars will butt heads with Saturn and Neptune. This occurs on May 15 (opposition to Saturn) and May 25th (square to Neptune).

The Sun spends the meat of the month in Taurus before he shifts gears too and takes his initial steps into Gemini on May 21. Much like last month prepared us for our entrance into Taurus Season, this month prepares us for our transition into the season of the twins and prepares us to be better able to endure the duality of that season.
Major lunar movements occur as we experience our Full Moon in Scorpio on May 3rd which will allow us to release detrimental habitual patterns, debt and our attachment to feeling as if we must have control over every little factor in our lives. Then, our New Moon in Taurus occurs at the tail end of Taurus season on May 18th prior to Mercury officially turning retrograde. It's a pretty dynamic month that at times could feel like a complete brain overhaul which does play directly into both Gemini season and our Full Moon in Sagittarius at the first of June. I see this month as transitory for the most part and fairly reflective. Chess pieces change places. Hearts and motivations change. Information becomes concrete only to start fraying at the edges again and nothing mechanical really seems to work like it is supposed to. It could also be a bit frustrating on a mental/logical level since Mercury is retrograde or at least in his shadow for the duration. There will be times when absolutely nothing makes logical sense and others when the picture seems crystal clear for brief moment only to start becoming confused again shortly thereafter. Tender Spring blossoms will flourish and fade while the more hardy plants of summer begin to take root and blossom. Overall, this month we are learning that nothing is static forever. In things set in stone face the potential of breaking apart. Situations change on a dime under circumstances we cannot always predict or control. With that, we are being tasked to learn patience, faith and foster an ability to hold ourselves on point in the midst of fluctuating circumstance. It can AND WILL be frustrating at times, but we will have tools and resources to help us along our way.

As for today, the Moon is in Libra on our first day of May. At mid-day she meets up with Jupiter in Leo in a buoyant sextile. HOLD ON TO ANY FEEL GOODS YOU ENCOUNTER DURING THESE HOURS. You will likely want to reflect on them as the day moves forward. At 5:09 darkness enters our emotional body as the Moon squares off with Pluto Rx in Capricorn. Then, lightning starts striking harshly as the Moon opposes Uranus at 9:54 PM. The emotional body starts the day light and optimistic but it is veiled in a veritable thunderstorm by tonight. It may be hard to hold your smile during those hours. Early tomorrow morning, though, the Moon does meet with a bit of ease through a trine to Venus at (10:04 AM). Then, we spend the rest of the day (Saturday) under a Void Moon allowing us to find center again after today's emotional storms. There will be final call to release and purge once the Moon enters Scorpio on May 2 at 9:48 PM. That call becomes more poignant as the Full Moon in Scorpio perfects on May 3rd

Today I encourage you to focus on the areas of life where you feel blessed. Be thankful for any help you received during your toiling in previous days and treat yourself and others with kindness. As the day becomes heavier, be easy with yourself and don't try to maintain an amicable front if you are really feeling completely dogged out. Watch for resentments to bubble up along with a plot twist or two. Remember we are learning patience, self-direction and the ability to shift our perspectives while bearing in mind the truth and reality of our current circumstances. We are also gaining wisdom. None of the paths to these set destinations are particularly easy. However, the reward at the end of them is great so be sure to stay engaged consciously for the duration of the ride. Also, take some time to look around you at the scenery today. By the end of the month, things are set to look significantly different. So be sure to foster some bit of appreciation for where you are right now. Remember that “different” is not necessarily worse or better...just different. For many, a shift in circumstances could actually be very welcomed.  

Morning Star: Daily Astrology for Thursday, April 30, 2015

This morning we wake up to a supportive and solid trine between the Moon in Virgo and Mercury in Taurus. Thoughts and emotions are well grounded, practical and realistic. Just as this aspect passes, the Moon reaches Void status for a few hours until entering Libra at 10:03 AM. There is just a little break in emotionality allowing us to take care of business without getting washed out. The toiling continues.
As the Moon enters Libra, she begins waxing into a nice grounding sextile with Saturn Rx in Sagittarius. This aspect supports us in making solid partnerships that assist us in achieving long term goals. We are no longer toiling alone. We have reliable and dependable help which breaks up the monotony of our toiling. If you need help, ask for it. You may be surprised at how readily available it is. If you are in a position to offer help, do so. The appreciation delivered from the party you are assisting will be great.

By the end of this very last day of April, the prodigal child returns home. Mercury enters Gemini at 10:00 PM. Minds move from stubborn to flexible but incredibly sharp. Time will pick up pace a bit a Mercury moves from the smooth charming trudging energy of Taurus into the lighter more curious realm of Gemini. Once we get past the harsher Mercurian aspects that wax in during the first few days of May (opposition to Saturn and square to Neptune), our thoughts become very clear and mentality becomes much lighter. But, while Mercury waxes into this harshness, we may have some serious storms to deal with...literally and/or metaphorically.

Meanwhile, the Moon is getting increasingly full and the emotional body is responding to this. So, know that while today's aspects are mostly mild, there is a bit of brewing going on in that department as we get more near our Full Moon in Scorpio. We are likely to catch at least a whiff of this as the Moon in Libra is taxed tomorrow through harsh aspects from Uranus and Pluto. But, we can worry more about that when we get there. For today, reach out and reserve the right to change your mind a few times. Work to pull together instead of pushing apart and rely on your ability to hold yourself steady in your aim toward the future.  

Morning Star: Daily Astrology for Wednesday, April 29, 2015

This morning we wake up to the Moon in Virgo ready to get back down to business. The Moon finds endurance and fortitude through a solid trine with Pluto at 4:39 AM. We wake up ready to kick this day in the teeth. Our morning hours have us deeply involved in our daily chores and plowing up the Earth behind us. Head down. Focus. Trudge! Setting your work to motivating and supportive music is also of benefit today. The Sun is waxing into a softening sextile with Neptune (7:11 PM). We are geared to work hard but we are also geared to retain our compassion and gentleness as we do. Plus, our work could foster a creative flair under Sun/Neptune.

