Morning Star: Daily Astrology for (Wednesday) February 11, 2015

One of the things you need to know about today is that Mercury turns direct in Aquarius at 9:51 AM. I'll pause a moment here for your celebration.

OK. Done? This Mercury retrograde has not been particularly difficult for me. However, for some folks it's been downright horrendous. Most are ready to see it end. So, yeah, celebration is acceptable. Thing is, today doesn't mark “the end” of this transit. It is the beginning of the end, though. Mercury will be done DONE when he leaves his shadow. The fact that he is turning direct today means that Mercurian power will be evident. Switching directions will kick up dust and jostle things about a bit before they settle back down again.

The Moon today is still in Scorpio. This morning she makes a sextile with her current ruler, Pluto, at 6:30 AM. Shortly following, she also makes a trine with Chiron (8:53 AM). As Mercury turns around just after these two aspects perfect, we may be traveling backward mentally for a few minutes...revisiting old hurts and pains. Then, with Mercury moving forward, we could decide that it is time to move on. There will be a short walk out of that cave which we will traverse as Mercury retraces his shadow. But, the opportunity to re-align our thinking back toward the future is brought into this deep mix.

At nearly midday (11:13 AM) the Moon meets Jupiter by square. This can give us the confidence we need to move forward OR fill us with the over-confidence that will have us falling off our own pedestals later. Be wise. Humble. Grateful and generous. Move forward with your future best interests in mind and with optimism in your heart. Even if that optimism is tender and shy.

The Moon then meets Venus in Pisces by trine at 2:50 PM. This is nice, folks. But, it is also watery. The heart of Venus in Pisces is so tender and open. It hurts in a hollow yet embracing way. Venus' capacity for love here goes beyond human understanding. Sometimes, it is held so deeply within the soul that when brought into the daylight of the real world her love seems like it is unattainable. It becomes like water running through your hands. But, her powers when in aspect to the penetrating and deep waters of a Scorpio Moon can finally foster an ability to let go and/or forgive. Even if this is a freeing type of action, tears typically follow. Let them flow and whatever it is, let it go. Trying to grasp at vapor is a fruitless task.

This is also an aspect under which we should be very, very gentle with ourselves across the board. There is a very clear element of gentle mourning here. An ache that needs to be nurtured and soothed. It's also very deeply and creatively expressive. So channeling deeper emotions into an art form is lovely under this aspect. This is the art form of your, dance, painting...whatever calls to you. Whatever settles and soothes your heart...reach for it.

At 10:51 PM our Sun and Moon meet in harsh aspect forming our Last Quarter Moon. We've been called all day to move forward and release what is behind us. This Last Quarter puts a punctuation point at the end of that call. Let. Go. The Scorpio Moon wants to hold on but once Scorpio is done, she's done. Use the forward looking and future envisioning powers of Aquarius to help pull yourself out of those depths. Don't fear what the future holds without whatever you are letting go of. Look at the possibilities instead.'s not going to be easy to convince yourself to do that. But, when you are going through Hell, the smart thing is to keep walking. Take little baby steps that are pointed toward the exit if you have to, but keep moving.

It's a pretty dynamic day. Emotions are flowing for better or worse. At times, things may seem bigger than they really are. So, we may need to step back and re-assess. Either way, letting go is a HUGE indication under this sky as well as nurturing yourself through any deeper and swamping emotions. The Scorpio Moon has the power to assist us to do that. Survivors are born under this Moon. Unfortunately, no one ever said that being indestructible was fun. It's hard work. Not the kind of work you do with your hands. But the kind of work you do on the inside. So pay heed to whatever needs to addressed in the deepest parts of you. Again, we are dealing with the leviathans of our emotional being today.

The Moon is Void at midnight after a trine with Mars in Pisces. We are all cried out and resting at that point. Tomorrow morning is fairly quiet until the Moon enters Sagittarius at around noon. Then, we will deal with both Saturn and Neptune through tomorrow night. Rest. Settle yourself. Get ready for the next round of waves.