Morning Star: Daily Astrology for March 8, 2015

This morning we wake up to the Libra Moon just leaving the stressful waxing square between Uranus and Pluto. Just after the Sun is fully up in the sky, our Moon meets Sun and Chiron by inconjunct (8:26 AM/7:48 AM EDT respectively). Our analytical Air Moon may not be comfortable or may not understand how identifying with her pain (for better or worse) affects her relationships. Let me give you a brief example. I know a guy who continually and habitually dates married women. He chooses this for two reasons 1) his wife from years ago left him for another man. She was unfaithful to him wounding him very deeply. 2) it's safe for him emotionally. If the married woman becomes too attached, he disappears or tells her not to leave her husband. He is able to completely avoid his fear of intimacy this way. And, he admits that sometimes he feels as if he is “giving the world back” some of the pain he had to endure.

If you think this sounds assholish, well, then, I have a tendency to agree. But, this is just one extreme real life example of how we can allow our pain to subconsciously lead us in partnering. This just happens to be a more obvious example. Perhaps you are the girl who only dates guys you deem are less attractive than you so that you can feel beautiful in comparison. Perhaps you are the guy who only dates shallow women who want someone with money...and you have it...because you are afraid that is the only thing others like about you. Perhaps you are the guy who dates vulnerable women so you can feel like their savior. Perhaps you choose folks you believe are less intelligent than you so you can feel smart. It. Happens. All. The. Time. Most people, however, don't do this consciously. They habitually go through life subconsciously choosing mates through this pain filter and never even notice. All the while, they are left with less than satisfactory relationships and cannot figure out what in the heck they are doing wrong in the choosing. You'll hear folks say, “I don't know why I continually attract x, y or z.” A lot of the time it's not so much that you are attracting them (though sometimes this IS true) but moreso that you are choosing them based on some criteria that you may not even be fully aware of. So, it can be both. You could be attracting them and subsequently choosing them. Think about what it is you are continually telling the Universe to send you especially if it feels like you aren't getting what you truly want. You tell the Universe through your choices. If you want to be sent (or to attract) something different then quit picking up the same old know?

Revelations like this can become cognizant under today's moon particularly if you are in the middle of a relationship that has just blown up either under the tense actions of Venus or from our Libra Moon. The best bet here is to accept these truths whether they be about pain that causes you to partner or pain that causes you to unpartner or pain that causes you to blow stuff up in general. Denial will only make the problem exacerbate. Acceptance, however, can help you operate with your pain and help you to make better choices in light of it instead of allowing those elusive pains to subconsciously control your decisions. As a result, that wound heals a little. However, know this pain may always be an antagonist to what is best for you. In that regard, it's best not to leave the pain unattended, denied...don't allow the wound to fester. Be a conscious caretaker of your sore spots. They are a part of you that also needs attention. To put it in a nutshell, the better you know your machine; the more effectively you can drive it. Would you drive your car around in denial of the fact that you have a flat tire?

At noon, our Libra Moon opposes her current ruler, Venus in Aries. There is a push and pull here. One side, Venus, wants to be independent. She wants passionate and active relationships. But, she isn't willing to give up pursuing her own desires or get lost in the relationship. Libra Moon is very concerned about how everyone else feels. She wants to accommodate them and make them comfortable because it makes HER feel better in the end. If everyone else is satiated and comfortable; she feels satiated and comfortable. However, not taking the time to also address her own desires can eventually become a problem. A person can build resentment that way. She can spend too much time worrying about what everyone else needs and end up forsaking herself.

Venus in Aries doesn't have this problem. She is poking at our Libra Moon saying, “Hey, when you are done making nicey nice with everyone else, maybe you can make nicey nice with yourself.” It is possible to weigh some of this out. If you feel worn down today and have obligations to others to meet, don't be afraid to call folks up and say, “You know, I don't think I'm going to be able to do this today. I'm so sorry. Perhaps we can reschedule.” Then, take a “me” day and don’t' you dare feel a bit guilty for it. If the people you are engaged in relationships with really have your best interests in mind, they will understand that you need self-care just like they do. If they don't have your best interests in mind (like you do theirs) then you will find that out rather quickly too. It really is a tug of war between “What they need” (Moon in Libra) and “what you want” (Venus in Aries) here. Again. Balance it out. Understand that being the caretaker of your own desires actually HELPS your relationships in the long run. If you can satisfy your own desires, then you stop looking for folks to bring satisfaction to you. Then, you can foster interdependent relationships...which should be the goal to begin with.

At 9:25 PM a fresh breeze wafts in through the Air trine created from the Moon in Libra to Mercury in Aquarius. Here, there is opportunity to detach from the emotionality of whatever situation you have encountered recently and really study the facts and evidence of what has occurred. We can study what has happened as if we were reading the results of a chemistry experiment discovering where we should have mixed things differently. It's also a great aspect to use to seek out conversations with friends or to search for distraction on the internet. The caution is not to OVER think the situation. Don't become so wrapped up in the analysis that you forget you are not a do have needs and emotions to address in this too. But, this aspect is mainly for looking at the situation through analytical and logical eyes getting a break from the emotionality of the situation while you can. Because, emotionality WILL re-enter our world as the Moon moves into Scorpio.

After the trine to Mercury, the Moon is Void until entering Scorpio at 9:11 AM (EDT) Monday. Get your rest tonight and don't allow a churning brain to rob you of sleep. Then, when you get up tomorrow, put on your water wings and rain boots. It's likely gonna be pretty wet and steamy (if not a bit lusty and blood thirsty) out there.