Morning Star: Daily Astrology for Friday, March 20, 2015

This morning we wake up to the New Moon in Pisces eclipsing the Sun in Pisces (5:37 AM) at 29 degrees. Ecliptic events have been unfurling for the past few weeks and will continue to permeate our atmosphere for several more. We are staring down the barrel of one of the most pivotal lunar cycles of the year. Over the next two weeks, we will linger in ecliptic energy as we move away from the New Moon eclipse and toward the Full Moon eclipse in Libra in two weeks. During this time, personal circumstance will shift as we experience this energy. Shifting is equivalent to change in both the personal and outside realms. Today is the day we truly enter the time in between time for awhile.

During a New Moon eclipse, the Sun's energy is temporarily cut off by the Moon. The Moon is dark and not reflecting the Sun's light toward the Earth either. However, lunar energy will build from here. What that means, in a nutshell, is that change is coming to many interpersonal worlds and the reaction to it is likely to be highly emotional. To bring this to ground for you, we experience eclipses twice a year every year. This year, the ecliptic axis falls in the Spring and in Autumn. Just so happens, today's eclipse also falls on the Spring Equinox a time when massive change is due in our physical environment on top of the fluctuating energy fostered by the eclipse.
THIS is also a ground breaking event, btw

Remember those eggs I've talked about off and on throughout March? Well, we may have a few late bloomers but many will have popped from their shell and are roaming around in what may seem like a brand new world after today. Incubation is finished. With that comes all the energy of literally being born. As the Earth rebirths herself we are being called to re-birth ourselves and begin fresh. Nervous systems can be raw and highly sensitive just like that of a new born. My Mom said that she could always tell where I was in the hospital after I was born because she could hear me screaming. Apparently, I screamed a lot. Well, I've matured enough to refine that scream into the occasionally loud preaching session. But from the sounds of it, being born was felt as a rude awakening by me which makes sense because as someone with a Pisces Moon square Neptune, I do NOT like to be woken up or disturbed as I'm sleeping. The same type of wailing my mother heard after I was born can still be heard if anyone is brave enough to startle me out of a nap.

My oldest son came into this world much the same way. I can remember being in my hospital room after his birth and hearing him wailing all the way down the hall in the nursery. He is also a Pisces Moon who doesn't take kindly to being rocked out of slumber. My youngest son, however, was different. He was very, very quiet. He would stir a little when moved around after he was first born, but mainly he would just settle and fall easily back to sleep. He has a Sagittarius Moon and is more likely to wake up smiling rather than wailing like his brother and I. Under this eclipse, you too may be reminded of your pure emotional nature without the construct of your Ego shining in the way to protect it. Lunar energy, again, cuts off solar energy temporarily from the Earth during a New Moon eclipse. Meaning, the protective and deliberately constructed mask of ego falls and how we really feel about a situation has a tendency to come out without moving through that filter first.

So, today will depend a lot on how well you can roll with and accept change and how you deal with highly charged emotional situations. Thankfully, though, because you are reading this you have an inkling of what is going on. And, if you are observant, you know that this type of rawness has been ongoing for several weeks preceding this eclipse. Folks are seriously on edge. And, lots of them have no idea what is going on but they have certainly felt the washout. That being said, boundaries UP and be gentle with yourself and allow that gentleness to trickle over (if you have some to spare) in an effort to console those who are suffering while remembering “on edge” can also mean volatile so tread carefully out there.

Immediately after the eclipse the Moon takes a power nap and enters Void status until passing over into Aries at 6:28 PM. The Sun follows her 12 hours later. From here, the water will begin to dry up. The emotional hangover will start to wane. Some will find determination to get out there and “hit it” again while others will be merely pissed off and ready to go to war. Passive, subdued and emotional energy is burnt away by building Fire energy. So not only are we in the “time between time” but we also have our asses on fire. There is emotional rawness compounded with plenty of stimuli to either fuel us or threaten to burn us up.

Most of the “congestion” felt from earlier this year has thinned and drained and folks will begin to make forward progress. As a matter of fact, I'm already seeing this now. We will enter a New Aries Season with Mars in his home territory unlike last year when we spent the duration of Aries season with Mars in detriment and retrograde. Last Aries season we tried to engage only to get sat quickly back down on our rears. Not so much this year. This is a set up for making some serious headway. That also means that solar returns for our Aries folks are likely to be welcomed this year. Last year was a pain in the rear for many of our Rams. It's pretty exciting, really.

At 2:15 PM today, there is a sweet trine from the Moon newly in Aries to Saturn Retrograde in Sagittarius. Grounding is accessible and the emotional body “gets real” and settles a bit. Then, overnight, the Moon trines Jupiter at 3:22 AM imbibing us with optimism, restoring a bit of self-confidence and prompting us to find gratitude even if we are still in the midst of a storm.

In the morning, the Moon will pass through the waning energy of Uranus square Pluto. In the coming days, the Sun will repeat all of today's lunar aspects. So with both, the Sun and Moon's movements I encourage you to hang on to the energy brought forth from Saturn and Jupiter in an effort to navigate the more harsh aspects from Uranus and Pluto. Be responsible. Be future minded. Be humble. And quite simply, do the right thing. That's going to be the answer to just about any upset that occurs. Figure out the right thing to do and don't hesitate to do it even if the rest of the world is burning itself to the ground. Hold yourself accountable while expecting to witness a few personal explosions along the way from people who are struggling blindly.

Today, get yourself on center. Purge whatever emotions remain and bring yourself to ground. Deal with the soft underbelly that is the emotional body by providing yourself whatever it is you need for comfort. Then, stretch one more time and get ready to hit the ground running for a few weeks. The night is dark, save the twinkling stars but the Moon will build from here. Explore your darkness and do not fear what you cannot see. Know that absolutely anything is possible and there is true exhilaration within that even if you cannot see it right now. The sun will rise. The flowers will bloom. Hope re-enters our world as Mother Earth dons the glorious crown that is her Easter Bonnet. Spring fever has certainly arrived!