Morning Star: Daily Astrology for Tuesday, March 24, 2015

This morning, there is a thin pleasant veil overhanging daybreak. It may be hard to get out of bed because bed, itself, feels so wonderful and sleep was like a luxurious gift. Lazing in bed a little bit longer than usual is enticing as Venus in Taurus officially found Neptune by sextile overnight (2:26 AM).

The Moon is Void this morning until entering Gemini at 9:23 AM. The day does slowly begin to roll around midday as the Moon receives motivation from a supportive sextile to the Sun in Aries at 4:10 PM. However, there is some energy that we will bump heads with as the day moves forward that has the potential to slow us down a bit.

The Gemini Moon meets Saturn by opposition around 6 PM and Neptune by square at 11:58 PM. With Saturn now in retrograde, he is separated from Neptune by 4 degrees. However, the Moon's passage between 4 and 8 degrees mutable re-links the square that almost was before Saturn turned retrograde in the first place. So far, what I've seen in previewing Saturn/Neptune energy at the beginning of the year is people getting knocked around for not taking charge of their addictions (I've seen quite a few DUI arrests for example), strained backs, water leaks, brake issues on vehicles, liars continually being exposed and even a few cases of vertigo.

The Gemini Moon throws our emotional body into this waning square creating a loose mutable t-square. With Gemini's ruler in Pisces and just leaving a conjunction with Chiron (9:07 AM) this can make for some shaky emotional ground in which logic holds no bearing. Emotions cannot be sorted through logically or put into words under this sky and that can be frustrating, not to mention perplexing, to an Air Moon.

We didn't want to get out of bed and engage in this day to begin with. But, we did and made some progress right off the gate. But, then, we got smacked around by Saturn and washed up by Neptune and begin wondering why we didn't heed our initial call to just stay in bed this morning.

You could very well feel as if you are lacking in support under this sky (see the brake and back examples above). It may present as allergies or illness. We could experience emotional leakage which points us directly toward places in our psyche that need to be addressed and cared for (see the water leak example). Vertigo can be induced from medications we are taking to address our illnesses or simply from a congested head or swirling and confusing information.

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Virgo energy holds the answer to balancing out this mutable square. If something is broken, fix it. If someone is sick (including you) work to nurse them back to health. If things are confusing, sit down and sort out the facts and reach for grounding and practicality. Give the situation whatever it needs in an effort to help even if helping is as simple as taking a nap or retreating to your bed early tonight.

Tomorrow we are on more solid ground and begin to feel a bit better as we greet the day with a drying up sextile between the Moon and Jupiter. The day continually becomes more solid and we become continually more mobile as it moves forward. Keep that in mind if things become bogged down and swampy today.

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