Morning Star: Daily Astrology for March 17, 2015

This morning we wake up to an Aquarius Moon just leaving an opposition with Jupiter in Leo (4:14 AM). This can certainly bring us out of bed bright eye'd and bushy tailed---ya'll have that saying in your neck of the woods, right? This aspect can make you feel pretty good about yourself. Overall, I think the world could use a little buoyancy right now or a nice shot in the self-confidence.

At 6:15 AM Venus slides into Taurus. Let me tell you something, folks, this is sweet. From now until March 30, Venus will be waxing into trine with Pluto. She will meet Neptune by sextile first on March 24th and Jupiter by square on March 27. It is time, my friends, to begin stocking up on chocolate. Plus, Venus will be softened and dreamy while in aspect to Neptune, steeped in indulgent leisure with the square to Jupiter while being consistently enriched by the trine from Pluto. I will have Pluto in trine to my own Venus for the majority of this year and have had him in this trine for a few months now. I hope everyone is blessed with the same type of experiences I'm receiving because they are rich! I have been receiving quite a bit of richness in the love and money department. I cannot think of one person who couldn't use that right now. Venus in Taurus today certainly stands as a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. The outlook for Venus only gets better from here which is nice because even though Venus is still beautiful and intoxicating in Aries, being all warrior inclined is really not her cup of tea. Be prepared for her to share her blessings from her home spot in Taurus, because, she will!

At 7:24 AM the Moon is in sextile to Uranus and we are motivated to wriggle free from anything that may be holding us back. We may also be challenged here to meet the demands of change rather than fight them. This aspect brings independence and an ability to collaborate with social groups and friends for support. Meanwhile, the Moon is also receiving support from a waxing and energizing sextile to Mars in Aries (2:18 PM). The energy is smooth and productive here giving us enough oomph to tackle any kind of task we have before us. Overall, today stands out as a point of ease after the harshness of the last few days and prior to some of the shakiness we have ahead of us. Venus in Taurus will continue to be a point of ease through all we have to come.

About the only thing I notice that may make things feel a little off is the waxing conjunction between Mercury and Neptune. I'm not sad to see Mercury pulling away from Saturn. Negative thought patterns and harsh truths with sharp edges were a “thing” under that sky. It's now softening considerably as Mercury moves toward Neptune. Time becomes less of a demanding entity (schedules were pretty rigid under Mercury/Saturn) and more of a permissive and elusive thing. Speech is softened and more compassionate. I also wouldn't be surprised to see a lot of wet weather occurring in the world as this aspect waxes in. It perfects in the wee hours of tomorrow morning (4:49 AM). This is also a time to be paying attention to what information you are receiving through dreams and symbolism. Minds are really tuned in to the wordless conversations found in the Universe which contains a lot of valuable information. Plus, this is a beautifully creative and expressive aspect. With Venus also in Taurus, you could bring some Neptunian ideals to ground or manifest your wildest dreams in the tangible form.

This aspect could bring quite a bit of emotionality, too. Tear-filled conversations or the washout after getting smacked by Saturn. Or, someone who got smacked by Saturn for telling untruths may try to lie their way out of it again under this aspect. Be leery of smooth talkers and snake oil salesman.

After the sextile with Mars (2:19 PM) the Moon is Void until entering Pisces at 6:58 AM tomorrow. The Universe delivers us a break within today that comes exactly when we need it. We get more practical and begin to remember what it is that we truly value. We deal with any emotional washout that remains from our previous tension and gain a little additional support in the process. Then, as the Moon goes Void our emotional body can rest up for a bit.

Tomorrow the tides and emotionality will return. Use today to get yourself “right” and get your feet underneath you. We aren't “done” yet. We've still got a few bumps on the road ahead. But, today, many will find a break in that storm. It's likely to be a welcomed one.