Morning Star: Daily Astrology for Tuesday, March 10, 2015

This morning, the Moon is still in Scorpio. Her first aspect is a square to Jupiter in Leo at 12:32 PM. This can prompt selfish behaviors and even cause emotional situations to be blown out of proportion. Leo against Scorpio is no light battle. Do frequent perspective checks and allow your initial reaction to emotional stimulus pass you by as you re-assess the situation for true gravity. Bring it to ground and chill that big cat and angry scorpion out.
Yes, you have the ferocity to kill. Do you have the ferocity needed to keep you from it? Because that's where true strength lies my friends

Just after midday, she meets Mars and Uranus by inconjunct (1:18 PM and 2:36 PM respectively). There's a little jolt to the emotional body here allowing us to preview the waxing energy of Mars to Uranus. But, it isn't direct. We could just feel this as anxiety or maybe even a little claustrophobia (cabin fever, even). However, this aspect does herald the beginning of the Mars fireworks. Pay attention to where the strings are starting to unravel.

At 3:03 PM, the Moon is in sextile to her current ruler, Pluto in Capricorn. No wilting flowers under this sky. We are tough and racked with emotional endurance. We can plunge the depths of our psyche to discern where our true motivations lie. And, I encourage you to be brave enough to embark on that gut check. If someone has tweaked your anger spots, remember there are more options than just eating them. Don't allow yourself to become overly vengeful or blood thirsty, here. The key is self-control and not allowing anyone else to catalyze you into action that you may regret later.

At 7:26 PM, the Moon checks in with Chiron by trine. You know, I've seen a lot of folks with sore backs lately. Strained back muscles, particularly. So this is your chance to check in on your progress toward healing if you've encountered something like that. If those muscles are still weak, don't allow this influx of Mars to prompt you to over exert them. Be easy and patient even if the sky is calling you to get busy. Rushing into something is a sure fire way to re-injure yourself or create a new injury.

Mars/Uranus can be VERY accident prone because it can prompt us to move erratically and lightening quick. You are going to feel like you need to be in a hurry but I greatly encourage you to pull back in that and practice releasing this energy consciously. The more grounded you are, the easier this will be to do. Keep hitting your release valve. Keep protecting and caring for your triggers. I mean, you'd guard your broken arm in an effort to keep others from accidentally bumping into it wouldn't you? Your triggers deserve the same type of protective guarding.

By midnight, the Moon is in a nice water trine with our Sun in Pisces. This is great for rest and sleeping particularly if you have been physically active all day. And you are going to want to be well rested as this Mars/Uranus/Pluto energy fully envelops us tomorrow. Sleep deprivation will cause the physical body and emotional body to be on edge. We don't need that FOR SURE under Mars/Uranus. Don't discount sleep as a true necessity.

All that being said, I'll put my typical reminder in here. Just because YOU are working consciously and deliberately to use this energy appropriately, not everyone else will be. You could very likely encounter some very angry and very on edge folks over the course of the next few days. Remember, you cannot control what they do. You can only control what you do and control yourself you should. You will be imbibed with the ability to move quickly and defend yourself if necessary. But, in most cases, the answer to encountering someone who is popping off all nutzoid is to side-step the crazy train. Let it pass you right by. Keep your radar up and your boundaries tight.