Morning Star: Daily Astrology for Saturday, March 28, 2015

This morning we wake up to the Moon in Cancer. Venus still lingers in square to Jupiter after completing the aspect last night. The early part of the day is riddled with minor Moon aspects to both Saturn and Neptune. But, the Moon spends the meat of the day waxing into trine with Mercury in Pisces.

Moon in Cancer trine Mercury in Pisces has got to be one of the MOST intuitive astrological setups. Information is flowing through our bodies just like blood courses through our veins. It may not be written. It may not be spoken. But, it is known. Do you know the difference between knowing and KNOWING? I can present you with logical facts and evidence to support an argument. By looking over those facts and evidence you may learn what has occurred and, subsequently, draw a conclusion. But, the type of knowing that is fostered through our water signs needs no documented evidence or substantial fact. Sometimes all it needs is a certain look, a shift in the air or merely a bird passing overhead. This type of communication supports what we see without our eyes, what we hear without our ears, what we say without our mouths and what we feel within our skin instead of without. Knowing can be a logical conclusion based on fact. However, it can also be visceral and without logic. That is the difference between knowing and knowing.

What that means is today we should rely less on what we see and hear and lean more on how we feel in an effort to discover the truth. Find the flow and follow it. Tapping into flow can come through various means. Meditation. Music. Prayer. Come into your body and shut off your mind. Be silent and still. In those quietest and most still moments, when a pin dropping would sound like an atomic bomb, what do you feel?

The silence is broken while ambiguity and adrenaline enter the atmosphere as the Moon finds Mars by square later tonight (9:59 PM). Now that we have this knowing, what actions should we take in light of it? How can we go to war when we have to feed the children? How can we be angry when earlier we were so settled? How can we deal with this ambition now that we know? Can we leave this place of calm that we found through meditation and re-enter a Mars oriented world? Yes. Yes we can.

The Charioteer is victorious not through direct force but through conscious steerage of will. She guides her horses who are natural enemies and using their ambitious (and potentially violent) force toward her goals. She steers Mars. He does not steer her.
We must pack our knowing with us and remember what it is we felt. Then, we must change the way we engage in ambition in light of it. Mars can be the destroyer and war lord. But, at his highest, he is the fuel, the motivator, the engine that drives us. Moon in Cancer is the nurturing mother, the supplier of comfort and food. She wants nothing to do with blood thirsty war. However, in defense of her children she certainly has the power to devour her enemy. She will also hunt and kill to feed her family. But, she stops to give gratitude to whatever living entity has given up its life force so that her children may live. We all are given life through a body that eventually will feed the Earth back. Therefore, the Earth feeds us while we live out our soul's purpose. Moon in Cancer realizes this cycle and honors the nurturing and life providing energy that comes from Mother Earth. It is possible to get these two energies (Mother/Warrior) that meet via tense aspect to work together. Otherwise, how would the Emperor (the epitome of fiery Aries energy) and Empress (she who gives birth and cares for all life) co-rule over many kingdoms successfully?

Be the compassionate warrior. Defend your inner peace as it is your sanctuary of true safety. Build a fort around the home front for protection. Shelter the children from an angry and violent world. Make your anger serve you instead of allowing it to make you its slave. Disallow instigation and provocation from the outside world. Let those arrows bounce off your fortress as you laugh at the vain efforts to get you to dispel your precious energy. Then, use that slow boil to cook your dinner as the rest of the world burns outside your castle if that's what it wants to do.

After the square with Mars, the Moon is Void until entering Leo at 1:49 AM. Tomorrow is fiery and active. Venus moves away from Jupiter and toward Pluto promising to endow us with richness and depth. The atmosphere warms in response and brings us precious sweet blossoms like blessings from the Earth herself. In that, today we are called to center and find true direction through inner knowing. Tomorrow, we pack that knowing with us as we re-open our fortress windows and allow the sunlight to fall inside. We are beckoned to be. To live. To act. To do. To engage. And, we can; because, now we know.