Morning Star: Daily Astrology for Monday, March 30, 2015

This morning we wake up to the Moon in Leo leaving a conjunction with Jupiter (3:16 AM). Venus is hovering in trine to Pluto (3:44 AM) as the Moon works its way toward contact with both. The square from Moon to Venus occurs at 9:20 AM; the inconjunct from Moon to Pluto perfects at 8:47 AM. The Moon also crosses Chiron in Pisces by inconjunct at 3:12 PM. Between the sideways aspects to Pluto and Chiron, the Moon rides at the top of a flickering Yod providing the emotional body with a subtle check in with personal power balanced against our ability to be compassionate. Or, you know, we could also react like wounded animals here. The choice is up to the individual.

As the Yod is active, the Moon also trines Uranus in Aries (9:58 AM). This can throw a monkey wrench in our “Give a damn.” The energy packs a flare for independence and possible impulsiveness. We may react quickly to cut away circumstances that we have “HAD ENOUGH” of. The highest expression here, though, raises our emotional intelligence to genius level. Yep. You may want to take heads and your “give a damn” in regard to the consequences may be broken, but be wary of the Finger of God pointing at our Moon. Do what is best for everyone including yourself. Refrain from taking selfish and impulsive action that you cannot undo.

The trine to Uranus can also be wonderfully uplifting. We dump our cares at the side of the road and take off on a new adventure carrying less baggage. It can be exciting, freeing and motivating.

Throughout the entire day, Mercury lingers on our most recent ecliptic point. Information in regard to the New Moon Eclipse in Pisces continually flows into the atmosphere. Mercury is birthed into Aries at 9:44 PM. All those instances where we didn't know what to say or think? Well, it's about to become crystal clear and our mouths and minds ignite as a result. Get ready for time to start zipping right on by again. The drag of Neptune is done.

Mars lingers at the end of Aries all day. He stomps his foot in Taurus tomorrow. The shifting of Mercury into Aries and Mars into Taurus all occurs as the Moon is Void after the trine with Uranus. We are not likely to notice this shift until the Moon wakes up in Virgo at 2:14 PM tomorrow. During that time, players and circumstances are shuffled. This equates to a Void Moon for over 24 hours. Waters certainly dry up as minds and motivation shifts. Not to worry, though. Emotionality will creep back in under the Virgo Moon who waxes into opposition with Neptune in Pisces on the morning of April Fool's Day following a square to Saturn tomorrow night. We may not give a damn today but we might in the days to follow. Remember, you are the one that has to sleep with the consequences of your actions. Use today to get centered. We are moving forward. Just make sure you don't pre-empt the situation and hurl yourself down a path that, in the long run, you really don't want to be on.

Overall, I don't see this day as harsh. It is active and energizing. The Yod is prickly and the trine to Uranus can be catalytic. But, as long as we continually aim our efforts toward doing things that support the person we want to become while being responsible for the impact of our actions upon others, we really cannot go wrong. There is conflict between want and need today. So you will want to meet that challenge by satisfying a bit of both masters (Taurus/Leo) while realizing...well...I'll let Mick tell you.