Be sure to drink plenty of water as you are toiling. Don't neglect the needs of your physical body as you are chipping away at the stone wall in front of you. Take care of your machinery to avoid it breaking down in the middle of your tasks.
There is a bit of harshness that waxes into our early evening hours. The Moon opposes Chiron at 2:15 PM and, then, meets Venus in Gemini by square at 3:38 PM. At the same time, the Moon is also waxing into trine with Mars in Taurus. We hear the call of our responsibilities, but we are also feeling the tension between duty and desire. We may reflect upon lighter days when the work didn't seem as heavy. We may have to cash our chips in early due to sore muscles (Moon/Chiron) or emotional distractions. However, the trine from Mars to the Moon continually beckons us back into our groove.
In this, you are going to have to decide if you are physically able to continue enduring the work load you took on this morning. If you need a break, take one and don't feel guilty about it. But, if you feel like you are able to push through and finish your plowing; then, promise yourself a treat at the end of a full days work. Only you can make the call as to where you fall within this spectrum. Be very honest with yourself in your assessment and deliver whatever it is you need be that recuperation time or extended work hours.

With the Sun in aspect to Neptune and the Moon in aspect to Pluto, it is entirely possible that we may not realize how much Earth we actually overturned in our morning hours. That can be taxing on the physical body and I encourage you NOT to ignore those physical needs. Your health needs to be a priority regardless of what it is you trying to accomplish.

Morning Star: Daily Astrology for Tuesday, April 28, 2015

This morning we wake under a veil of potential heaviness as the Moon in Virgo meets Saturn Rx by square at 4:01 AM. The burden of responsibility has found us. So has the harsh truth and reality of whatever situation we find ourselves in. Thankfully, though, a nice earthy trine between the Sun in Taurus and Moon in Virgo comes along and helps us to get down to the nitty gritty of whatever it is we need to get done. The energy coming from Taurus right now is of HUGE support to our Virgo Moon. Taurus plods and Virgo can chunk out the work in front of us in bite sized steps. Together, the two industriously meet the challenges ahead. That energy does help ease the tension between the Moon and Saturn a little. However, it may feel like joyless toiling at the starting line. Yet we can surely find our groove by midday.

By early evening, the Moon waxes into opposition with Neptune in Pisces. Water rushes across our Earthy energy. Practical and methodical gives way to potential confusion, delusion and emotional washout. It could be a simple as being completely worn out after a solid days efforts. This could prompt us to turn in early or unwind with an early dinner cocktail. We've plowed all day. But, many a plow is resting in the field by early evening hours.

Moon opposite Neptune could also cause quite the influx of emotionality. In that, triage the situation and realize you are probably physically tired at this point. Fatigue can make emotional situations seem even more dire. Take a few moments to yourself to regroup and relax. Soothe tired overworked muscles by soaking in a tub filled with warm water and Epsom salts. This is also a good evening for indulging in a pedicure or foot massage. Our cow hooves could be looking a little crusty at this point. Paying attention to parts of our bodies that are often neglected or forgotten is a beneficial activity.
In this morning, we are tasked with taking care of business and getting down to the nitty gritty. But, by early evening, the call is to direct that care toward ourselves in a more gentle manner. We'll be ready to strap the plow back on tomorrow. Tonight, though, is earmarked for meticulous self-care, rest and recuperation.

Morning Star: Daily Astrology for Monday, April 27, 2015

This morning we wake up to the Moon still in Leo. By 10:14 AM she finds Mercury by square and reaches Void Status. The Moon remains Void until entering Virgo at 9:08 PM.

The emotional body, first, is pricked a little by potentially emotionally off-putting information or verbal exchanges. But, then, the emotional body disengages (our “give a damn” kinda breaks) and we continue the day as if we are just going through the motions mechanically. A VOC Moon doesn't mean nothing will happen. What it does mean, though, is that if something DOES happen, it occurs during a time when our emotional reaction to it is diminished. We are less prone to panic or overreaction and are more prone just to automatically do whatever it is that needs to be done in response. The mood is basically flat during these hours. We need these breaks from time to time. Today offers us about 12 hours of it. That is a good thing, because shortly after the Moon enters Virgo tonight, she opposes the watery emotive placements of both Chiron (2:14 PM on the 28th) and Neptune (4:00 PM tomorrow). So, while things remain dry today, the tides do threaten to rise again soon.

Today is a good day for cleaning up the edges on projects that are already in the works. Systematically get your ducks in a row and take care of left over business. Enjoy the diminished emotionality and get well centered and prepared for the waters to become choppy again in our very near future.

Morning Star: Daily Astrology for Sunday, April 26, 2015

I like the looks of today. It has the potential to deliver quite the “pick me up” after what turned out to be a rather harsh week. This morning, we wake up to the Moon in Leo waxing into conjunction with Jupiter (11:05 AM). This aspect expands, expounds upon and enlarges whatever it is we are feeling. Happy becomes really happy. However, sad can run the risk of leaning toward devastation. More often than not, though, Moon to Jupiter is a “feel good” placement in which our hearts are warmed and geared toward benevolence.
After this buoyancy waxes over our emotional body, Venus meets Uranus by sextile. There is nothing soggy about this placement. We are uplifted even more. This aspect can certainly act like a sweet wafting breeze. However, Venus in aspect to Uranus does not like to be tied down. If your ability to do what you want is restricted, you may be ready to break free. Most folks will be looking to roam freely today whether its just taking a drive out into the countryside to admire the blooming trees of spring or embarking on a larger adventure. Movement and fresh air are boons for this day.

This call to freedom brought by Venus/Uranus is supported by a waxing trine from Moon to Uranus (8:09 PM). We shake off heavy emotions and cast off some of the burdens we have been carrying around, at least for a while. Hearts are wild, open and freedom seeking. Then, shortly after the trine from Moon to Uranus perfects, she also meets Venus by pleasant sextile at 8:23 PM. Friends. Gatherings of loved ones. Supportive groups. All of these are highlighted today as things that can help us to nurture ourselves out of any doldrums in which we may have been previously lingering.
On top of catalyzing a potential to feel better, this sky offers wonderful inspiration in the realm of creativity. If you are working on art projects or would like to spend the day starting one, today is a great day for that. We are encouraged to play like a child and allow that inner child to create if she wants. If it's rainy in your area and that restricts you from going outside, today is a great day to pull out some old board games from the closet and roll the dice a few times. It's also a great day for taking a class about something FUN you would like to learn. It's a great evening for church socials or community gatherings. Bring “your people” or “your pride” together. There's all kinds of room in this day for lighter, social, creative and enjoyable jaunts. About the only thing it isn't good for is staying strapped under that plow. Work is something few will be inclined to embark upon today. This point is driven home as the Moon squares Mars in Taurus late tonight (11:35 PM).
Our daily routine could have broken in an effort to find a bit of enjoyment. That can make Mars in Taurus a little uncomfortable as any change from the normal deeply worn groove this placement is accustomed to can cause such. Hearts may be flexible and free; but, duty, motivation and responsibility are fixed and set. Soothe your ambitions a bit by realizing you deserved a break today...a little free time...a little play time. We aren't completely relinquishing the plow. We will return to our responsibilities soon enough. But, for today, we play.

