Morning Star: Daily Astrology for Monday, February 16, 2015

This morning we wake up to a mere sliver of a Moon in Capricorn. The dark side of the Moon is growing and growing threatening to extinguish all the light reflected by the Sun. We are headed for a New Moon as our current lunar cycle winds down.

At 10:54 AM the Moon meets Venus in Pisces by harmonious sextile. This softens us a little reminding us that life is not all about work. There should be room for pleasure too. And, naps. We mustn’t forget about naps.

Softening is reinforced as the Moon also meets Mars by sextile just prior to reaching Void status at 3:18 PM. This VOC period is fairly short. It ends in only 4 hours time. The Moon enters Aquarius at 7:14 PM.

This is a day in which you can be pleasantly productive or you can make relaxing your job. Your choice. Or, you could do a little of both. A little toiling. A little napping.

After the New Moon on the 18th, the sky gets jostled around a bit. We enter Pisces season. At least on a Solar level that day. The very next day, Mars jumps over into Aries. Venus follows him on the 20th. The Moon follows the pair into the sign of the Ram on the same day.

Venus catches Mars in Aries on the 22nd.

All that being said, this is a good time to rest up a bit. Our New Moon which begins in Aquarius and acts as a ship transporting us straight to the seas of Pisces on the 18th heralds incoming transitions and shifts of all sorts. I can feel it coming. Strongly. That is not to say that it is all going to be horrible and scary. But, it is likely to be active particularly as we get more near Mid-March. Heed today's call for softening and relish any small breaks that are gifted to you.