Morning Star: Daily Astrology for Sunday, March 29, 2015

Today is Sunday and it is a true day of the Sun. The Moon entered Sun ruled Leo overnight. As we wake up, she is waxing into solid trine with Saturn Rx in Sagittarius. This is grounded and productive fire. Traction under our assertions. It is responsible, future minded and self-regulated. We are called to express ourselves maturely and from a solid center of self-knowledge.

The circle of fire continues throughout the day with the Moon also continually waxing into trine with the Sun in Aries (7:42 PM) and into conjunction with Jupiter late tonight (3:16 AM). This is not a reckless day. This is not an overly emotional day. This is a day for physical movement and progress forward. In that, we should not forget the knowledge we garnered from yesterday's flow. Instead, we incorporate and internalize that knowledge and use it to guide us forward while employing this fiery energy as fuel.

The fiery energy brought by the skies today is smooth. The call is stronger to play than to go to war or destroy. And, yes, sporting events and athletic activities fit nicely here. The emotional veil of the last few days has been lifted. The atmosphere is lighter and warmer inviting us to come outside. Explore. Experience. Do. Feel alive. Be energized by the Sun's ray and, in turn, shine your own light back onto the world. Indulge in the tender early bounty of Spring as Venus and Pluto work together to bring the Earth back to life. Allow yourself to be uplifted by the hope and promise found in that. Allow yourself to be marveled like a child watching a magic show as you realize this re-awakening occurs all on its own without the forceful efforts of man. At the same time, be humbled by the fact that there must be some force stronger than man that can produce these results in such a seemingly effortless way. Reach for humility, wonder and play. Dance uninhibited with the pixies of Spring. Let the Sun warm your skin and allow the fresh air to fill your lungs. Re-awaken. Rejoice. Re-discover and entertain your inner child under the umbrella of protection provided by your wise adult eyes. Go on. Get out there. Wake up with the Earth. It's time.