Morning Star: Daily Astrology for March 5, 2015

Today is the Full Moon in Virgo. Yesterday, I made the statement that “by the time we reach Thursday and our Full Moon in Virgo, many will have fallen prey to the seductive powers of Venus. Some may awake with a feeling of, 'OMG, what did I do?' While Venus cackles because...nope...she didn't force you. That is a Mars tactic. You chose it and it cannot be undone. You just had to eat that whole pan of brownies, didn't you?”

Mind you, I don't think indulging in Venus is a bad thing. However, Virgo Moon can worry like no other Moon. She is pretty good with guilt too. So, yeah, there will be some with regrets and maybe a little guilt over giving in to Venus' seduction. I say, own it with pride. When someone asks, “Who ate all the brownies?” You stand up and joyously say, “I DID IT! THAT WAS ME! AND, YOU KNOW WHAT, I'D DO IT AGAIN! YES. I. WOULD. AND LOVE EVERY MINUTE OF IT!”

That's my advice, anyhow. Saturn in Sagittarius favors truth telling. He's near my midheaven, right now, sitting on my Neptune and squaring my Moon in Pisces. Lately, when walking in a room, I've had the urge to announce, “And playing the role of Saturn's wicked stepchild, is Josi!” He's all over me. I can't really say I mind. Except for the fact that I like to have fun, too. Saturn's not much of a fun guy. He is a good dude to keep on your good side though, so if he says, “Own your truth” then that's probably the best thing to do.

This morning we wake up still under Neptune's spell after the opposition from the Moon last night at 10:15 PM. The fog is slowly dissipating. And, from what I'm gathering from the weather reports, snow, ice and rain may be accumulating.

The morning matures under a slew of inconjuncts prior to the Full Moon's perfection at 1:07 PM. The Sun meets Jupiter by inconjunct at 2:33 AM. The Moon passes by Mars by inconjunct at 3:44 AM and Uranus at 12:49 PM. There's a bit of shaky uncertainty in that mix. It can be hard to see how the pieces fit together. Just know and trust that they do. Then, at the Full Moon, toss worrying about it out the window. Toss picking yourself apart for your recent decisions (good or bad) out the window. It's done. Stick a fork in it. Over. Now it's time to get on with it.

The power to “Get on with it” comes with the Full Moon's trine to Pluto at 1:37 PM. My gosh. Is that EVER some fertile ground. Our Sun also meets with Pluto today by sextile at 7:15 PM. Oh, we'll survive this..whatever “this” is for you. Did you hear that? We WILL survive this. So plan accordingly. Don't go cashing in your chips just yet because the game is certainly NOT over.

The sabian for our Full Moon says, “An old lace handkerchief; some rare perfume; a mirror.” Schooled and aristocratic delicacy. Cultured Restraint---according to Dane Rudyar. In a way, it sounds like the Virgo Moon is telling us to regain our composure. Dust the brownie crumbs off your chest. Straighten your face and return to the world. You'll learn from this when you look back on it. But, for now, what is done is done. It may end up being a worthy investment in the long term. Maybe not. Maybe if you purposely and deliberately indulged Venus every now and then instead of denying her then you wouldn't loose your cool when she comes on strong. You know? Eh, we've got time to think about it anyway. But, as we think about it, we should be releasing our guilt and worry over it in the process at this Full Moon. With the trine to Pluto, there may be an urge to hang on to that stuff and torture ourselves with it. Ick. Let it go. It's bitter like bile.

After the trine with Pluto, the Moon is Void until entering Libra tomorrow at 7:53 PM. Shew. Catch your breath. Let the dust settle while knowing...KNOWING the dust is going to get kicked up again as the Moon will meet with quite a bit of friction while in Libra. There will be opportunity to make amends under that Moon. But, it's likely to include some tough negotiations. I encourage you to reach for that though, because under the Scorpio Moon on March 11, Mars repeats Venus' movements. Things could get rather ugly under that. You are going to need all your pals in your posse for support and they are going to need you. You certainly don't need any new enemies as that energy waxes in.

Overall, nerves are on edge this morning. The energy feels taut and nervous to me. It may feel so tight that it's like the strings will unravel at any minute. And, you know what, if those strings are tied together with a bunch of lies...they might. Aim for the truth of the situation and deal with circumstance that way. Own it. And, accept it. You can vow to do better in the future and mean it. You can learn from any mistakes. What you can't do is go back and change anything. So, let the worry and guilt and self-dicing go and focus not on what you did (or they did) but on what you should do NOW in an effort to move forward. Hand wringing ain't gonna fix a thing. However, putting your hands to work in some Spring cleaning might help you sort things out. As within so without. Sorting out clutter and sweeping out cobwebs in your house can also help sort out clutter and sweep the cobwebs out of your head. True story. It's also very grounding which is highly beneficial for this Moon. In my world, that's what the Full Moon in Virgo is for every year (spring cleaning). So, if your life just got messy, clean it up. Literally. Wash your “sins” away and restore your “virginity”. Yep, you can do that, in case you didn't know.