Morning Star: Daily Astrology for Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Today, is Venus' day. Yes, I know Wednesday is not named or meant to represent Venus in a literal sense. Wednesday is Mercury's day in that regard (which goes along with our Moon's placement). But, I'm here to tell you, today is all about Venus. That being said, how much do you know about YOUR Venus? What kind of relationship do you have with feminine energy whether you outwardly identify as male or female? Do you embrace it in expression? Or do you shun it because you think the energy is soft and weak or manipulative and scary? You don't have to answer these questions outright. I'm just trying to get you to think about it. Venus is due to make a grand appearance today under a Virginal Moon (in Virgo). Find out what it is that pulls your Venus in like a moth to a flame. Well, you are likely to find out anyway. So, maybe just pay attention?

This morning we wake up to a waxing Moon in Virgo (6:59 AM). Yesterday, Jupiter and Uranus perfected in trine under a Void Moon in Leo. That energy is also accessible today. Plus, Venus jumps into that trine at 10:15 AM. She meets Uranus by conjunction at 1:46 PM.

Traditional Astrology says Venus in Aries is not well placed and neither is Venus in Scorpio. These signs are at opposition to her “home” signs of Libra and Taurus. However, I think in today's world this is a mute point. Venus, to me, seems empowered in these signs. She is less passive. More passionate. She has an edge. I think that “edge” scares folks. There's an old school of thought that believes Venus should be quiet, demure, simply a sight to be admired. Today, she is not being quiet.

Venus' presence grows larger as she dances with Jupiter. She has spotlights all over her on center stage. This aspect can foster grand generosities, promptings to over-indulge, over-spend, share pleasures and blessings freely. Venus, here, is in full bloom and we are anxious to reap and enjoy her rewards. She tempts you to take risks. Enticing you to be bold and daring.
Athena and Medusa...CAT FIGHT!

At the same time, though, Venus conjunct Uranus is a freed entity. She doesn't “belong” to anyone. She is independent and unattached. Not to mention, very bold. I dare you to wrap your arms around her waist and tell her that you would like to take her around town and show her off. Show her off? As if she were just some dangling new bauble? LOL...Venus in Aries conjunct Uranus doesn't need anyone to escort her around and point out her wonderfulness or to treat her like a piece of jewelry. Um. No. She is not going to stand still for that for one minute. People show off possessions. She is NOT your shiny new sports car...unless in this instance Venus does represent a shiny new sports car (Venus, Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto could prompt some to indulge in something like this, too). In that case, yeah, but in regard to a person, don't even contemplate using that turn of phrase. Be careful, though, about even putting too much emphasis on your possessions. That shiny new sports car that you HAVE to have...make sure you are owning it and it is not owning you.

Venus can lure you in with her wiles and end up being the one that enslaves you. Chainless enslavement. The kind you volunteer for because you've been seduced and mesmerized. She's both beautiful and dangerous. Don't under estimate that kind of power either in how it's received or how it is distributed. Tantalizing. Seductive. Be careful where you point this stuff...seriously.

I see the grandmother's of all temptations being unleashed today. Consider what that means to you on a personal level. What is that temptation that you both dread and look forward to encountering? The dreading comes from, “because, I know I shouldn't” and the anticipation comes from “But, I ever want to!” Problem with that is, Moon is in chaste Virgo and waxing into square with Saturn in Sagittarius. So, while these temptresses are presenting themselves, our emotional body is screaming, “Resist! Resist! Remain chaste, remain focused on your spirituality and religious morality, behave, resist the temptations of the flesh!” LOL..yeah. Good luck with that. The lunar square to Saturn occurs at 4:49 PM and guilt will be intermixed with pleasure. The Virgin will be tempted. The preacher will be seduced. The pious may, in fact fall from grace due their humanness. It could be as simple as a being tempted by a luscious icing covered delicacy to break your diet...that brownie has power. Seductive, irresistible power. How can you tell it no? No one's around. You could have just one little taste. Who's it going to hurt? No one else even has to know! Come on Adam, just taste the apple. Here, I'll bite into it first and show it is safe. You know you want it. Look how crisp and juicy it is. Ahem. Yeah. It's a lot like that.

At 10:14 PM, Venus is in square to Pluto as the Moon opposes Neptune at 10:15 PM. Venus has you fully intoxicated and wrapped up in the intoxicating power of her pleasures. You are obsessed and consumed by her. Her desirability, in the end, is irresistible. Her charms win out. You surrender. But, now, you can never leave.

Powerful? Eh? Well, that same power is accessible to you not only coming at you. The ability to charm and seduce are accessible if you need it. Remember, it is Venus who has the power to disarm the God of War, Ares. She can bring an end to fighting by seducing and exhausting the soldiers. She softens them. Erodes their ambition with pleasure. She replaces their blood thirst with bodily lusts. She also rules the powers of negotiation and compromise. Her powers today can charm opposing sides into agreement because both sides just want to please her. She leads through persuasion and gentleness and it is almost as if the person she is leading follows her a horse follows a carrot on the end of a stick.

Tomorrow is our Full Moon in Virgo. The virgin isn't so virginal anymore. She's been penetrated by Pluto (trine from Moon to Pluto occurs only a few minutes after the Full Moon's perfection after Saturn's call is far in the distance). The hardcore seduction of that Virgin begins today..or, is it really the Virgin who is seducing you?