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Morning Star: Daily Astrology for April 25, 2015

This morning, we wake up to the Moon lingering in Cancer and hanging on to her Void status until she enters Leo at 9:14 AM. I feel as if there is potential for the collective mood to lift a little and stabilize a little with this shift into Leo. The stabilizing comes from a trine to Saturn at 4:10 AM.

However, there is some tension wrapped up in the fact that today we will also experience our First Quarter Moon. This marks the halfway point for the Moon between the New and Full phases. Emotions build as we near the Full Moon. First Quarters often mark the building of said emotions with a crisis point of sorts. This one occurs between the fixed signs of Leo (Moon) and Taurus (Sun) at 7:56 PM bringing us halfway to our Full Moon in Scorpio on May 3rd (13 Scorpio 23). Our First Quarter falls at 5 degrees fixed.

The key to wrangling the challenge or crisis brought by the First Quarter is to stand strong in who you are and continually work on whatever it is you are trying to build while also leaving others room to stand strong in who they are and build whatever it is they are building. In this, you have to engage your intelligence, humility, self-awareness and self-acceptance while realizing we are ALL building here. Or rebuilding as could certainly could be the case with both Saturn and Pluto retrograde. Most folks have individually specific “projects” they are working on at this point. All the building is of equal importance even if what I'm working on may differ from what my neighbor is working on. Sharing resources could be of benefit here. Swapping tips and supporting others as they conversely support you (even if your projects differ) is another way to deal with this crisis point. The key here is to realize we need to pool resources and help one another instead of gobbling up all the cookies for ourselves or feeling threatened/intimidated because someone else's project is more elaborate than ours. It's about sharing joy over the progress that everyone is making instead of whining because what you are building isn't getting the acclaim you think it should. You should be ok with your progress without anyone stroking your lion mane to tell you what a great job you are doing. You know?

I don't like talking about the shadow of the sign of Leo. I really like Leo energy. But, just like everything else, the sign does have a dark side. Had I not been dealing with the shadow of Leo for the last few days, I'd be less likely to even bring it up. But, the hits have been so prevalent, I feel inclined to mention them as I feel it may be something that comes up under this quarter. Though, bear in mind that the trine from the Moon to Saturn can help grow this energy up.
The shadow of Leo can be an attention whore. If Leo feels like she is being denied the appropriate amount of attention from her audience, she will begin to over-act in an effort to get their attention. And in this instance, it doesn't matter if that attention is good or bad. The shadow also has a tendency to only bear witness to one point of view...her own and her main objective can quickly become “Look at me! And, how fabulous I am!”

Let me see if I can give you an example. I was working on something the other day and there was a person who “needed” my attention (or someone's attention, anyway---I just happened to be present, I think). As I'm trying to focus on my work, this person keeps making noises. Knocking on the chair they were sitting in. Squeaking with their mouth or making funny vocal noises. Snapping their fingers...simply anything they could think of to create a minor annoyance that might draw my attention to them. Now. Let me tell ya something. When I'm engrossed in something, I get a little irate when someone tries to distract me. So, I begin getting agitated as I'm continually trying to ignore the person's efforts to get my attention. I thought, “Maybe if I ignore her, she'll just stop because it isn't working.” Um...not so much. When the shadow of Leo is in play, ignoring her will only make her try something else. Something more unavoidable and undeniable until the spotlight is fixed dead center on her. In this, I thought the best idea would just be to get up and move to a place where I could be alone with my work. I picked up my stuff and moved to another room...and shut the door. Well. It wasn't long until the person displaying the shadow side of Leo was at said door knocking, scraping her fingers across the wood and randomly whistling. In-fucking-furiating is what that is. This chic was about to get much more attention than she bargained for if she didn't stop.

The shadow of Leo operates this way basically because she is not secure in her own worth. She needs outside validation that she is important because she doesn't have that validation within herself. “Petting” or “stroking” of her ego gives her temporary relief and re-assurance that, “Yes, you are seen and you are a valid presence.” Of course, you cannot make someone validate their own presence. You can tell them all day long that they are “seen” and “appreciated” but until they foster that belief within themselves, the fix will only be temporary and they will only be back for more “ego petting.”
Now, let's bring this to a level you can deal with on your own. Today we are being tasked to stand gently in self-assurance while also fostering an ability to appreciate someone else who may be completely different from ourselves. The more certain you are of your own worth and the more appreciative you are of your own individuality, the more accepting you are able to be of someone else's worth and individuality. But, the longer you struggle to obtain validation for all of this from the outside world, the more of a pain in the ass you become. Sorry, the world doesn't revolve around you (or your agenda). Or me. But, that fact doesn't debase our right to be here and be who we are.

Are you able to find satisfaction within yourself to a degree that you can also find appreciation for someone who also stands firmly in who they are? Or do you need to throw negativity on the other person's efforts of self-expression in an effort to make yourself look/feel better? When someone else's light seems to be shining brilliantly, do you see that as a threat to your luminosity? Or can you comfortably stand by just beaming your inner glow in tandem? Do you need validation from the outside world to tell you are on the right track and of importance in this world? Or can you foster that all by your big grown up self? It's likely we may get a gut check in that area somewhere during the course of this day. Rise above this potential spotlight tug-of-war by fostering a bit of maturity and reaching for a solid sense of self-worth. Realize you are one piece of the collective with no less importance than the person standing next to you (Aquarius) while employing depth of true character with consciousness about your own “shadow” (Scorpio) in an effort to balance out this fixed and potentially stubborn tension. If you happen to run across an attention whore or drama queen, have sympathy for this person because they know not how beautifully they shine. They've not a clue. I'd not spend much time petting the lions though. This is something the attention starved person will have to fix on their own. Model what standing in your own self-worth worth looks like, instead, while refraining from punching them straight in the face for their spotlight grabbing (and often annoying) displays...or try, at least?  

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Morning Star: Daily Astrology for Friday, April 24, 2015

I feel like today has the potential to be pretty harsh. We wake up to the Moon in Cancer in a heavy opposition to Pluto Rx in Capricorn (5:22 AM). It's as if a dark veil shrouds the sunrise..and that could play out metaphorically or literally depending on what the weather is like in your neck of the woods. Either way, few are going to wake up “sunny.” On the negative side of this, we could wake up with grief, remorse and regret. We could feel as if we have no control over the circumstances of our lives and be clawing desperately to regain it through various measures.

