Morning Star: Daily Astrology for March 2, 2015

This morning we wake up loaded for bear. The Moon in Leo is bright, nearly full and in trine to Saturn in Sagittarius. If the sky is clear in your area tonight, you should be able to see Jupiter lingering near our growing moon.

At 10:54 AM the Moon is in trine with Mars in Aries. There is a 4 degree separation between the waning trine with Mars and Saturn right now. The power there is fading but still accessible. The Moon will tighten this trine between the two as she passes between 4 and 8 degrees. Then, she moves on to link up Mars, Venus, Jupiter and Uranus in trine. Saturn is still lingering nearby. There is still grounding accessible as the fire increases in intensity.

Let me pause here for just a moment. There is prep work that needs to be done this morning before we run off to slay dragons. First, we are under a very active, very powerful waxing Moon. During these days of a building Moon, we should be filling our bodies with protein and fuel sustaining foods. That being said, don't skip breakfast. Your machine is likely to be burning lots of calories today. So, aim for 6 small meals to keep your energy levels steady. Stash a few snacks somewhere that will be accessible to you through the rest of the day. Have your morning coffee. But, know that sugary carbs and caffeine ARE NOT going to sustain your energy. You need some REAL fuel in there. Otherwise you could end up falling on your face at midday or this “Active” energy could convert to nervousness and anxiety if topped off with too much chemical stimulation. A controlled and steady burn is what we are going for here.

Next, we still need to stretch, warm up and get ready to move. Winter may have brought some tightness to our joints and muscles as many of us have seen our ability to physically move around in the world hindered by bad weather and various other factors. Take a few moments to limber up before you go running out of the starting gate. Sitting still and complacent today could foster angst and nervousness. Earmark some time to physically move around today especially if you spend your work day trapped behind a desk. Finally, be aware that this energy isn't just coming to you. It is blanketing the world whether everyone has conscious knowledge of it or not. Just because you are employing this fire consciously and working toward positive ends, it doesn't mean everyone is. Others could experience this as pure mania. So, do your thing. But, be on your toes at the same time. Step out of the way of reckless out of control animals while keeping your own lion on its leash and under your control.

The Moon trines Venus at 7:37 PM and Uranus at 11:47 PM. She meets Jupiter by conjunction at 11:53 PM. As you can see, Jupiter and Uranus are currently separated in trine by only a few minutes. That trine will reach perfection in the morning. But, it's influence, today, is lit up by the Moon and it pulls Venus in Aries in early, as well. She is currently waxing into this trine via a conjunction with Uranus which occurs on March 4.

The Moon also meets Pluto by inconjunct just after midnight tonight. So, obviously, he is wrenching in tightly into this mix, too. And, speaking of inconjuncts, the Universe has sprinkled two more right in the midst of the action. The Moon meets Neptune and the Sun by inconjunct at 9:26 AM and 6:45 PM respectively. Both of these aspects say there could be some naivete surrounding our ambitions that we cannot see clearly right now. That doesn't mean we shouldn't attempt to move forward. We do have a green light. What it does mean is there may be obstacles ahead or challenges to our plans that we cannot clearly foresee due to lack of experience. This fire energy is going to bring those chances to gain wisdom from experience. But, you can't know what you don't know yet. If that makes sense. So, while you may feel ambitious and fairly sure of yourself, don't let that fire whip up into something you have no control over. Don't allow your self confidence to boil over into over-confidence. Be sure footed while being accountable for the impact your actions have upon others.

Ok. I think I've put enough cautionary warnings in there. My overall message is go! Do! Adventure! ENJOY the wildness of this day! Laugh! Be willing to laugh at yourself, as well. Many cheeks are likely to be sore from laughter at times today (what a horrible problem to have, right?) If you are looking to become “established” in a Sagittarian field (teaching, preaching, politics, sports/athletics, travel, international affairs, publishing, reporting) wow, is this ever the energy for you to make progress. As a matter of fact, attending or participating in a sports venue today could be really exciting! I know in the basketball arena, March Madness (how literal is that statement) is due to commence. Could be some great games tonight! If you enjoy that sort of thing...I don't, but have fun with that!

Be honest (so sayeth Saturn in Sagittarius) and above board with your intentions and dealings. Be on your toes and willing to move whenever opportunity strikes. This is also a time when odd and unexpected opportunity may present itself and you may be very interested in engaging. I'm inclined to tell you to go for it. You will never know if it will work out unless you give it a chance. Either way, chances are if opportunity presents itself it is coming to you for a reason even if that reason is to only gain wisdom of experience. That little gift right there is priceless in and of itself.

So...what the heck are you still doing sitting here staring at this screen. Shut your computer off. Do your prep work and get moving!