Morning Star: Daily Astrology for Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Beware the Ides of March...and the 11th is pretty tricky too. In my world, there has been an obvious shift in the atmosphere. You can tell that Winter is ending and Spring is beckoning. Persephone has been released from the Underworld. Soon, the Earth will rejoice with new births and tender greens. But, today, Mother Earth is a bit hormonal, pregnant, swollen and grouchy. Or at least, that is how she feels to me. Even though Winter into Spring is a much anticipated and joyous transition, it is still a transition. In that, collectively, we adjust. The Earth warms out her dark slumber. As daylight hours expand, moonlit hours contract. It is a time between times. Many eggs are still incubating. But, today, some will burst through their shell.

This morning we wake up to the Moon in Scorpio. Overnight, she made a pleasant trine with the Sun in Pisces. However, by Noon today, Mars is conjunct Uranus in Aries. Sleep is far behind us as we are fully engaged in the activities of the day. Mobile. Active. Animated. Perhaps a little shaky even if it is only due to the shifts in the atmosphere. Change is change. People respond to it in different ways.

There is a very high chance for some folks to really be on edge. Many are responding to not only change in the atmosphere in general, but also change in their personal lives. As above, so below and we are shifting internally as the atmosphere shifts.

Under a Scorpio Moon, the collective is imbibed with an ability to be very intuitive. Use your body and your emotions as gauges. If a situation doesn't feel right, remove yourself from it. You don't have to have a logical explanation for it. While this energy is great for pioneering new paths in your ever evolving and changing life, some will respond to it erratically and impulsively. Don't be sucked into their self-implosion. There may be a few of those today too. Use your temporary Scorpio powers as an alert system to these potential dangers.

To deal with the potential jitters that can come from Mars/Uranus energy, physically move around, cut down on artificial and chemical stimulants (sugar too), drink more water, REACH for the grounding provided by the waxing conjunction from the Moon to Saturn (perfects at 4:49 AM on the 12th). Know that if you normally suffer from anxieties, they may be kicking today. So, put your most effective coping mechanisms in place.

At 3:47 PM, the Moon squares off with Mercury in Aquarius. News of more change may be met with resistant ears. From here, the Moon is Void just prior to Mars meeting Pluto by square at 6:36 PM. But, don't think we've escaped that energy. It's been waxing for some time and will still be in force when the Moon becomes active again at 7:31 PM upon entering Sagittarius.

Mars in aspect to Pluto is no light matter. Misdirected it can create bloodthirsty ruthlessness, power lust and vile violent acts. Channeled appropriately and maturely, though, and you end up with an indestructible force that is filled with renewable energy. It's the difference between channeling Darth Vader and Bruce Lee. Have you noticed that every good villain has been wounded in some way? So has every good superhero. Spiderman was bit by a spider and his uncle was killed. Luke Skywalker was abandoned by his father and probably teased as a child for his silly haircut and crush on his own sister. Batman saw his parents murdered. See? It's their attitude about their pain that dictates whether they choose the way of the Jedi or the dark side. Sci-fi philosophy 101.

We each have similar choices. Unfortunately, joining the darkside is VERY tempting today. The Devil has all his best temptations in play out there. He's promising hoards of virgins, money, power, fame, recognition. Don't listen to him, sweet pea. There are always strings attached. He always expects a payback in some way. Your first born child. Your immortal soul. The limbs of your dead loved ones. There is ALWAYS something.

Thankfully the Moon in Sagittarius does help. This brings us an emotional concern for our future and will make some folks respond to this energy with humor---which is a good thing. If you can laugh at a situation it becomes less threatening and volatile. However, I don't encourage you to taunt the evil villains. Laugh behind their backs if you want. But, they are likely to be too wrapped up in executing their evil plans to be in the mood for taunting today. Step awaaaaaay from the crazy people.

The overall energy is pressurized and prickly today. How you deal with that is dependent upon how you deal with pressure, change and increased energy/intensity to begin with. Even though the skies are tense, you can make some serious progress if you can get your Mars under your own control instead of allowing it to run amok. That's dependent upon one thing and one thing

Tomorrow, the pressure from Mars will linger but gains amicable support from our Moon in Sagittarius after she's had a Saturn gut check. Full. Speed. Ahead (after a midday nap delivered by a square from Moon to Neptune). Today, we are moving forward, too, but under a caution flag due to the fact that some will respond negatively to this pressure. They may feel these aspects and respond to it with their evil plans of world domination. We may have to steer around those obstacles. Know that true strength creates instead of destroys. Laugh with that knowledge as you pass the weak dark lords who are writhing in their miserable tracks. “Nice cape, loser. Good luck with your plans for world domination. I'm too busy conquering my own world to pay much attention to that right now.”