By late morning (9:01 AM), though, we find the motivation to get up and trudge through our day with a nice supportive sextile from the Moon to Mars in Taurus. We slowly begin to put one foot in front of the other. Then, at about the same time (2 minutes later, as a matter of fact) our cow selves are poked by a metaphorical cattle prod as the Moon finds Uranus by square. If you weren't motivated to move a few minutes ago, you surely are now! WAPOW! GO CATTLE GO!

Now, let's think about this. We wake up in a sour mood for one reason or another. We may not even want to get out of bed and greet this day. But, we do. And, as soon as we do, something happens and catalyzes us emotionally and potentially physically. Lightening strikes and we end up running in whatever direction we are pointed in at the time. Might be a good idea to make sure you are pointed in a direction you want to go. And, it might be a good idea to absorb the Uranian shocks and settle yourself before you even contemplate trying to move to begin with. Stuff like this agitates cows, to say the least. Frankly, I don't know anyone that ENJOYS being poked with an electric stick bovine or not. Energy like this could start a veritable stampede. I don't know about you, but I plan on side-stepping any such action. GET THE HECK OUT OF THE WAY BEFORE YOU GET TRAMPLED BY THIS DESTRUCTIVE FORCE!

It isn't until our evening hours that we get to really think about what has occurred and have a chance to assess our personal hurts over what has happened. At 1:05 PM, the Moon is settled by a sturdy sextile to Mercury in Taurus. Then, the Moon moves into trine with Chiron (1:52 PM) and enters Void status. Mercury finds Chiron by sextile after the Moon is Void (6:37 PM). The emotional body comes to a numb standstill as we inspect the potential damage. Venus also finds Pluto by inconjunct at 9:51 PM. Hearts may be sinking a little bit. Our butterfly hearts could have gotten severely trampled by events that occurred earlier in the day. Or, we could become overly transfixed upon desire while never truly realizing how obsessed we are.
I'm just going to tell you outright, I don't like the looks of the sky for this Friday. Oh, I'm sure I could sprinkle some sugar on it for you and tell you that we'll all come through it just fine. But, that just isn't my honest response to what I see. Today is very likely to be tough, emotional and potentially shocking. We've traversed PLENTY of Cardinal Moons in harsh aspect to Uranus and Pluto during days when the orb was MUCH tighter than it is today. But, this one looks like one of those “perfect storm” set-ups to me. I'm getting hits about it “all coming out in the wash” under this sky. Plus, the water coming out of that laundry is turbid, murky and dank. There is an expulsion of ugly that has the potential to occur. Poisons are drawn to the surface and what is exposed could be rather off-putting. I really want to be wrong. And, if we traverse this day without any ugly, I'll celebrate my errors with you. But, from this perspective, I don't like the looks of it at all.

Tomorrow offers a little relief with the Moon entering Leo and meeting up with a grounding trine from Saturn in Sagittarius. However, the Bull and the Lion are pitted against one another under the tension of our First Quarter Moon that is pumped full of Jupiter. Hold your rudder true under this sky and don't let circumstance to catalyze you into erratic action that you are likely soon to regret. Aim for rock steady holding yourself on center as the waves pound against you. Decide how to move forward after the storm wanes a bit..but make sure you are sheltered safely in the process. Step out of the way of rushing bulls and wait this one out if you can.

Morning Star: Daily Astrology for Thursday, April 23, 2015

This morning we wake up to the Moon in Cancer. She passed into the sign overnight, just after midnight ending yesterdays long VOC session. At 5:50 AM, the Moon is in a nice sextile with the Sun in Taurus. This is not the morning to skip breakfast. The Moon is building. We need to be filling our bodies with energizing foods that serve as solid building blocks. Mars and Pluto are now separated in their waning trine by 2 degrees. Soon our source of renewable energy will subside. In the meantime, we need to support our bodies with what is needed.

Between 6 AM and about noon, the Sun and Moon both form an inconjunct with Saturn Rx in Sagittarius. As for the Yod, Saturn Rx sits at the apex and is fed by the sextile between the Sun and the Moon. What is being tickled here is our desire to act upon our value system, our ability to self-nurture and nurture others and our ability to be self-regulated. Saturn Rx in Sagittarius should be used as a compass toward our futures here. What are you trying to accomplish (Saturn in Sag)? Does your value system support it (Sun in Taurus)? How will your actions affect others (Cancer Moon)? What is your intuition telling you (Cancer Moon)? That last statement is going to gain in importance as the day moves forward. Much of what happens today is going to be about intuition and feeling. This period of the day, while the Yod is in force, tests how we react to how we feel. Can you hold yourself on center in the midst of a rainstorm? Or, are you going to be one of those folks who takes advantage in a disaster, for example. There is not going to be anyone around to point you in the right direction or dictate your next move to you for this. The decisions you make and their potential consequences are all yours.
The Sun will hold his inconjunct with Saturn for the duration of the day and it will stay in orb for the next few. Knowing your goals will be important. Truthfulness both with yourself and others will be important. Acceptance of the truth is equally important.

Just for fun, let's check out the Sabian Symbol for Saturn's current position. Sagittarius 4: Watched by happy parents, a child takes his first steps. Life's kindliness in creating safe opportunities for growth. Full appreciation of opportunity. Crisis in self-development.
So, let's imagine that scene. Two parents smile down at their small child as he takes his first steps with trepidation. This is a time of pride for the parents. But, if the child falls, they are not going to be angry. They will be there, however, to console him and encourage him to try again. The Sabian indicates that even though the parents are not holding the child's hands while he tries to step forward for the first time, he is still being watched over and protected while also being supported in his efforts. In today's Astrology, our parents are represented by our Sun and Moon placements—which are the luminaries said to represent part of how we formed our personal archetype for Mother and Father to begin with. Now, we are tasked with overlaying those roles onto our own lives and using that gentle guiding energy to support us as we move forward toward our goals. In that, we may stumble in our efforts. But, we are to be good parents to ourselves and be supportive of our own continual efforts to get it right. How we aim to “get it right” draws from our personal value systems, how we feel and, in general, what we need; how we supply ourselves with what we need AND how we act when we may not get exactly what we want. Conversely, all that feeds the way in which we decide to engage in our future and how we decide to move forward with building it. We may assess past mistakes (or missteps) and in that, we are called to be a good parent to ourselves while also maintaining the optimism and enthusiasm of a child who is willing to give it another go.

