Morning Star: Daily Astrology for March 6, 2015

I've not dismissed many opportunities for an argument. Usually, my mouth is at the ready for verbal confrontations. I'm a Libra. Give me one side of the story and I'll show you the other side. Plus, I'm not the quiet sort. You know? (Mercury in Scorpio in the 9th) No wilting flower here. But, have you ever just shut your mouth and let someone else run theirs because you noticed the longer they spoke the more tangled their argument became? The more reaching? Desperate? If you let it go on long enough, the person can debase their own side of the story. Or, if you listen, you may actually hear the truth of what they are trying to say beyond the words they are using. Silence, my friends, is a very neat tool at times. Tuck that under your hat for future reference.

This morning, we wake up to a Void Moon in Virgo. We need the rest after the Full Moon, most likely. Last night, as the Moon was Void, the Sun perfected in sextile to Pluto in Capricorn (your ability to see through bullshit will be like a superpower). As our Moon enters Libra tonight at 7:53 PM, that energy will still be in force.

As soon as the Moon enters Libra, she begins waxing into sextile with Saturn in Sagittarius and an inconjunct with Neptune. Both these aspects perfect before midday tomorrow. These are not forceful or something you may notice right off the bat. The sextile from Saturn however is wonderfully supportive of grounding, which we will need as the Moon moves further into Libra. The inconjunct to Neptune can give you that feeling of “something is just not quite right, but I cannot put my finger on it.”

Saturn will be beckoning to us to lean on the truth and facts of the situation. However, Libra Moon will be flipping the facts back and forth, looking at it from every angle in the process. Deciding which end is the real truth may be tough for us to decide because...there's that “something off” feeling on top of it.

None of that becomes really prominent though until late this evening. Most of the day, under the Void Moon in Virgo, we can spend in practicality. Purging. Today is great for cleaning out closets, organizing sock drawers, sweeping out winter and making room for Spring. It's also great for starting a detox, if you do that type of thing. Plus, it's good for getting re-organized after the intensity of the past few days. Putting the pieces back into practical order, so to speak.

Tomorrow, however, may be a good day to just listen instead of talk (like I wrote about above). Let “the other” tell their side of the story while you drink in every word. The truth will reveal itself without you having to decide what to believe. Sometimes, if you put a decision off long enough, it decides for itself. Sure that's called procrastination and indecision. However, sometimes, these are NOT ALWAYS a bad thing.

Libra doesn't operate via force. Judges listen to testimony from all sides before making decisions. They don't really say much until everyone else has spoken unless they need to bring order back to the court during the trial. Libra Moon in sextile to Saturn in Sagittarius definitely fits the text book definition of a judge. A wise judge never rushes to a decision or allows emotional attachment to affect the decision that is made in the end. Right is right. Wrong is wrong. Facts are facts and someone may be going to jail or not depending on what is revealed. So, yeah, listen first. Judge later, because, lots of stuff is going to be crawling out of the woodwork over the next few days.

In the meantime, Mars energy is ramping up. His volatility will be felt under the Libra Moon. Right now, today, if you do not have any type of physical outlet incorporated into your daily routine...put it in there. Schedule it. Plan for it. That is going to HELP with the potential angst and frustration that can be delivered from mucho macho fire energy. Do not...I repeat...DO NOT allow this to build up in you; because, it will soon become explosive. Get it under control now by steadily and consistently hitting the release valve. The hardest thing is going to be getting started. Trust me, though, you DO NOT want to procrastinate on that one. Have something in place to blow off steam BEFORE we get to the Scorpio Moon on the 9th. You will thank yourself for it later while everyone else's head is popping off. We are going to want to be on top of our game for those days. Mars hits Uranus at noon on March 11. Get ready and don't be surprised as the bow strings begin to tighten even more. Cause, they will.