Morning Star: Daily Astrology for Tuesday March 3, 2015

This morning we wake up to a Void Moon in Leo as Jupiter perfects in trine to Uranus for the second time at 7:28 AM. The Moon is Void after an opposition with Mercury at 3:49 AM. I love to poke and experiment with Void Moons. Under our last one in Cancer, as Mercury was both opposing Jupiter and sextiling Uranus, I ended up in a fairly detailed conversation. I wasn't planning on it. I was planning on spending the day eating whatever I wanted since nothing would come of it under a Void Moon, right?

At any rate, the conversation was a success. Many thoughts were conveyed and ideas exchanged. Solutions were documented and discussed. However, there was no arguing. Typically the subject matter of the conversation always creates an emotional response from the person I was speaking with. But, neither he nor I, became upset. Now, that being said, enough time has not passed for me to be able to gauge whether anything we discussed will make it into application. The plans made during that discussion have yet to be executed. But, I do know that as the lights on the Moon were turned off, each of us were much less emotionally involved in the discussion allowing us to look more at the cold hard logic of it all.

I'll be watching to see if anything comes of that conversation and will try to remember to report back. However, I do know that the conversation, itself, was much more successful because both of us were emotionally disengaged. It was a very obvious difference. So, I thought I'd share the results of that much of the impromptu experiment with you.

Under today's Void Moon, we may want to rest up a bit after the flush of fire over the past few days. Jupiter and Uranus in trine could have us pontificating all kinds of wild ideas. Unexpected opportunity may present itself. And, we may be gifted with the logic to be able to discern which ideas and opportunities make the most sense without an overwhelming emotional affect to deal with. The Void Moon allows us to rest up and get our head on straight while coming up with solutions that we may not have been able to see through cloudy emotional eyes before.

Tomorrow, Venus steps onto center stage demanding your attention. She will pass in trine to Jupiter, conjunct Uranus and square Pluto. This can play out as someone breaking free from oppression, becoming overly obsessed with what we want, attempting to control our loved ones or attempts of control being exerted upon us. Money may surprisingly appear or we may be met with unexpected expenses. We could run into old lovers on the internet. The lives of loves gone past could dance through our memory or we may run into some of loves' from the past in real life. Relationships can spontaneously combust or deepen. Either way, what we love, want and value are of great importance. Use today to get yourself well centered and grounded in preparation for that.