After the Moon's leg of the Yod wanes, she meets Neptune by trine at 5:24 PM. The intuitive and emotional bodies are very active by this point. The imagination is also kicking. Be sure not to let your imagination run over into paranoia with Mercury still in orb of Pluto. Don't be surprised if tears accompany this. This aspect is very sensitive and dreamy. However, it is not harsh. To be honest, it reminds me a little of what it feels like sometimes when my hormone levels are really high. Sometimes, I will cry over what later seems like a silly thing...a TV commercial or a Hallmark card, for example. At those times, tears don't come because I'm sad, necessarily...but more so because I am feeling everything so acutely. Overwhelming feelings of love can produce tears. So can anger. So can happiness and joy. Either way, continue being a good parent to yourself and be alert to what you are exposing yourself too. If you want to feel good, for heaven's sake, don't turn on the news. You know? If you want to be depressed, well, CNBC and FOX News run all day giving you that opportunity. I'd advise pulling yourself away from all that under this trine. Give yourself some space to accommodate your emotions. Do what makes you feel better, not worse. Take a nap. Get some alone time. Pray. Meditate. Relax with a glass of wine after dinner. Soothe your emotional body with music. Soak in a luxurious bath and pamper yourself a bit. You deserve this.

Tomorrow is pressurized with the Moon bouncing off Uranus and Pluto by harsh aspect in the early morning. Be sure to gift yourself with plenty of rest. There is really a reason why parents give kids a bedtime. Without proper rest, children are grumpy and less focused. You do not want to enter Friday like that.  

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Morning Star: Daily Astrology for Wednesday, April 22, 2015

This morning we wake up to a Void Moon in Gemini leaving a sextile with Uranus in Aries (1:39 AM). However, while the Moon is Void, the mental body is freaking busy. Mercury meets Pluto by trine this morning at 9:25 AM. Did you sleep at all last night? Or did your brain keep you awake exploring the answers to all the world's problems, including your own?

Personally, I like Mercury/Pluto. But, it's just like anything else. It has it's downsides. First, Mercury in Taurus is fixed. Mercury in Taurus in trine to Pluto in Capricorn is solid stone statue with roots 10 feet in the ground or more. Whatever the mentality is under this trine, it's not likely to change. The brain latches on to thoughts like a starving leech refusing to let go. Obsessive thoughts and paranoia can be thing. The mental loop loops and loops and loops on a continual magnetic track. That's the downside, folks. We could get so stuck on something that we end up missing the big picture. And, you talk about stubborn...yeah, don't be thinking you can change someone's opinion on anything because it's not likely to happen today. Minds are a solid steel vault...sealed 40 feet under ground.

The upswing of this energy is a deeply penetrating ability to focus and dig out answers to long awaiting questions. Mental excavation meets physical ambition...literally, as Mercury meets Mars by conjunction at 7:04 PM. This is pure power when wrangled appropriately. I have a feeling this is going to be easier since we are not really emotionally engaged under this sky. There is also another aspect that helps to brighten up some of this deep primordial stuff too.
At 2:41, Venus in Gemini meets Jupiter in Leo by sextile. Our hearts open up and flirting becomes cute and maybe even a little childlike. I see teasing occurring here. Now, I've nothing against a little light chiding and kidding around. But, don't let this go overboard because on the other side of the sky there is quite a bit of darkness. Tickle the wrong button and you could end up with a cow horn shoved up your patootie or earn yourself a nice new stalker. But, you were just joking, right? Riiiiiiiiiiiight! Lol!

Our Moon remains Void the entire day. She doesn't enter Cancer until after midnight tonight. This allows us to detach from emotional situations and really get down to business. Minds are busy while thoughts and words are penetrating. Folks will be seriously wrapped up in their own junk but ready to wriggle free of that a little once Venus meets Jupiter. The key here is to work hard so that you can play harder. Don't allow yourself to get trapped in a paranoid obsessive thought loop. Instead, use the penetrating force coming from Mercury/Pluto to dig deep for answers while refraining from forcing those answers on anyone else because a lot of minds will not be budging. There is a chance for arguments (and headaches and, potentially, accidents especially if you are distracted or trying to move too quickly) under Mercury conjunct Mars. With both of those bodies within orb of Pluto, some participants in that argument could go for the jugular and MEAN IT. So, don't go around stirring up hornets nests even if Venus in sextile to Jupiter wants to have fun. Treating a thousand bee stings is not fun and I would hope most of us have better things to do.

Morning Star: Daily Astrology for Tuesday, April 21, 2015

It's another busy (and fickle) Astrological day today. This morning we wake up to the Moon in Gemini leaving an opposition with Saturn (2:01 AM). I don't know about you, but I'm glad I slept through most of that. It can seriously be a drag. Now, the Moon is waxing toward a square with Neptune (11:11 AM). Waking up is a slow exercise. It may take a few extra cups of coffee to get our mental gears turning in the right direction.

By 3:54 PM, the Moon is conjunct Venus in Gemini. This is light, relaxed and potentially flirty. Venus in Gemini is the biggest flirt in the Universe. I enjoy that part of this placement. Venus is much happier now that she is moving out of reach of both Saturn and Neptune. She was in a fairly sad state when trapped between those two. But, now, she flits around on the breeze in between rainstorms. There also isn't much ambition wrapped up in any of this morning's aspects. We are relaxed if not a little emotional this morning. By mid-day, we are more prone to light conversation and chatter (perhaps flirty or gossipy inclined) with our co-workers and friends than putting our noses to the grindstone. Although there is a serious “nose to the grindstone” supportive aspect waxing in tonight. Mars in Taurus meets Pluto in Capricorn by trine at 5:30 PM.

Some have been feeding from and riding on this energy in the previous days as this aspect has been waxing in. This is sturdy grit and endurance placed behind our ability to plow through the work ahead of us. It's powerful and, at it's worst, is power hungry, lusty and perhaps, even, bloodthirsty. But, steered in the right direction, this aspect can be a force of indestructibility readily renewing its fuel and continually pushing forward. I like it. If you need to accomplish something and you can get your emotional body on board (because emotionally we may not be geared toward accomplishing much today), then you can veritably move mountains.

This is also a great afternoon to really push or step up your exercise routine. There is a good chance that physical exertion makes us feel good about ourselves as the Moon waxes into Jupiter by sextile at 5:45. Dig deep. Feel the burn. LOL, I used to be an exercise instructor. I never used those phrases. However, I did used to say, “DON'T FORGET TO BREATHE!” and “Think about all the Oreo's we can eat after this!” But, anyway.
This morning starts soggy but gradually begins to dry up. Then, by this afternoon, we are taking care of business and checking long awaited “to do” items off our lists; perhaps, burning off some of that cheesecake we had this weekend; and maybe, just maybe, even feeling a bit amorous. Casual flirts exchanged this morning could lead to more serious stuff tonight. that in mind if you are flirting and make sure you mean it. Cause it just might work a little too well. Grin. Wink. Wink.

