Morning Star: Daily Astrology for Wednesday April 1 2015

Ugh. Guilt and remorse. I know thee all too well. This morning we wake up to the Moon in Virgo veiled by Neptune in Pisces. Make amends where you can. Apologize sincerely if you need to. Forgive if at all possible. The opposition occurs at 7:32 AM. It's watery, groggy, foggy, emotionally hung over and, yes, tears are likely. So is rain. So pack your umbrella and keep your rain boots handy.

The screws continue to tighten as our Full Moon waxes in. Emotionally, we may certainly find ourselves on edge. Don't try to hold back the tears if they come. Let them flow. Get that dirty water out of you. Default to practicality and continue triage of circumstance as it presents itself. Medicine woman, heal thyself.

The day is packed with a slew of minor aspects across the sky. Subtlety is creeping in and we are likely to feel every prick of it. The Moon meets the Sun by inconjunct at 2 PM (geez, what did I do), Mars by sesquisquare (I've got to do something about this) at 10:53 PM and Uranus by inconjunct (right the Hell now!) at 11:10 PM. It is all very personal and situation specific. So we get a gut check of where we are, what we are doing and why. Meanwhile, Mercury and Venus meet by semi-sextile (we need a new plan) at 7:53 PM just prior to Venus meeting Chiron by sextile at 10:50 PM (one that soothes our inner ouchies instead of making them worse and one that adheres to a solid sense of personal values). In other words, we are called to heed what is truly important to us on an individual level here. Continue to cut the extemporaneous crap out of the equation. Pinpoint what it is you REALLY want under the surface of circumstance.

Thankfully the emotional body is racked with fortitude and endurance through an active trine between the Moon and Pluto in Capricorn (9:43 PM) as we enter our late evening hours. It may not be pleasant, but we can handle it if we only try.

Overall, folks will be wrapped up in their own stuff today. The stories and situations will vary from person to person. In that, it's impossible for me to tell you the right thing to do. Saturn is rx. You are going to have to examine your personal situation for yourself and decide to act (or not) according to your own barometer of self-discipline. I can tell you that denial of reality and dismissal of your accountability in it is surely not the right tact. I can also tell you that you cannot save folks from drowning if you are drowning yourself. So, save yourself first while refraining from pushing others under at the same time. It's not ok to attempt to drag someone underwater with you. Like I said, “Heal thyself.”
You could certainly catch folks unaware today if you plan to pull off pranks. But, chances are, no one is going to think any of that is very funny. So, I'd let those opportunities pass by since many are in situations that are not a bit entertaining or enjoyable. This sky does not suffer fools lightly so don't volunteer to be one even if it is April Fool's Day. Ix-nay the upid-stay. No one is going to be in the mood.

Shew. Thank goodness tomorrow is more stable. After the Moon opposes Chiron at 4:30 AM tomorrow, we are gifted with a solid trine between the Moon and Venus, while Mercury gets well grounded through a trine from Saturn and the Sun receives support from a trine to Jupiter. Hang in there. I know things may seem dire and dark at the moment. But, this is temporary. We get a break from emotionality in our tomorrow too as the Moon is void for nearly 24 hours following the trine with Venus in the morning (5:02 AM). Have faith that you will end up exactly where you need to be even if you can't see how that fits in the current moment. In retrospect, you will.