Morning Star: Daily Astrology for February 8, 2015

Today we move from yesterday's reaching out and building bridges to potentially blowing up some bridges. Our Libra Moon meets Uranus by opposition at 5:14 PM. Then, she meets Pluto by square at 7:02 PM. Prior to that, though, she meets Neptune in Pisces by inconjunct. This can infuse a bit of water and emotionality into the situation. I'm seeing a pot of water on a stove with the water just beginning to boil here. There is nothing dangerous in that unless you avoid the situation or leave the pot unattended. See, Libra has this tendency to put up an amicable front. When something less than pleasant happens we have a tendency to smile our way through it. It's ok. You are ok. We are ok.

Here's the problem with that and, I swear to you, I just had this conversation the other day with a person who has Mercury in Libra. Libra, in general, likes to keep everything smooth and amicable. They don't want to upset anyone because someone else's upset makes them feel uncomfortable. But, lots of times they convince themselves that they are “sparing” the other of discomfort when, in truth, they are really sparing themselves discomfort. To use this Mercury in Libra person as an example, if something is bothering this person, they don't want to say anything because they don't want to stir up conflict. In that, they end up avoiding or swallowing an irritant. Over time, these unaddressed irritants add up (they've swallowed more than a belly full) even if the Libra is still smiling and saying, “I'm fine.” Then, once the gut is fully packed, along comes something that just breaks the Libra over and all this stuff comes gushing out while that sword of Justice is swinging away cutting indiscriminately at whatever happens to be in its path. The “final straw” to the outside world could seem small and insignificant. But, to the Libra, they've finally had enough. Then, there is potential for “all that” to erupt like a freaking volcano.
Being the Mercury in Scorpio in the 9th that I am, I told this Mercury in Libra that the better idea was to deal with these things as they come. The truth is the truth and someone else's reaction to it is not their fault or even their business, really. It's better to hit the release valve on a steaming kettle every now and then rather than to completely seal it up and risk the whole thing exploding. In other words, just spit it out, man. Say it like it is. But, in the end, Mercury in Libra keeps their mouth shut about these irritants because they think they are saving someone else from discomfort. “The truth would be upsetting.” But, in truth, lots of times what Libra is doing is saving their OWN selves from discomfort because it is unsettling to them to receive an “ugly” reaction. It's better to be uncomfortable for a minute than to be uncomfortable for weeks or months only to end up losing it, I think.

All that being said, we are talking about Moon in Libra today, not Mercury. So, there may be some instances where we are smiling on the outside but roiling on the inside...then, that final straw falls, the gloves come off and KABOOM! The potential for that KABOOM occurs as the Moon passes in harsh aspect to Uranus and Pluto following the influx of emotion/water from Neptune. As the water comes in, we may avoid or smile through those emotions instead of really dealing with them. Choose a slowly simmering kettle allowing the steam to come off as per appropriate instead of opting for an explosive pressure cooker.

After the Moon's more harsh aspects, she meets with both Venus and Chiron by inconjunct. This shows us whether we have dealt with the situation appropriately while adhering to our own true set of values or whether we've allowed a situation to just cause us to react like a wounded animal losing all sight of what is truly important. We either rise above and deal with things on a level that may be uncomfortable for a minute or shoot ourselves in the foot. It's really that simple.

Either way you go, you'll learn from the experience. The Moon meets Jupiter by sextile at midnight.

This is a potentially explosive and unsettled day. Don't deny your discomfort. Deal with it instead of avoiding it. Because, even though you may think that avoidance will make it go away, it doesn't. Be fair. Be well balanced. And don't put too much emphasis on how you may make someone else feel. In truth, you've no control over anyone's emotions but your own. Someone else's reaction to something is their problem, not yours. Focus more on how YOU feel and look for projections of yourself upon the face of others. Is it that he or she is going to be uncomfortable if they know you are upset about something? Or is it really YOU who is uncomfortable in that situation? You've no real way of knowing how somebody else feels unless they tell you. If you are making assumptions about it, chances are there is something inside of you that you are not recognizing driving those assumptions.

Complicated, eh? Yeah it's a lot like a hall of mirrors. Things are not as they appear. Wield your sword wisely and keep that pot on a low simmer instead of allowing it to bubble over.

Tomorrow brings a long VOC Moon under which we can assimilate and incorporate what happens today. Set it up so that you are satisfied with your actions today so those pontifications of tomorrow are a good thing---you can look back on how you acted in an intense situation and be OK with it, you know? Proud of yourself for being so straight forward and adult-like, instead of kicking yourself for blowing stuff up over something simple that didn't have anything to do, really, with what you were originally upset about. At the same time, know that even if you are working through this day consciously, not everyone else is. People could be exploding around you. Up come the boundaries in those instances. They are making their bed, not yours. Adhere to your own set of values and don't get wrapped up in their self-implosive drama. Hold your rudder straight and true through this storm disallowing anyone or anything to knock you off course. Remember, YOU are steering this boat.