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Morning Star: Daily Astrology for Monday, April 20, 2015

This morning we wake up to the Sun entering Taurus (5:42 AM). It is now time to officially re-connect with the Earth. Get outside and enjoy the bounty of Spring. Touch the dirt. Smell the fresh air. Allow the Sun to touch your skin. Realize we are of the Earth. Even if we may not like the way some folks act here and even if we feel disconnected from some of the global mentalities, we are all of this Earth... even the outliers who question whether they were dropped off by aliens (ahem, I'm looking at you Uranian). We came from the elements of this Earth (fire, water, earth, air) and one day our physical bodies will return to it. So, if you are truly feeling disconnected, try getting out and touching something real and alive. I'll give you a hint, you won't find it through your keyboard or technical device. This may require unplugging and disconnecting with cyber space for a bit.

Of course, there is some airy energy in our sky today as the Moon enters Gemini at 7:29 AM joining Venus in the sign. Oh, alright, you can take your mobile devices with you and take pictures of the nature scenes to share on Facebook. But, still...get out there, ok? Or, better yet, take a friend or two with you on a nature walk. Take some selfies in front of a gurgling stream or something. LOL, sorry, I have Saturn in Gemini and sometimes have a tendency to rain on the signs' parade.

Today is really not forceful. That is out of character for a Monday; I'm a little skeptical. Sure, folks could be stubborn as we have a stellium in Taurus. But, our hearts and emotional bodies are flexible for the moment. Some may be feeling the waning square from Venus to Neptune today which could feel like our hearts are still a bit confused and uncertain. Plus, the Moon is now waxing into square with Neptune (11:11 AM tomorrow) and opposition with Saturn (2:01 AM tonight) bringing some potential harshness and fog to our emotional bodies. Guess what helps with that? Grounding. Pulling ourselves out of the water and fog and onto dry fertile land. Get outside. If it's raining (which is a possibility) or the weather is not conducive to outdoor activities, open up the windows in your home and let some of the scents of Spring waft in...that helps too. Plus, there is certainly nothing wrong with dancing in the rain.

Morning Star: Daily Astrology for Sunday, April 19, 2015

Today certainly looks like a day of Neptune to me. This morning we wake up to both Mercury and Venus making contact with the God of the Seas. Mercury in Taurus met Neptune by sextile overnight (3:13 AM). Venus met with him by square at 6:30 AM. The Moon follows Mercury's lead and meets Neptune by sextile at 8:23 AM just prior to making a conjunction with Mercury at 9:13 AM. Yep. Definitely looks like a day of Neptune to me. What that means is this morning is not likely to be very ambitious. I'm thinking it's possible that a lot of folks may have been fairly busy yesterday and today waxes in with an opportunity to unwind a bit before we put our heads down and enter another work week. At least that is the feeling I'm getting from our early morning hours. This dynamic could change a bit by this afternoon.

At 2:33 PM the Moon meets Jupiter by square. This is fairly buoyant after our bogged down morning. And, from here, the atmosphere becomes a bit more energized. The Moon meets Mars by conjunction at 4:40 PM and Pluto by trine at 7:08 PM. After the trine with Pluto, the Moon is Void until entering Gemini tomorrow at 7:29 AM. The negative end of this evening's lunar movements could have us over-reacting to an emotional situation (Jupiter) and subsequently engaging in a battle to the death over it (Moon/Mars/Pluto). The positive end lifts us up out of numbness with laughter (Jupiter) and provides us with the endurance to push through whatever is in front of us (Moon/Mars/Pluto).

Mars' waxing trine to Pluto is increasing in intensity. This aspect perfects on Tuesday imbibing us with tremendous physical energy that is best put to good use. Much can be accomplished with this energy and, it has a tendency to readily replenish itself. So if you have a big job to do, now is the time to plow through it. Follow through and personal control of your inner beast is key here. You want to take conscious direction of this energy instead of allowing it to build up and run amok. Exercise becomes important. On top of that, there could be some really horny bulls out there ready to begin breeding season. Mars to Pluto reminds me of “the rut” that comes in the animal kingdom after they've been twitterpated by spring. That says to me that it is also good time to spread fertilizer on whatever it is you are planning to grow. This can be literally applicable in terms of gardening. Or, it can be metaphorical in that you enrich the ground upon which you planted your New Moon intentions. Regardless, fertility is a thing as well as potency.

In the morning, the Sun enters Taurus and the energy of Aries Season comes to a close. I would suggest you bear in mind the importance of dessert. I'm already prepared having made two cherry cheesecakes last night. In fact, this is the time of year when we should be beefing up a bit. I would aim toward beefing up with lean protein while leaving room to indulge in a treat or two and refrain from just filling up on empty calories.
These are the days of a building Moon. In that, we want to put solid blocks of energy into our body. Protein. Fresh vegetables. Personally, I'll be sacrificing a cow (Mars/Pluto) during these days. My family and I have decided that it is ludicrous to buy beef at a major chain store when there is beef wandering around in local fields that have not been exposed to the garbage that commercial beef is exposed to. Over the winter, my father shared some of the beef he harvested in the fall and I was literally in shock at the difference in taste and quality. The protein from farm raised beef was more sustaining. We ate less. There was also very little fat. And, for some reason, it seemed our bodies digested the meat much more easily. Not only that, but the farm grown beef is much more inexpensive than store brands. I've met and talked to the gentleman that will actually slaughter the cow and prepare it for us to eat. I've toured his facility and am more than satisfied with what I learned. Next, I will go to the fields where the cow is living out his last days and meet him. I guess because I'm weird like that. But, to me, it's important to thank the animal. You don't get that opportunity when you purchase meat from the store. At any rate, actions such as these also fit under Mars/Pluto. You are DEFINITELY what you eat. I would rather not grow into a chemical factory. I'm telling you, there is an obvious difference. I don't even LIKE eating meat. You know? But, unfortunately, my body is prone to anemia so its something I've had to get over. Keeping the process more natural has helped me to deal with it.
At any rate, we kiss Aries season goodbye today. And, that kiss could turn into a lingering one that leads to some bow chica mow-wow. Lazing around in the lingering fog this morning indulging in a bit of rest followed by a hearty meal tonight that fills and replenishes our bodies and, then, subsequently indulging in some physical pleasure fits nicely. Oh, and don't forget to leave room for dessert.

