Morning Star: Daily Astrology for Sunday, March 22, 2015

This morning we wake up to the Moon in Taurus. Emotional energy becomes more stabilized here. Solid. Grounded. A bit more practical. Sounds good to me. The draw back is an influx of stubbornness and perhaps a bit more than a little resistance to change. Taurus is a Fixed Earth sign. So, it's not really the one that immediately jumps on board with doing things differently. Taurus Moon likes to stand on solid ground. Cows are not the best at acrobatics. That's alright, though. That kind of stability and groundedness is exactly the energy we need to pull us back to center after experiencing such an influx of uncertainty. Funny how that works isn't it? It's almost like the Universe put the Moon there today on purpose.

Today is a day earmarked for recapturing a bit of physical ease. Conversations can run deep and minds are likely churning, however, as Mercury waxes into sextile with Pluto at 4:25 PM. Intuition is also kicking from this aspect bringing a focus upon the language that occurs under the surface of words. Again, Mercury in Pisces is one of those placements that doesn't always need words to communicate. This placement can intuitively pick up on ripples in the water even when nothing is said. In aspect to Pluto in Capricorn, and the placement is imbibed with x-ray vision and a solid sense of clarity too. There is a “knowing” connected to this day even if no one is speaking of it. It's unlikely that folks will be truly speaking their mind; but, minds are busy with a bunch of information none-the-less. Antennae are up to drink in more information but the investigation is not something we are sharing. There may be instances where we don't want to talk about something because we are afraid the subject matter will make us cry and we have cried enough at this point. There's absolutely nothing wrong with taking a break from heightened emotions to catch your breath as long as you realize ignoring your problems will not make them go away and plan to address them once you feel a bit more stable.

At 5:32 PM, the Moon meets Venus in Taurus by conjunction. Sweet! Smooth! Solid! Stable! What's for dinner, folks? Better yet, what's for dessert? Ok, ok, Taurus Moon doesn't always have to be about rich creamy indulgent foods and decadent desserts. But, it certainly can be! I don't think Taurus would refuse it. The big call here is to give yourself whatever it is you feel you need to be comfortable. Self-pampering is a great idea. Do you need a permission slip to gift yourself some of that? Because, if you do, let me know and I'll write you one out. Those cookies you've been avoiding all week because you started a new diet? It's time to eat a few. Those toes that you've been looking at wondering if they would ever be fit for sandals again? It's time to give them a pedicure. That midday nap that you've been denying yourself because you've had too much to do? It's time to take it. That massage that you've been putting off...TODAY IS THE DAY! You deserve it! Be adamant about sinking into some pleasure today. It's waaaaaaaaay overdue. It's not a bad idea to share some of this “right to self-pampering” with your sweetie either. Exchange foot massages. Grab a cookie for them too. This is certainly a Sunday that is set up to be like a Sunday should be. Relaxing. Recuperative. A bit lazy and indulgent. I'LL TAKE IT! Won't you?
Edward Hicks: The Peaceable Kingdom

By 8:12 PM the Moon is in sextile to Neptune begging us to crawl into our comfortable luxurious sheets and nestle into slumber early perhaps after a little nip at a night cap. Sip on a nice glass of wine and enjoy the fullness of your belly. Muscles are soothed and relaxed. Ahhhh...

That puts it in a nutshell right there. The brain is a busy place today. But, the physical body and the emotional body are ready for a slow down. Dammit! So, let the mind churn away if it wants but heed the call to reach for the AHHHHHHHHHH in this day however that appeals to you.