Morning Star: Daily Astrology for March 7, 2015

This morning we wake up to the Moon in Libra in sextile to Saturn in Sagittarius (5:47 AM). At 10:21 AM a sneaky minor aspect (sesquisquare from Moon to Mercury) waxes in which could compel you or someone else to speak up about something. Remember what I said yesterday about listening. This aspect runs in tandem with an inconjunct from Moon to Neptune (11:19 AM). The speaker or listener may become unexpectedly emotional. What is said may not be readily understood. Or all the information may not be given at this time but Neptune clues us in on the fact that there is “more” to this story. We discover this not through logic but through “feeling” something is off.

At 8:43 PM our Libra Moon opposes Mars in Aries. Our Libra Moon may believe that Mars actions are brutish and unrefined. Likely because, they are. This is Mars. In Aries. The ultimate warrior. Do you think he gives a shit about which fork you should use at the dinner table? Well, Libra Moon does and can be quite horrified by anyone who dismisses that kind of social decorum. I can see Mars in Aries reaching, like a starved warrior should, for the delicacies Libra Moon has so perfectly placed on the table. He is knocking stuff over, grunting and eating like an animal. Finally, he slows down long enough to see something delicious just out of his reach. He points at it, grunts and stares at Libra as if to say, “Give it to me” but he doesn't speak...he's too busy gnawing on the chicken wing dangling from his mouth. Libra looks across the table and politely (in her disgust) says, “What are the magic words?” Mars in Aries jabs his knife into Libra's table and says, “Give it to me! Now!”

Mars in Aries does not give a crap about social niceties. He is raw. He is real. And, he is a force to be reckoned with. Plus, he is growing into some serious power as he continues to wax into square with Pluto and conjunction with Uranus (occurs March 11). However, such brashness can really make Libra's gloves fall off.

The best way to manage this polarity is to aim for the better sides of both equations. Mars in Aries is best when he is assertive instead of aggressive. That talent, in and of itself, demands maturity and refinement. Plus, we should not be self-centered in our actions. We need to bear in mind their impact upon others and that is what our Libra Moon calls us to do. Speak up for yourself. Defend yourself, certainly. But, be fair and assertive in your dealings instead of just lopping off heads of people who disagree or oppose you. Be considerate of those around you but don't allow that call to consideration cause you to become a weak doormat. Your best interests are important too. Balance it out. A little action, a little pleasure. A little meat, a little dessert. Raw passion expressed upon a perfectly made bed sprinkled with rose petals and fitted with high thread count sheets. Play it up a little to both masters to find peace in this tug of war.

This aspect can certainly catalyze an argument even if you are working hard to balance out the energy here. And, this friction throws us right into the next big deal occurring in the sky. The Sun in Pisces conjuncts Chiron at 11:21 PM. Are we the healer? Or the one who continues to wound? Are we being triggered? Or are we protecting and defending our sore spots? Are we dying? Or simply being re-born? Sometimes it is hard to tell. It could be that the fall out between Moon and Mars causes real pain to be inflicted while the Sun to Chiron conjunction calls us to withdraw from that battle and nurse our wounds.

Overnight, there is more tense lunar action (after a supportive and refreshing sextile from Moon to Jupiter just after midnight). The Moon opposes Uranus at 1:51 AM and squares Pluto at 3:29 AM. Something may startle us out of our high thread count sheets. Or, it may be a restless night in general.

The Moon is still active (while still being under stress) all day tomorrow. Lunar energy is now waning and we are being called to continue to release. So, if you feel a need to control or manipulate others in response to the conflict, let that tense rope go. You only have the right to control yourself. Manipulative tactics will likely be discovered and come back to bite you later. Again. Mars is in a very volatile position right now. Don't be poking at him with a stick, right now. Then again, our Moon is in volatile position right now too.

maybe the broken eggshells are from the hatchlings!
Walking on eggshells comes to mind. Talk about maddening. Don't you HATE that feeling? I HATE that feeling. It's like the other shoe is about to drop and you can FEEL it. It's tense. Anxious. Uncomfortable. In that, some folks will go ahead (either consciously or unconsciously) and cause something to blow up just to relieve the pressure and to maintain a sense of control. Libra Moon can do this in such a passive-aggressive way that she looks innocent and blameless in the whole ordeal. It may be hard, but try not to go that route. Let things take their natural course and don't make a mess just to alleviate the tension. While the brash intensity of Mars in Aries under pressure should not be underestimated, neither should the covert abilities of Libra Moon under pressure. One will fight you toe to toe. The other will wait until you are at your most vulnerable AND make it look like it is all your fault at the same time. Mars in Aries could gobble up rat poison in his breakfast eggs if he offends Libra too much. All of that is a set up for all out matter who strikes first or last.


Be patient. Be tolerant. Be assertive without disregarding the impact of pushing your agenda on others. Be fair and just while holding your boundaries tight. Protect your triggers and make smart decisions instead of hasty ones. Mostly, we have to endure this without blowing ourselves up and that may be hard. Above all, work to heal your pain instead of projecting it out and inflicting it upon others. Again tough...but much better than allowing this tension to run amok.