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Morning Star: Daily Astrology for Saturday, April 18, 2015

Today the Aries Moon passes by the Aries Sun creating our New Moon (2:58 PM) along her way. After she meets with the Sun, the Moon is Void until entering Taurus at 5:32 PM. Our New Moon is basically aspect free save an out of sign trine with Pallas newly in Capricorn. The Moon will perfect in this trine to Pallas as she passes into Taurus.

Soon, Aries Season will come to a close. Spring has sprung in most of the Northern Hemisphere and folks are ready to leave the dreary days of winter behind them. Collectively, we are ready to begin anew, too, almost as if following Mother Nature's lead. The whole set up reminds me of a Beltane ritual.
During Beltane, which is actually celebrated around May 1, folks build large bonfires. Then, they run cattle between the bonfires as they officially enter the fields for the year. The smoke is said to bless the animals, protecting them from disease and harm, subsequently providing healthy sustenance to the villagers at harvest. It's as if the Moon repeats this ritual passing from the smoldering embers of Aries and into the fields of Taurus shortly after the New Moon.

The Sun doesn't cross over into Taurus until the morning of the 20th. But, he is well on his way.
Today is a day for making a final decision about where it is you would like to go. The waxing trine from the New Moon to Pallas can help you put all the logistics together and come up with a workable strategy. Mercury in waxing sextile to Neptune in Pisces can help us to stretch our imaginations around where it is we are dreaming of going. However, Venus is also waxing into square with Neptune, so some of the inklings about what we want could be shifty or overly idealized. Or, we could want so many things that we don't know where to start. And, that's ok. You don't have to lay out your personal stairway to heaven all in one day. All we have to do is decide and subsequently discern the first step. Just. The. First. Step.

The energy coming from Aries this morning could have us beginning our morning actively and ambitiously. However, a call to slow down and set a workable pace comes shortly after as the Moon joins Mercury and Mars already in Taurus. We are looking at an entirely new Lunar year. Twelve months of Moons. There is no need to rush. Taurean energy will surely remind us of this.
For example, I'm very anxious to start planting in my garden. Oh I've already planted my early stuff...peas and onions. But, I'm ready to put it ALL in the ground. However, I know that planting under a plethora of fire energy probably isn't a good idea even if it is New Moon. So, instead, I will be burning a bit of leftover winter debris on top of my planting space in an effort to imbibe the soil with extra nutrients before I plant on April 23rd when the Moon is in fertile Cancer and the Sun is in Earthy Taurus. This will be followed by plenty of watering to leech the carbon into the soil and then, one final plow under before the seeds go into the ground. These are my official “first steps” and it would behoove me not to skip them and opt to rush in, instead. I would also encourage you not to skip over the first precious steps of any intent you may have because you feel all heated up by the final rush of Aries season. First steps are the foundation upon which you will build the rest of the staircase. The more sturdy your foundation, the higher you will be able to climb. Direct your attention to where you the beginning, while dreaming about the possibilities and potential ahead of you. Pace yourself. Take your time. Begin slow and diligent leaving a solid footprint behind you as you take your first step. Then, once you are standing on it, look around. Enjoy the scenery. Get comfortable as you discern step number 2. Relax into the process. Hurry up and slow down. Mars is waxing into trine with Pluto (April 21), so we have endurance and can move some serious ground to prepare to build that foundation. But, he is closer to a square with Jupiter (April 19) right now which could prompt us to skip some of these foundational efforts. Don't. Skip. A. Single. Step. Today is just the beginning. Pace yourself for the entire journey but focus only on that very first, very critical first step today.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Morning Star: Daily Astrology for Friday, April 17, 2015

The Moon is definitely awake and active today. This morning we wake up to the Moon in Aries waxing out of a sextile with Venus in Gemini (3:40 AM). Our poor butterfly Venus has had a serious go of it lately, fighting with Saturn and swallowed by the ethereal ache of Neptune. The Moon reaches out to her in support that she can wrap herself in like fresh dried still warm towel as she steps out of the murky waters.
In the early afternoon, the Aries Moon finds Jupiter by trine (1:31 PM). A bit of self-confidence could be restored here. There is a boost to our emotional bodies. If you've felt like you've had the air squashed out of your metaphorical balloon lately, it may begin to fill again under this aspect. There is buoyancy to be had here. Uplifting.

We've not crossed out of the darkness of the waning Moon just yet, though. Intensity creeps back in to our emotional spheres as the Moon passes the South Node and over Sun's placement during our Libra Full Moon eclipse. Who are you? Deep inside, under the mask you show to the world, what lies within your soul? Mars is prompting us to act on what it is we see in our deep inward peering. That push reaches climax at 8:29 PM as Mars in Taurus perfects in square to Jupiter in Leo. Easy now. Don't allow this aspect to cause you to overreact or take on more of a load than you can handle. Gentle. Diligent. Gift your future self with sturdy, deliberate steps toward the light while maintaining faith in both yourself and the Universe.
A mere 8 minutes after the Mars/Jupiter square perfects, the Moon is catalyzed through a conjunction with Uranus in Aries (8:37 PM). This can be the cattle prod that threatens to spur Mars into being impulsive. Our nerves are twitchy and anxious. If I've learned anything about Uranus, it is that the energy from this planet comes on strong. I want to react to it. I want to take off running as soon as that electric like energy permeates my nervous system. But, I've learned to bring it to ground. Breathe. Ground and allow those lightening bolts to fall under my command hurling them deliberately instead of haphazardly. Pausing to allow the initial burst of adrenaline from Uranus to become settled and calm is hard. It can be frustrating. Not once have I regretted it.

The combination of Jupiter, Pluto, Uranus, Mars and the Moon could feel very much like the beginnings of being brought back to life. Our earliest most primal energies are tweaked. Remember we are preparing to begin again. We will need to incorporate and draw upon the lunar (emotional) maturity we've garnered over the previous lunar year and prepare to walk with that knowledge into a brand new cycle. We are not striving to become the person we were. We are striving to become the person we want to be in our future. So honestly assess past steps and acknowledge where it would be best to step in a different direction in the future. Hold yourself at bay under the catalyzing nature of Uranus. Move around to discharge any excess brought by Mars/Jupiter. Dance furiously to your speeding heartbeat. Then, when you have well exhausted yourself, peer deeply into the future and discern where your first step into your future should be placed. You don't have to see the whole path. You only have to figure out one step at a time. Just one. Bit by bit. Chunk by chunk. Yet, we are only pontificating and discerning that first step...planning and preparing for it. Though the energy from the sky today may prompt some to jump the gun, blow circumstances out of proportion and respond wildly and erratically. Shhh...wait it out. I know it's hard to stand still and no one said you had to do that. Dance more if you have to.

