Morning Star: Daily Astrology for Friday, March 27, 2015

This morning we wake up to the pressure of the First Quarter Moon veiled by a trine from the Moon in Cancer to Neptune in Pisces. We wake up slowly but with an inward sense of challenge being brought forth from this day. If you have that inkling this morning, heed it. There is incoming pressure so we may need to tread a bit carefully.

Here's the thing. It's Friday. And, at about 3:30 PM the Moon dances with Venus in Taurus enticing us to completely indulge in the fact the promise of the weekend is lingering nearby. We may not be very work inclined. Plus, Venus in Taurus is also waxing into trine with Jupiter in Leo. That aspect perfects at 10:11 PM saying our demands for self-indulgence and relaxation may win out in the end. But, between the Moon's sextile with Venus and Venus' perfection in square to Jupiter, the Moon goes head to head with Pluto (9:15 PM) and squares off with Uranus (10:10 PM). Heed the call to indulge but don't get greedy and stupid (impulsive) with it.

We get a taste of the weekend like an enticement through the Moon's sextile with Venus only to immediately run into pressure to perform from Uranus and Pluto. Whether this pressure is exerted from an external force (our boss or that overly ambitious tech guy who is bound and determined to run computer upgrades before the weekend gets here) or is internally fostered, it's uncomfortable and goes against the grain of what it is we feel like we truly need to do and what we want to do...which is call a halt to this work week and indulge in the finer more pleasurable parts of life.

Eh, c'est la vie, you know. Take care of business, begrudgingly, if you have to. Pat yourself on the back for anything you have completed early in preparation and leave room to indulge in the fruits of your labor under the realization that Rome was not built in a single day. Chances are if stuff crossed your desk late in the day it was only because someone else was pushing it off theirs so they could jump into their weekend too. If it lays there until Monday no one is going to die. Promise. Self-denial is only going to make you bitter. So quit fighting yourself and indulge a bit.