Morning Star: Daily Astrology for Monday, March 16, 2015

This morning we wake up to the Moon in Aquarius (6:15 AM) after a brief VOC Capricorn Moon following a square to Venus at 4:03 AM. Mercury in Pisces also officially squared off with Saturn Rx at 5:41 AM.

Things can likely feel prickly this morning. The screws are tightened under Uranus and Pluto who perfect in square later today (9:17 PM @ 15 degrees 18 minutes). The Sabian Symbol for Pluto at 16 degrees says, “School grounds filled with youths in gymnasium suits.” Dane Rudyar describes the point with the following, “Normal dependence upon physical stimulation. Robust enthusiasm in approaching life's contests; or immature impulsiveness.” An impulsiveness warning from aspect to Uranus, the ruler of impulsiveness. Tuck that under your hat. The Sabian Symbol for the God of Lightning at 16 Aries says, “Brightly clad Brownies, dancing in warm dying light.” Rudyar says, “Relationship between conscious and unconscious sides of life. Invisible assistance often entailing obligation to outer forces.” With these two Sabians in play under this square we have a mixture of excitement and colorful activity together with youthfulness and magical spirits. Doesn't sound too bad, right? LOL...riiiiiiiiiight.

This energy is not something that is going to monopolize the day. Oh no, it's power is much further reaching than that. It has been waxing for sometime and the interplay between Uranus and Pluto has been ongoing. This is the 7th time they have perfected in square during this cycle. What it does is set an undertone of change, reform and shaky instability. This undertone has begun the unraveling of many things that need to change. But these things are not fully rectified under this final square. These aspects have set us up for change and reformation that will continue over a very long period of time. That being said, I don't buy into the fact that none of this affects folks on a personal level. As someone who has had personal planets in aspect to this continual square, I can attest to the fact that some of the stuff that goes down is ridiculously personal. I mean, if this energy didn't affect the collective on a personal level, how would change be fostered to begin with? Aside from that, I cannot say that all the change is horrible, either. It's pressurized and uncomfortable. But, wow, is it ever powerful! Plus, the timing of this final square feeds directly into the shaky ecliptic energy that follows it on March 20th (New Moon eclipse in Pisces) and April 4th (Full Moon eclipse in Libra). This all happens together. The energy is mixed rather than in isolation. What that equates to is uncertainty and potentially jangled nerves. Folks are likely to be on edge. When folks are on edge they have a higher tendency to over-react to stimuli or respond to certain stimuli with knee-jerk reactions instead of a more well considered response. Reflect upon the sabians especially the one for Uranus that points directly to the connection of “unconscious and conscious sides of life.” You are going to want to side with the conscious side, here. Plus, don't make any bargains that you can't hold up on your end out of desperation. Metaphorically speaking, desperate deals with the Devil often require a payback that no one can truly afford. Please, don't fall for that.

Before we get to the perfection of this square between Uranus and Pluto, the Moon checks in with the traditional ruler of Aquarius, Saturn, by sextile at 2:24 PM. Sweet! This isn't an overly joyous aspect but it is VERY grounding. We are going to need that today. However, remember, that Saturn is retrograde. It's not like anyone is going to be standing over your shoulder telling you what you should do. You are going to have to discern the most appropriate course of action for yourself based on what you have learned and built so far. Sure you can consult your friends, acquaintances or a trusted mentor for advice. But, ultimately, the decision and consequences are all yours. This also means you probably are not going to be able to cast the blame for the fallout on anyone else either. You will answer, eventually, directly for your actions. In that, you are going to want to really think through decisions and make sure you are consciously engaging in whatever situation you find yourself in and not just reacting on impulse to any stimuli that situation contains. Be personally accountable regardless of what everyone else is doing.

Also, with all this shaky instability in the air, I'm seeing a high suicide risk and danger of self-harm due to increased anxieties and fear. The square from Mercury to Saturn is not helping in this regard. Serious and clinical depression is very prevalent. Please reach out for help if you need it. If you have friends that are suffering right now, check in with them to let them know you care. Pull together instead of polarizing. I'm not even kidding about this. In the course of one day, I encountered two folks in my world with suicide intent and one who was a full fledged attempt. Several more were dangling on the abysmal edge of depression or seriously frazzled due their anxieties. Some folks are really, really suffering and in some personal environments the situation seems very dire. Reach out and support one another if you are able at this time.

This is not the end of the world, though at times it may feel like it. It is actually the birthing pains accompanied with the deliverance of a new world. The two (birth and death) feel similar as each mark a passage into a new realm of existence. There are heightened emotions connected with each. Plus, both hold a type of scary uncertainty that comes readily attached to change. In that, don't try to relieve the pressure by pre-empting the work that the Universe is trying to do. Does that make sense? There is pressure and nervousness in the sense that it feels like at any minute the other shoe is going to drop. In that, some folks blow things up in an effort to relieve that waxing pressure. Hold steady and true, instead. Imploding and/or exploding is not the answer. Endurance and self-control while bringing your thinking out of the immediate moment helps ensure proper steerage. HELL YES it is going to be tempting to respond to this “adrenaline-like” energy immediately. It's going to be EASIER to give in to it. But, EASIER doesn't mean BETTER. True strength is in controlling yourself while under this pressure and engaging deliberately with conscious intent.

Plus, hold your boundaries tight. Mercury, Sun, Neptune and Chiron are all swimming in Pisces. We are permeable right now picking up on not only the tension in the Universe but also on tension of the folks around us. Don't let someone else's sense of instability threaten to debase your own. Instead, be the eye of the storm if you can and let them feel a bit of your calm center. Permeability works both ways, you know.

The pressure of today has hang time. It will hold with us all the way through the New Moon eclipse on the 20th which subsequently births both our Sun and Moon into Aries. When the Moon meets up with Uranus and Pluto from Aries on the 21st, the two are only separated by about 10 minutes. So it isn't like the pressure from these two powerhouses is released all in one day or during the time of perfection. We will check in with it throughout the duration of this month through our lunar positions. Then, eventually, the Sun and Mercury will also pass through this waning square in April. Our Full Moon eclipse occurs at 14 degrees on the Aries/Libra, merely a few degrees away from the perfection of Uranus/Pluto. Knuckle down folks. We are in this for the long haul. Be very nice to yourself and take meticulous care to bring yourself to ground. Be supportive of one another when you can and work to pull together. Most of all, breathe...steadily and with purposeful intent. You are the master of your fate and the captain of your ship. You cannot control all the circumstance that happens TO YOU but you can certainly control your response to it.

All my typical cautions come into play here. Reduce artificial stimulants, physically move around to discharge anxieties and keep your eyes wide open for potentially emergent events while maintaining a point of stasis that you can use to discern whether an event deserves an emergent response or not. Know the difference between what feels like an emergency versus something that truly is an emergency. Be gentle with yourself and with others while knowing that is going to be a lot harder than it sounds. That just makes it all the more important.