Our Aries New Moon blossoms at midday tomorrow at 28 degrees and 25 minutes of Aries safely away from other energetic sources in the sky. This is all you, isolated and discerning of where it is you wish to go. All. You. Pure. Singular. Alone on the battlefield of life preparing to pick up the spoils and move on. The sabian for our New Moon says, “A celestial choir has arisen to sing cosmic harmonies. Atonement of consciousness with cosmic powers. Harmonic understanding of faith in the order and meaning of life.” It reminds me of a scene in the movie City of Angels. At dawn all the angels gather at the ocean to “hear” the sunrise. That melody waxes into our sphere under the New Moon but you will have to be very still and quiet to hear it. It's more melodic and energizing than the chittering of morning birdsong. Be still and know that promise resides within you.

Morning Star: Daily Astrology for April 16, 2015

The heartbeat of the world slowed a bit under the long Void Pisces Moon that still lingers in our morning. There was a moment that felt like the collective took a deep breath, exhaled and then fell backward into the abyss. As I felt this, I was driving from my suburban type neighborhood and into the rural countryside. It's been a hard week, for my family and I. I felt off center and scattered. In times like those, I head for the woods and hills. There is something about the silence and gentle strength of a forest that replenishes me and reminds me of what is important. On my way out of town, I was shaky. I had not cried, yet. I had been too busy dealing with the aftershocks of circumstance. My emotional body was turbulent and swampy. I could feel my insides churn as my eyes threatened to well up. I was waiting, though, to get to the safe shelter of the trees before allowing the tears to stream down my face.
Very often, the Universe talks to me through music. As I crossed out of the town limits, I looked out through the windshield at the darkening sky and whispered a short prayer, “Tell me what I need to know.” My car radio fell silent for a few seconds shortly after and then...

Receiving that message was like a quenching cool drink of water. The seas inside my soul calmed a bit. The tears came gently instead of flooding. A gentle rain pittered on my vehicle echoing the tempo of the salty tears falling down my cheeks. For the first time within this internal storm, my chest loosened enough so that I could breathe. And breathe, I did, deeply, deliberately, pulling in fresh air and pushing out stale air as my lips moved silently to the lyrics, “Love is all around you. Love is knocking outside your door.”
This morning the veil of the Void Moon in Pisces lingers begging us to release, let go, surrender, forgive and accept. The days of the dark moon leave us without outward illumination save the twinkling stars. It is within those darkest of nights that our inner illumination shines the most a candle burning in our souls that we are to follow instead of relying on guidance from the light reflected by the Moon.

At 5:01 PM the Moon enters Aries and releases her Void status. Something in side us begins to tingle and stir. The water begins to dry up and ground emerges under our feet as the Moon meets Saturn by trine (11:31 PM). Stand firmly on this feeling of groundedness as you strive to recenter and prepare to engage in beginning again.
Meanwhile, Pluto grinds to a halt and begins retracing his steps at 9:19 PM at 15 degrees 33 minutes of Capricorn. With both Pluto and Saturn Rx, it's time to examine the inner structure, the foundation of our lives. What have we built? What needs to be reinforced? Where do we need to smooth edges and miter corners? With Jupiter direct, we are called to do this in the best interest of our future selves while employing the lessons we have learned from Jupiter in Leo thus far. These lessons have been introduced, reviewed and tested. Now, it is the time for employment of those lessons while bearing in mind the picture of the person you wish to grow into.

The sabian for 15 Capricorn (where Pluto is now headed via retrograde), “In a hospital, a children's ward filled with playthings. The goodness of life in the tragic trials of first attempts at self-regeneration.” There are times when life is so poignantly bittersweet.
We may begin to review ecliptic events in our rearview assessing the damage this erratic energy left behind in its aftermath. The Moon will pass over both of our recent ecliptic points before she reaches the Sun again. Echoes. Emotional incorporation followed by a joining of our luminaries that heralds the break of dawn that brings a chance to stand back up with a fresh perspective and new eyes in an effort to begin again.

Today is quiet and introspective. I encourage you to listen very closely to your heartbeat; breathe deliberately and deeply; allow toxic emotions to be released through tears and subsequently replace those purged waters with clear, clean water. Reach for ground, solidness, truth with the willingness of acceptance. One final sweep. Inhale. Exhale. Release and stop fighting the waves. Let them carry you while trusting that everything is unfolding as it should. Fall backward into the embrace of the Universe while knowing, love will find a way. Nurture your inner flame and fear not the darkness that lingers in the moonless night. Light your own path with your flickering embers. Acknowledge where you shine and where you have been blessed. Acknowledge the shine you find in others. Prepare to begin again.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Morning Star: Daily Astrology for April 15, 2015

This morning we wake up (?) to the Moon in Pisces conjunct Neptune (6:53 AM). Sloshy. The fog burns off, though, as the Moon meets with Mars in Taurus by sextile at (10:10 AM). This aspect provides ambition to our emotional body and allows us to become emotionally engaged in our assertions. Mars in Taurus is also waxing into trine with Pluto (April 21). Our strength is building. Mars' square to Jupiter is also gaining in intensity, pumping us with confidence in our anticipated actions while prompting us to be realistic about what we can achieve. However, with Mars waxing in to trine with Pluto at the same time, we really may be able to move mountains.

By 5:37 PM, the Moon is in a fortifying sextile with Pluto. This brings solid support to our swimming Moon allowing us to go deeply into any emotional situation while subsequently being able to survive the intensity. From here, the Moon is Void until entering Aries tomorrow at 5:01 PM. Finally, an emotional break that I'm sure many will be more than ready for.
Today we are still sweeping the door sills clean and tilling under the soil in preparation for the New Moon. One lunar year is waxing out while a brand new one is knocking to come in. So, as we sweep out our homes we should also work to sweep and clear out our emotional body. Let go of remorse and regret while allowing the sextile to an active Mars to support us in moving forward. Mars' actions in Taurus leave a deep footprint. So, tread deliberately and carefully, diligently and slowly, chunking out projects bit by manageable bit until the slate is clean.

Tomorrow morning is fairly inert without the Moon engaged. We can continue our cleanup efforts but actions are more mechanical than emotional. After the Moon enters Aries, though, our emotional body fires its engines back up and we really begin the call to get ready to drive forward. Prepare to pace yourself. This is not a quick trip. The Sun will traverse the entire zodiac and the Moon will travel around the same 12 times before we finish this race. Break large goals down into steps and recognize how this New Lunar Year works within your own lunar cycle. Then, prepare to begin again.