Morning Star: Daily Astrology for Thursday, March 12, 2015

This morning we wake up to the Moon just leaving a sobering conjunction with Saturn (4:49 AM) and moving into an intoxicating square with Neptune (10:13 AM). We are called toward acceptance and , subsequently, release. Reality is still shifting. Saturn will wax in square to Neptune for two more days before turning retrograde and pulling out of the square on March 14.

In some parts of the world, it seems like folks are escaping justice (Saturn/Neptune). But, I've got a feeling some of those judgments are going to be revisited during Saturn's retrograde. Just because the legal system lets someone off on a technicality and laws that favor times that we should have really grown out of by now, that doesn't mean you get off free in the court of public opinion. That court NEVER takes a day off. In that regard, you may have escaped legal justice but that just means you get to roam freely in the world with the public. It might have been easier to just go to jail.

Throughout the day, a surge of fire energy continues to build. The Moon makes a beautiful fire trine with Jupiter in Leo and Uranus in Aries (9:08 PM and 11:43 PM, respectively). This trine is riddled with energy but it's whispering, “The truth shall set you free.”

The Moon is also waxing into trine with Mars in Aries (1:44 AM). That energy can be felt within our waking hours too. Move forward. Bear in mind the implications of your actions upon your future. Do things differently. Pioneer new paths. Sure, we were dragging and sleepy this morning. But the rest of the day is action packed. Take advantage of that! Leash onto the buoyancy offered by this fiery sky.

We've got more shifting and moving happening on a mental level too. Mercury dives into Pisces at 11:52 PM. Time is about to become an illusive entity. Dragging at times and disappearing at others. Communication shifts from analysis to the type of communication that occurs below the surface. Dolphin clicks and whistles come to mind. But, also, information is received through the intuitive body. Mercury in Aquarius bases knowing upon fact, speculation, theory and analyzable results. Mercury in Pisces doesn't need any of that. It just knows because it can feel it with or without solid factual evidence to support the knowing. Don't underestimate the “knowing” even if there is not evidence to back it up. Heed what your intuition is telling you.

Mercury in water also like to communicate through song lyrics, pictures, body language, movie quotes and descriptive imagery. I have a water Mercury, for example. You may have noticed I say just as much through my choice of pictures and music as I do with words. So, yeah, there is certainly a shift felt within all the other shifting.

We begin slow and, perhaps, a bit begrudgingly. However, by midday we are encircled by a flurry of activity. This can lift a person right up and out of a funk. Either way, it's ripe for progress. The caution flag has been lifted, temporarily. So, Go! Adventure! Seek! Explore!